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Cache File Location Change

I recently encountered a problem because the cache was causing my profile to grow to a point where my C drive space was almost exhausted. The obvious solution is to get a bigger C drive but I have a home use version of Office through work that I am concerned will deactivate if I reload Windows onto a larger drive.

My next thought was to relocate the cache onto one of my larger data disks but I couldn't find that option in the settings. However, I found that if I changed \\HKCU\Software\Hochsw\BinaryBoy\1.00\CacheFolder to I:\AppData\Binary Boy\Cache and \\HKCU\Software\Hochsw\BinaryBoy\1.00\MasterListFolder to I:\AppData\Binary Boy then moved the files to the new location it seemed to accomplish my goal. Everything is working fine for now but just wanted to make sure the fix is stable and will survive an upgrade. I will be quite embarrassed if I missed where to change this in the settings.

Binary Boy is an awesome application. Am eagerly looking forward to the next release.

Kind Regards, Ken.

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That should work and upgrades don't try to override the previous location. The master list change isn't really necessary because it's just the list of newsgroups but it won't hurt anything.