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Download Binary Boy (4.5MB)Everything the official release has plus the new features and fixes listed below. Requires a registration key or an order ID. If you don't have your key, you can find it here
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Splaatr.com - Search and download Twitter images (in beta). New
Delete4Sure - Securely overwrite and delete files permanently.
SyncMySite - Upload web files simply by saving to disk from any editor.
If you're running Windows 8, you might get a warning saying the app is not recognized. Simply click More Info, then click Run Anyway and the program will install.
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Binary Boy v1.97 beta

    Build #146
  • Another authentication change
    Build #145
  • Made a change to the authentication code for compatibility with a particular server
    Build #144
  • Fonts are set to Windows default.
    Build #143
  • Settings window is larger to fix accomodate larger font.
    Build #142
  • Fixed update notifications
  • Lowered background thread priority to improve GUI responsiveness. Still more work needed on this.
  • Potential bug fix for settings window
    Build #141
  • An additional "narrow" layout is available on the search tab. Press Alt-R to cycle through the 3 layouts.
    Build #139
  • Option to delete files on Dr. Binary Match command (Alt-D)
    Build #135
  • Fixed: NZB files work again on command-line and when double-clicked
    Build #134
  • Fixed: Certain message-id weren't parsed properly, resulting in article not found errors
    Build #133
  • Fixed: Stopped working correctly after the first NZB search
    Build #132
  • Fixed: Sometimes pulled only a partial newsgroup name from the nzb file
  • Fixed: Reconnected on each download attempt when using multiple newsgroups from the nzb file
    Build #131
  • When an NZB file provides more than one newsgroup for a file, Binary Boy will try each one rather than giving up after the first failed download or unknown newsgroup. When this happens, the Log tab will show "Trying alternate newsgroup." This required significant changes to the queue and the downloader logic. If you see any instability or other weirdness, let me know. support at binaryboy dot com
    Build #130
  • Latest OpenSSL libraries installed
  • Fixed: Split files (.000, .001, etc..) could potentially be recycled instead of deleted.
  • Fixed: Corrupted file could freeze Binary Boy at startup
  • Fixed: Compiler optimization switch was disabled at some point on the 64-bit version
    Build #128
  • OpenSSL developers have found more security flaws. The latest fixed dlls are included in this release.
    Build #127
  • Latest openssl library is used.
    Build #126
  • Removed some new code to try to fix a crash.
    Build #125
  • Extra logging added to startup.
    Build #124
  • Fixed: If a subject in an NZB file did not contain a (part/total), the wrong total could be retrieved. Fixed by searching the segments in the NZB for the total.
    Build #123
  • Cache cleanup is limited to a few files at a time on a timer instead of deleting at program close.
    Build #122
  • Fixed a bug that was causing pauses during refreshes.
    Build #121
  • Requests articles by message-id instead of article number. This will hopefully ease the transition to new servers and will be the basis for additional features.
    Build #120
  • If binboy.xml becomes corrupted (such as during an unexpected shutdown), Binary Boy will silently attempt to replace it with a backup file and will continue running.
  • Shortcut for Dr. Binary is now Alt-Shift-D and Send Matching to Dr. Binary is now Alt-D
    Build #119
  • Should be XP compatible again
    Build #118
  • Fixed early extraction of .rar and .r00 files.
  • Alt-Shift-D opens Send Matching Parts to Dr. Binary window.
    Build #117
  • "Send matching parts to Dr. Binary" under File menu matches files based on a search string.
    Build #116
  • Par app dropdown on the Par settings page is larger to show all 3 options.
  • When calling the external par app, Binary Boy will abandon the wait after 15 minutes instead of waiting forever.
  • Cancelling the decode will also terminate the Par2 app if it's running.
    Build #115
  • Fixed: The rar decoder in thr previous build reversed the success/failure results.
    Build #114
  • If the winrar dll encounters a filename that is too long to create, it will continue to the next file instead of stopping the entire extraction. When this happens, the output folder will be prefixed with "!error".
    Build #113
  • Cancel could fail to stop some yEnc decodes.
    Build #112
  • Right-click status bar to cancel current decode.
    Build #111
  • Installer failed to overwrite old dll files in the program folder.
    Build #110
  • If a group list is missing a newsgroup name, the name will be displayed in the error when loading the queue.
