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Remove-button does not work and the Button is not default any more?

I read the History and you programmed new buttons 'To Top' 'To Bottom' next to the old 'Remove' in the Queue-Tab.
I now have build 052 installed and I can't remove Postings the way i could before.
I enter the wanted Text in the 'Match'field: "WiniPoh", "KAXA-2506.v", "highly compres"
normaly I just would press 'Return' on my keyboard but since you changed the highlight to the new 'To Top' *sigh* :( I have to grab my mouse and click the 'Remove' button. But now the postings are not being deleted from the Queue. :confused:
Did you change the way to remove postings?
I need the remove-function to delete the obvious spam and malware or my Antivirus-Software goes berserk when downloading thousands of those bullshit-postings.

And could you please change the default back zu the 'Remove' button?
Keying the 'Return'Button is way faster than stearing the Mouse over a VNC-Connection to a now even smaller 'Remove'Button on the Queue-tap.


BinaryBoy's reply to Shinji #15451 @

Something may have gone wrong with the Remove command. I'll look into that and maybe I'll make the default button selectable in the settings.

BinaryBoy's reply to BinaryBoy #15452 @

Fixed the match text. There was a problem with the way it combined the match/except rules internally.

gavind's reply to BinaryBoy #16820 @

Sorry, but do we need to install a new version for this?

BinaryBoy's reply to gavind #16825 @

You probably already have the updated version. If not, the installer will overwrite the binboy.exe without removing your settings.

Jessica's reply to BinaryBoy #17505 @

Itll only remove a channel if its no longer referenced, ie no capture sources have that channel, and no recordings in the database are linked to that channel.