Cache File Location Change
Neither PARS function or Launcher trigger on PAR2 files
Idle Pc utilization only
Deleted cache always going to recycle
Feature to use Bandwidth completely
Update to #130 - Failed to connect to server
Low rate of successful files and Error messages in logs
Rename new file - overwrites existing files
Possible Slow Downloads (Fixed)
BBoy Crashes last few builds
Dr.Binary - assemble all parts I want with a filter?
Auto-save queue every X minutes
Cannot Start BB
Cable Cut (No Longer) Affecting European Usenet Servers
Possible Delays
Multi-core, 64-bit support?
Help with order ID and key support
Usenet Control Panel Status
Delete4Sure and Windows 8
What dows BB do with the attachments?
Seems fine on Windows 8.1
Bypass Recycle Bin while deleting cache files
Not New Servers
Slow download speeds
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