    Build #109
  • No longer displays a warning when the queue loads successfully
  • Added additional error reporting to NZB load
    Build #108
  • Improved error reporting when loading queue
    Build #107
  • Recompiled for Windows XP compatibility
    Build #106
  • MAJOR UPDATE: 64-bit Binary Boy is here. The installer contains both a 32-bit version and the 64-bit version and will use the appropriate files for your operating system.
  • The file formats are the same so there shouldn't be any incompatibilities (unless I missed something). I've been switching back and forth between 32/64-bit using the same cache for a couple weeks without any problems so far.
  • If you prefer to install the previous beta, you can download 1.97 build 104.
  • Several DLLs and libraries have been updated as well (WinRAR DLL, zlib, etc...)
  • Fixed: a corrupted uuencoded file no longer causes a crash.
    Build #104
  • Fixed: A new install could attempt to store the log file in the wrong place.
    Build #103
  • Fixed: Master List loaded slowly under some circumstances, which affected the load time of NZB files and the list editor as well.
    Build #102
  • Added logging to some of the NZB loader code. Run with -log to enable. Go to File | View Log to see the log or go to Document\Binary Boy\Logs\log.txt
    Build #101
  • Fixed: Short lines in uuencoded posts could create corrupted files.
    Build #100
  • Avoids a bug in Avast anti-virus software that causes the connection to stall when requesting header compression.
    Build #99
  • Experimental support for regex in search strings. Wrap the pattern in forward slashes like this: /pattern/flags Any forward slashes in the patterm must be escaped with a backslash. Currently only the i flag (case insensitive) is supproted and any others are silently ignored. You can place multiple regular expressions in search/filter strings and combine them with AND and OR just like with quoted strings.
    Build #98
  • The wildcard characters and double quotes can now be searched as regular text by escaping with the backslash.
    Type ThisTo Find This
  • Wildcard searches are slightly faster due to a bug fix.
    Build #97
  • New toolbar button on picture viewer keeps the window on top.
  • Fixed a problem with Binary Boy not recognizing yEnc files when the 8bit MIME encoding was used.
    Build #95
  • When the low disk space check is enabled on the Files tab in the Settings, the auto unrar feature won't expand a file unless there's enough room.
  • If an error occurs while writing a part to disk, the error will include the amount of free disk space remaining.
  • Unnecessary checkbox removed from Delay window.
    Build #94
  • Delay command on the Queue tab can adjust by minutes.
    Build #93
  • Right-click Before or After date to set number of days ago.
    Build #92
  • The stop button displays the state of the connection on the Log tab.
  • Incoming data is ignored after the connection is closed.
  • Fixed a potential cash when sending data
  • The Before date is no longer set equal to the After date when refreshing headers.
    Build #91
  • Queue Load command handles larger files.
  • In some cases, an error after connecting could tripper an infinite loop. This MIGHT be fixed.
  • The 'days' options won't result in a future 'Before' date.
    Build #90
  • If the connection is lost while waiting to send data, BB will retry whatever it was doing.
  • In case that doesn't work, BB will also display "Server closed connection. State: n" on the Log tab. Please send me the State number displayed in the error message.
    Build #89
  • The date range is adjustable with a text field.
  • Right-click menu on dates goes up to 1000 days.
    Build #88
  • Right-click Before/After date fields to select a preset number of days.
  • Password protected RAR files are treated as errors and will be preserved (untested).
    Build #87
  • Improved handling of headers after Stop button is clicked.
  • Fixed a bug where Binary Boy failed to update article numbers in the cache.
  • Merry Christmas!!!
    Build #86
  • Launcher requests hidden window by default when launching app.
  • "Show window" option added to the launch settings.
    Build #85
  • Search thread no longer writes to the log file unless logging is enabled.
    Build #84
  • Removed two log items that were slowing down the search.
    Build #83
  • More debugging information automatically logged during search.
    Build #82
  • Logs some additional info during searches to help track down a problem.
  • Fixed a freezing problem with Show All/First Parts command.
    Build #81
  • Removed messagebox after Send All Part to Dr. Binary.
  • Small modifications to queue to avoid potential crashes.
    Build #80
  • The "Open File" dialogs start at the correct path. Tested on Win 7 and XP.
  • Fixed: A recent change may have caused some articles to become stuck in the queue without downloading.
    Build #79
  • Loads NZB files faster.
  • Fixed an old bug in the version checker and About box that could have caused a crash.
  • The Exit command on the File menu will ask for confirmation before closing when the "Confirm before closing" option is set on the GUI tab in the Settings.
