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Multi-core, 64-bit support?

I'm planning on upgrading my hardware. I'm wondering if BB supports 64bit processors, and what about multi-cores processors. That is am I better buying cpu with higher clock speed vs cpu with more cores for usage with Binary Boy? Same for-->More RAM vs higher speed?

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Binary Boy should run ok under a 64-bit operating system but it will not take advantage of the extra memory and won't benefit from more than 2 cores. The speed of the CPU will have the most impact.

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My .02...
Running BB with Win7 ultimate 64-bit, no problems.
Bandwidth available to you and quality of usenet service are probably major factors, not PC speed.

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Yesterday I purchased the New iMAC 21.5 inch and I'm checking is BB will run on the MAC OS. I still have my PC, but was hoping that I could use it on my new machine. Is there going to be any compatibility issues with this OS, or am I good to go?

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Sorry, Binary Boy won't run on the Mac.

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Has anyone tried running this on Windows 8 64 bit yet? Any problems so far?

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Yes, people are running the 64-bit version and liking it. I had to make one change to make it compatible with XP but it was just a compiler switch.

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I'm on Windows 8 64-bit and it's working here.