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Feature to use Bandwidth completely


Since I am not sitting right by my Newsgroup-Provider sometimes the download is very fast and sometime it is slower.

When I use the Bandwith trottle feature BB uses as much speed as possible.
When it reaches the set limit it seems to reduce the download very much.
Then it needs some seconds to go up again... then it hits the Limit again and so on...

Maybe a feature would be interesting were BB reduces the connections by 1 if the limit is reached.
If the download is far fromthe set maximum (in example olny under 70% [or an other user defined rate/percentage] of the set bandwitdh) it can rise the connections +1.

But the User must be able to disable this Feature and be able to set a max and min number off connections or BB might block the machine with far to many open connections.
(My System gets really cranky when I rise above 26 connections at the same time.)

That way I guess BB would use the useable/set bandwidth far better, than the up and down I can watch in the Win7-Taskmanager.

(AMD FX8350, 32GB Ram, several SSD and HDD, >100MBit/s Internet Connection, Win7pro 64bit...)

BinaryBoy's reply to Shinji #17531 @

A basic problem is that there's buffering going on at multiple levels. So even though Binary Boy doesn't allow itself to process more than the bandwidth throttle allows, there's still a stream of data incoming that won't stop until the low level buffers are full. This should generally average out, but it does so in bursts as you noticed. Adding and removing connections might not solve this, and even if it did, it would cause a whole new set of problems with the server possibly falsely detecting too many connections.