    Build #78
  • No longer attempts to create an invalid filename in the Parts folder.
    Build #77
  • A bug was slowing refreshes of large newsgroups due to fragmentation and inefficient updating in one part of the cache. To correct this problem, the file will be fixed and its version number increased. If you go back to an older build, you will not be able to access your cache properly.
  • After using a search/filter string the first time, future search results for that same string will come up faster.
  • The Join command (Alt-J) will optionally launch a par2 app. By default, it will use an app preinstalled with Binary Boy. To use a different app, enter the path on the new PAR tab in the Settings.
  • Fixed: Some split files (.001, .002...) may have failed to join due to a recent change.
  • If less than 100MB of memory is available when a Refresh is started, the search results will be erased to free up memory.
  • If a predefined variable such as $(MyDocuments) already ends with a slash, any slashes immediately following will be ignored. This prevents paths like "$(MyDocuments)/Attachments" from becoming "Documents//Attachments"
    Build #76
  • Small correction to previous optimization.
    Build #75
  • Optimized some of the text handling code related to article headers. If you have any problems with this build, you can download the previous build..
    Build #74
  • More Headers window has option to use the same range in the search.
  • Option on Files tab to recycle RAR files after successfully extracting.
    Build #73
  • -dlog logs more information during session shutdown.
    Build #72
  • Better handling of split files that begin with .001 rather than .000. If you download a .sfv or .par2 with the split files, Binary Boy will look inside to see how many segments make up the set instead of using its own method.
  • Retrying of missing articles is now an option on the Newsgroups tab in the Settings
    Build #71
  • Retrying of missing articles is temporarily disabled. In the next build this will be optional. It takes a long time if you hit a series of old articles that don't exist anymore.
    Build #70
  • The search options are on the main Search tab instead of in a separate window.
    Build #69
  • When checking for low memory during searches, memory required for queued items is also considered.
  • Queue checks for sufficient memory when adding items.
    Build #68
  • Queue saves to disk in a more efficient format. Older builds will not load the new files.
  • Search function checks for low memory. (although the queue does not yet.)
  • Queue tab: Remove All asks for confirmation.
  • Queue tab: "Load NZB for later" loads an NZB file without starting the downloader.
    Build #67
  • The fix for NEW caused a bug in ALL. ALL now correctly ignores the limit value in searches.
    Build #66
  • If the log is enabled, the password is written to the log file. This is a temporary change to track down a logon problem and will be disabled in the next build.
    Build #65
  • NEW returns the correct results and updates the new pointer.
    Build #64
  • Articles are downloaded from the correct newsgroup.
  • If an article is not found (430 error), the downloader will delay and retry 3 times. This hasn't been tested yet.
    Build #63
  • Auto Loop, Auto and Auto Next work.
  • Stop button works when the auto options are enabled.
    Build #62
  • No longer becomes unresponsive when using the "Send all parts to Dr. Binary" command.
  • Status bar displays count of files being decoded by "Send all parts to Dr. Binary".
    Build #61
  • Major Changes If you have any problems with this build, you can download the previous build.
  • A new cache system speeds up header downloads by removing the "Merging Cache" phase. The old cache will remain on disk in case you want to return to a previous build. This build will not access the old cache.
  • Searches are performed in a separate thread and can now be canceled.
  • Search the cache using date ranges.
  • New "Starting Point": First is like all except with a limit.
  • All header downloads now force the extended format. The shorter format doesn't have a date. There is also no option to disable the cache.
  • Don't worry. The search tab layout won't remain as it is. Still trying to figure that out. The way "Download Headers" works might change too.
    Build #60
  • Move Similar To Top/Bottom queue commands are faster.
  • If Alt-S command is used to start a new session, BB offers to save the queue of the current session if necessary.
    Build #59
  • XML parser is more tolerant of invalid characters.
    Build #58
  • Fixed: Loaded queue items could fail to start.
    Build #57
  • Since plain text searches are now faster than wildcard searches, BB removes asterisks from the ends of words. The results should be exactly the same because words can appear anywhere in the subject.
  • Queue data is organized a little more efficiently. Code modified slightly.
  • To set a default button on the Queue tab, hold the Ctrl key and click a button.
  • If a queue has been loaded from disk and is empty when the session closes, you will be asked whether you want to delete the saved queue file.
    Build #55
  • No longer downloads PAR files last.
    Build #54
  • Downloads PAR files last.
