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Deleted cache always going to recycle

A few weeks ago I found cache files going to the recycle bin. I had the privacy setting simply deleting them (bypass recycle). I've tried changing the privacy setting to 3-Pass wipe but the files continue to go into the recycle bin. I tried a simple re-install but there was no change. I'm running Windows 8.1 on a Toshiba Satellite S55. I'm using BinaryBoy Ver.1.97 Build 128. The only significant update to the laptop was an update to the BIOS correcting an issue with the keyboard backlighting. I have the privacy set to 3-Pass wipe attachments and parts, and that appears to work correctly. None of those are showing up in recycle. The cache files are not terribly large but there can be a LOT of them. Any help would be appreciated.

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There are three fields on the Privacy tab: Attachments, Parts and Cache Files. Do you see all three?

In the registry, the cache file delete setting is at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Hochsw\BinaryBoy\1.00\DelMethodCache It should be 2 for delete. Is that what it says?

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Privacy tab: shows all three. They are all three set to 3-Pass. The registry...\BinaryBoy\1.00\DelMethodCache shows 0x00000008.

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Ok. 8 is the 3 pass one so that's right. In the recycle bin, do you see the extension name? .bbch or .bbps for example? If not, you can go to View at the top of the recycle bin and click File name extensions. That will help to narrow down where the problem is.

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There's a potential problem in the code where it defaults to Recycle for split files. These end with numbers like .000, .001, .002. Are those the files you're seeing in the recycle bin?

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All the recycle files end in .bbch.

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Ok. Thanks. I'll keep looking for the problem.

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So far I haven't found any reason for cache files to go to the recycle bin when the delete/overwrite option is selected. Is there any possibility that another program is recycling these files?

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The only software that I can think of that accesses the Trashcan is a utility from Acronis True Image. True Image 2014 creates image backups, and the utility is called System Cleaner which wipes various temporary data locations including the Trashcan. I really can't give you a timeline for when I installed it, and whether or not I had used BinaryBoy after the install and before I had noticed the cache files showing up in the trash.

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I think I may have found a clue to the problem. In Settings under the Newgroups tab, I had enabled "Delete cache files older than ...". With this deselected, cache files no longer show up in the Trashcan. If I reselect it and close BinaryBoy, then restart it, moments after the main screen appears, the main window title flashes. At that point there are cache files in the trashcan.

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Thanks. I'll look into that.