Header Filter Tab
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Header Filter String

A search string that is compared to each line of the header.  As the article is downloaded, Binary Boy compares each header line to the header filter.  If any lines match, it cancels the download.    See Search Strings for further information.

This can filter out articles based on header fields other than Subject, such as From, Organization and Keywords.  For example: ("From:" & "twit@somewhere.net")

Using this command can slow response time from the server.  If you want to filter dangerous filenames such as .exe files, use the Filename Filter on the Search Strings tab instead.

Article is longer than... - Filters articles longer than the specified number of lines.

Article is shorter than... - Filters articles shorter than the specified number of lines.

File is larger than... - Filters articles containing files with an estimated size larger than this.

File is smaller than... - Filters articles containing files with an estimated size smaller than this.

Article is not part 1 of 1 - Filters files that have been split into several articles.

File is incomplete - Filters files that aren't completely available from the server.

Part 1 is missing - Some files can be decoded even if some parts are mising, but part 1 is usually essential.  This option filters files that are missing the first part.

More than nnn parts - Filters files that are broken into too many parts.

Posted to more than - Filters articles that are posted to too many newsgroups.  Spam is often posted to several groups.