    Build #53
  • Remove button is default again on Queue tab
  • Fixed a problem with how the match and except fields were applied
  • Optimized Remove command on Queue tab
  • Added extra error checking to move commands on Queue tab
    Build #52
  • Button text on Queue tab is shorter.
  • "Except" field on queue tab excludes any matching text from move/remove operations
  • Group list format has changed to store the "Except" field
  • "To Top" is the default button.
    Build #51
  • Matching To Top and Matching To Bottom buttons added to queue tab.
    Build #50
  • Fixed: The RAR decoder sometimes didn't close older .r?? files.
    Build #49
  • Fixed: Previous build messed up "Move Matching To Top" and "Move Matching To Bottom"
    Build #48
  • Optimized "Move Matching To Top" and "Move Matching To Bottom"
    Build #47
  • Right-click Remove Matching button for "Move Matching To Top" and "Move Matching To Bottom"
  • Text for Remove Matching button is stored in the .lst file. Seems to work but you may want to backup your .lst files from "Documents\Bianry Boy\Group Lists"
    Build #46
  • Improved completion detection for older .rar files.
  • Removed a potential buffer overflow from previous build.
    Build #45
  • Option on the GUI tab in the Settings ignores column clicks on the Queue tab.
  • Right-click Search button to switch between AND and OR operators.
  • Queue shows "Starting" instead of 0%
    Build #44
  • Trying again to force Join .000 command to point to the Attachments folder.
    Build #43
  • Fixed small bug in "Send all parts to Dr. Binary" command.
    Build #42
  • Privacy tab in the Settings allows files to be overwritten with 0's.
  • Fixed a potential bug in the file overwrite functions.
    Build #41
  • Join .000 (Alt-J) command opens the Attachments folder regardless of what was opened before.
  • Fixed a potential bug with the Open File dialog showing an invalid filename when first opened.
    Build #40
  • RAR completion check now counts only sequential volumes rather than total volumes.
  • Fixed: In Win 7 the group list editor failed to open from the toolbar.
  • Fixed: 64-bit newsgroups did not return results.
    Build #39
  • Fixed: Crashed when the server returned corrupted headers.
  • Fixed: Queue didn't save on exit.
  • If sound effects are enabled on the GUI tab, BB plays the default MB_ICONINFORMATION sound after everything has been saved when closing.
  • errorlog.txt is no longer created. If you want a log, use the -log switch or enable it in the Logging tab to create log.txt.
    Build #38
  • Uses a more relable method of detecting differences between servers.
    Build #37
  • Works with older version of the XFEATURES command.
  • Log excludes password command.
    Build #36
  • Previous fix caused problems for servers that recognize the CAPABILITIES command. This should work on both kinds of servers.
  • By the way, make sure you disable any usenet accelerator or speed boost software. Binary Boy has these features built-in now and it will conflict with those programs.
    Build #35
  • Handles errors from the CAPABILITIES command.
    Build #34
  • Fixed a crash during header downloads.
  • No longer closes connection after finding an empty newsgroup.
    Build #33
  • If you have any problems with this build, you can download the previous build.
  • RAR temporary folder is prefixed with "(in progress)".
  • If "Confirm before closing" option is enabled on the GUI tab and the queue contains unfinished items, Binary Boy will offer to save the queue before closing.
  • Internal changes to support extensions to the NNTP protocol.
  • Compiled with Visual Studio 2010 instead of Visual Studio 2005.
    Build #32
  • When a duplicate part was not detected until after the download had already started, Binary Boy would close the connection. Under some circumstances this would cause the conenction to open and close repeatedly very quickly and it may have led to the "Password already sent" error message. It now ignores the duplicate download instead of closing the connection each time.
    Build #31
  • Fixed: Downloading could fail on SSL servers because the port was forced to 119. (Caused by me accidentally deleting part of a line of code!)
    Build #30
  • Automatically starts downloading headers when launched with a bbq file.
    Build #29
  • Fixed an access violation when launching bbq files.
    Build #28
  • NZB files work from the command-line again. A previous fix for the Search button crash had to be changed but seems to work ok.
    Build #27
  • Fixed crash that could happen when loading list.
    Build #25
  • Fixed a crash when loading a bbq file from the command-line and there was no group list with the same name.
    Build #24
  • Extra logging added to Search function.
    Build #23
  • Search button no longer crashes when passing a bbq file on the command-line.
  • Correct Starting Point values are used when passing a file on the command-line.
