Announcing SyncMySite 64-bit!
long and silly postingnames/subjects make BB decode crazy stuff
bb waiting forever to retrieve posts- Status 'Starting'
Error 8 when writing line to file. Failing.
Not Getting Most Recent Headers
More Bandwidth for All Usenet Accounts!
Newer Builds of BB hang computer
Option to compress cached files
Feature Request maintenance Thursday night
Build #45 system freezes - #44 seems okay.
Privacy - Delete and overwrite with Zero
Newsgroup Descriptions Site
Forum working again
download folder?
search results
no downloads
blank search
1.97 Build 33 & 34 can't connect - Build 32 fine
1.97 Build 33 stops itself when automatically changing Newsgroup
BB 1.97 Build 4 free trial and importing NZB files
Hidden assembly feature? Save BB settings?
Any Chance of Getting a Queue Timer?
Reduce Size of Cached Headers
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