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Slow download speeds

So I don't seem to know what my issue is... all my servers are working (i received no errors so I'm assuming I've got the servers set up properly) but I've got slower than molasses download speeds.

I'm using Newsbin Pro newsreader and wondering if that may have something to do with it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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The servers should work ok with any newsreader. Are you trying to access the server? There's a cable cut that's causing some problems there.

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I'm actually connected to all 3 servers, amsterdam, new york and phoenix and i'm getting very slow download speeds. Could it be how my server is setup? Is there something I should try other than the basic info given to me?? ie. port number, server name....

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OK I solved my issue. Had nothing to do with the server setup more the fact that the article didnt exist... haha.

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Ok. If they were from an NZB file, they may have scrolled off the server. If you were downloading headers and got the no article error, I can look into that. Also to answer your other question, another port is 443 if you find your ISP throttling or blocking 119.

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Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us.