Logging Tab
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All but the first option write to the log.txt file in the Binary Boy folder.  You can open this folder with the {\b Open Binary Boy Folder} command under the File menu.

Enable Log Windows.

Displays general activity and some errors on the Log tab when a search session is open.  Also displays activity when downloading newsgroups.  This option does not write anything to the log.txt file.

Main log.

Writes to log.txt most communication to and from the server.  Equivalent to the -log switch.

Log decoding activity.

Writes to log.txt while decoding and assembling articles.  Equivalent to the -declog switch.

Log startup and shutdown info.

Writes to log.txt while initializing and shutting down.  If Binary Boy fails to run or hangs on exit, this will show what happened before the crash.  Equivalent to the -dlog switch.

Log low level internet activity.

Writes to log.txt the amount of data available for reading on each socket and how much Binary Boy attempts to read.  Equivalent to the -ilog switch.

Log subjects as they are received.

Writes to log.txt all subjects before any filtering takes place.

Log subjects after refresh.

Writes to log.txt a sorted list of subjects before each set is checked for completeness.

Log search/filter result for every subject.

Writes to log.txt the names of the filters and search strings that matched each subject.

Record source of each downloaded article.

Writes to log.txt the newsgroup name and server address for each downloaded article.