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Update to #130 - Failed to connect to server

BB just informed me of the update to #130.
I made the update from Build #128 to Build #130 because I saw noticw of the new SSL Librariers and the Probkem with on 64bit Systems.

Since a long time I have the problem that BB starts with fast transfers (>70000kbit/s) but over the time (several hours or even days) it really slows down (around 5000-10000kbyte/s).
This only got better after I restartet the PC.

So I thought this Build would help.

Now BB #130 cant even connect to the Newsserver.
##Log window after Update to #130:
##Connection failed with error 10060 - A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected..
##Failed to connect to server "" port 563. Will retry.
##<again and again>

After I reinstalled #128 BB connects and downloads again, but really slow (4000-8000kbit/s).

Log window:
##Connected to (
##Certificate issuer:, Inc.
##Certificate signed by
##200 News.GigaNews.Com
##Compression ENABLED
##Downloading filename "<deleted>" part 242 of 273. <deleted@JBinUp.local> in from

Win7 Pro 64bit 32GB Ram

BinaryBoy's reply to Shinji #17522 @

I just now tested SSL connections on and with port 443 and also port 563. No problems on any of the four sessions. It may have been a temporary connection problem.

If not, try this. Click the Open button on the toolbar. Click Edit List for the list you want to search. Click Advanced in the list editor. Is there a server name and port number there? If so, clear Server and set Port to 0 and click OK. This will make sure it uses connection settings from the main settings instead of from the List.

Shinji's reply to BinaryBoy #17523 @

I did load a queue that I did save with #128 just prior to the update.
I guess there lies the reason?
That would mean the saving of a queue makes no sense in an update. :(

Well, since the queue contains over 1mio Postings I will have to download all this and then try again to update when it is run down.

BinaryBoy's reply to Shinji #17524 @

The queue file is still the same format as build 128 and it doesn't store the server information, only the newsgroup, so it should be ok. If you're worried about it, downloading ahead of time is a good idea.

Shinji's reply to BinaryBoy #17525 @

downloading ahead of time is a good idea.

I do not understand what you want to say with this line.

BinaryBoy's reply to Shinji #17526 @

You said you were going to let the queue finish before upgrading. I'm agreeing that it's a good idea.

Shinji's reply to BinaryBoy #17528 @

I did now update to #130 again. And now it seems to work fine.
I don't know what went wrong last time.
Thank you for your help and patience!

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