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Dr.Binary - assemble all parts I want with a filter?


since long I wanted to ask this.
BB can use Dr.Binary to assemble the postings by selecting one of the posting from the parts folder and filling the missing party with zero (or so).
So I can get the one missing file.
BB can also send all Parts zu Dr.Binary so it assembles all found parts in all subfolders to seperate named files.
I there any way to send all Parts of a manually inserted Filter?
I have this parts

so I wand to let Dr.Binary assemble "big_rar_file.r*"
so it automatically gives me the

I ask this now, because I saw the other Dr.Binary posting and since some weeks ago I firts found more and more Parts that are not assembled. When I let Dr.Binary assemble one of them the created file is complete and without error (checked with par2 files).
Also I find more and more "temp012531.jpg.1.1.BBT" rubbish in the partfolders.
I do not know since when lots of complete parts are not merged and since when the temp-rubbish accumukates there.
So as a help to get around this problem I have to manually use Dr.Binary. And this way of entering more than one Filename into Dr.Binary would be a great help.

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Right now there's no way to do it but it's a good idea for a future build. When Binary Boy creates a file it means it couldn't find the filename in the article. If you'd like me to examine one of those temp bbt files to see if Binary Boy is doing something wrong, you could send one to support at binaryboy dot com if you like.

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Just an other thought:
Since there is no Filter for multiple Dr.Binary actions - I have to start every Dr.Binary combining manually and I want to delete the *BBT files at the end. Dr.Binary always asks. Is it possible to make a checkbox to not only offer to delete but just do it?
Would save lots of time and mouse-moving for me 8))

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I'll see if I can combine that with another suggestion for recycling rather than deleting. Maybe a dropdown list of options.

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Sorry to bump this. Any notes about a drop down for options?

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Just asking after more than a year: I there a chance this features will be made possible?

Since some time lots of single parts of big attachments are missing and the only way to let PAR-magic do its work is to manually create every attachment with Dr.Binary and then let Quickpar munch on the broken attachments.
So it is much manual work.
And the Dr.Binary automtaic is not much help, since I have to stop BB and first get the just loading barts out of the way or it munches on them also and I destroys a possibly correct attachment.

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Yeah, this seems to have slipped my mind. I'll give this a high priority.

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The latest build allows you to use a search string with Dr. Binary. See the File menu.

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If you've tried this, can you let me know if it worked ok for you?

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Yes, there is a better way.

All you need is a single channel with all of your destinations, set in Router mode.

You can define a filter on each destination that checks the message type: