Server Tab
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Address - The internet address of the news server.  Example:

Port - The news port is usually 119.

Username and  Password - Your news server may not require a name and password.  If it doesn't, you can leave these fields blank.

SPA - Secure Password Authentication.  Enable this only when connecting to the MSN news server.  Most other servers won't work with this option enabled.

Create n connections - Binary Boy can download up to 4 articles at once.  If your server doesn't support this, you can reduce the number of connections.

Timeout after nnn seconds - Give up and reconnect if the server takes too long to respond.

Bandwidth Throttle - Limit the average amount of data transferred per second.  Use this to allow other apps or other users on a LAN to use more bandwidth while you download.

Delay after error - The time to wait before reconnecting after an error.

Delay after server rejection - The server may reject a connection if you already have too many connections open or if the server is busy.  This delay  gives the server time to close other connections or finish with other jobs.

Delete headers older than - Binary Boy automatically deletes old headers from the cache based on article number, however the server could delete articles  out of order.  This option helps to keep the cache in synch with the server by deleting outdated headers regardless of the article number.

Remember IP address - After Binary Boy successfully looks up the server's address the first time, it can remember it until you close the program instead of looking it up before every connection attempt.

Retry password - If the server rejects the password the first time, keep trying.

Force authentication - A few servers require the newsreader to send the username and password immediately after connecting.  Most servers request  authentication when needed.  Unless you're having trouble logging on, leave this option unchecked.