    Build #22
  • If a RAR archive is only partially extracted due to an error, the output folder will be prefixed with "!error_". If no files were decoded, the empty folder will be deleted.
  • Binary Boy will accept a saved queue filename on the command-line. Example: binboy.exe music.bbq That will load the music list and load the queue with music.bbq
  • Downloading begins automatically after loading a saved queue file.
  • Fixed a potential problem with .lst files not running when passed on the command-line.
  • In some cases a RAR file could be held open after downloading, causing the extraction to fail later. Fixed.
    Build #21
  • Fixed: On Windows 7, the list editor Save window could point to the wrong initial folder.
    Build #20
  • Starts up normally even if the history file is damaged.
    Build #19
  • Fixed: One of the builds, possibly 17 or 18, was corrupting the history file.
  • If this build doesn't run, you'll need to delete your history file. You can find the path in the registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Hochsw\BinaryBoy\1.00\HistoryFolderT
  • On Windows 7, the history file will be at C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Roaming\Binary Boy\binboy.hst
    Build #18
  • Optimized saving the history file.
  • Remove Similar works better.
  • Adjusts the position and focus differently when deleting items from the queue.
  • Fixed: First item in the search results would not download in recent builds.
  • Fixed: Items were not being added to the history in recent builds.
    Build #17
  • Optimized the Queue's Save command.
  • Fixed a small memory leak related to posting.
    Build #16
  • The focus is restored after moving queue items.
  • Queue commands Remove, Remove Similar and Remove Matching are faster.
    Build #15
  • Delay button on the Queue tab. Set the delay and load up the queue for later downloading.
    Build #14
  • Queue holds scroll position when using Move To Top and Move To Bottom.
  • Download Now and other commands that insert at the top of the queue are faster.
  • Fixed Force NZB command again. Maybe I got it right this time.
  • Queue commands Move To Bottom and Move Down are faster.
    Build #13
  • Queue commands Move Up and Move To Top are faster.
  • Resize Toolbar command should work now.
  • Forced NZB downloads no longer search the message-id history.
  • Adding items to the queue is a little faster.
  • Dr. Binary no longer adds filenames to the history so complete files can continue to decode.
    Build #12
  • Testing optimization to the "Move Up" and "Move to top" commands in the queue.
  • Load NZB & Force Download command added to Queue to override history and other settings.
  • Post editor remembers previous From field.
  • Post editor fills in the current newsgroup if available.
  • Fixed a small display problem when a subject didn't contain a part number.
  • If a downloaded file is split (.001, .002...), the auto RAR extractor won't launch until the files are joined.
  • Dr. Binary will not launch auto RAR extractor.
    Build #11
  • You can now post articles. Use the Post command in the menu. The article will be uploaded the next time you start a session or refresh a newsgroup.
  • Number fields on Search tab are wider.
  • Uninstaller no longer automatically deletes parts folder. It asks for confirmation and then recycles the parts.
    Build #10
  • Fixed: About box did not display.
  • Removed changes to queue tab that were incompatible with Vista.
    Build #9
  • Fixed: An empty results list was shown instead of searching the cache when the server returned an empty result.
    Build #8
  • Queue shows total size correctly when using NZB files.
  • Other internal changes to the queue tab to speed it up a little.
  • Buy Now button disappears immediately after unlocking the trial.
    Build #6
  • Queue can sort NZB entries correctly.
  • Minor internal changes to queue tab and picture window.
    Build #5
  • Load from NZB command on the Queue tab's right-click menu can load multiple NZB files at once.
  • Font size for the three main windows is adjustable from the GUI tab int he Settings.
    Build #4
  • SSL bandwidth was counted twice, causing the Kbps display to be too high.
    Build #3
  • Fixed a compatibility problem with a Mac newsreader.
  • When installing on a new computer / OS, the sample masterlist wasn't installed. Fixed.
    Build #2
  • The NZB search command is now accessible with a single button click instead of having to right-click and choose from a menu.
  • SSL certificate comparison allows wildcard character.
    Build #1
  • Fix: Filename filter no longer skips all files in a RAR archive when just one filename matches.
    What's New in 1.97
  • SSL connections
  • Extract RAR files automatically.
  • Picture viewer supports more file formats.
  • Launch external programs based on file type.
  • Accepts NZB filenames on the command-line.
  • Search within results.
  • Privacy options can overwrite files instead of deleting.
  • New toolbar icons.
  • General bug fixes.

More Changes

Enjoy the program!