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Binary Boy matches subjects using expressions based on the keywords AND, OR and NOT.

For example, the search string apple OR orange would download any article whose subject contained either the word "apple" or the word "orange" or both.

The text matches even if it appears within another word.  For example, a search for "truck" matches the subject "My cool firetruck.jpg".

jpg AND baseball downloads the file only if both "jpg" and "baseball" appear in the subject.

Text within quotes is treated as a single word.  mp3 AND "monkey dance"  matches ifthesubject contains mp3 as well as the complete phrase "monkeyt dance".  If you need to search for a special keyword such as AND, OR or NOT, you must put it in quotes.

You can create more complex expressions with parentheses: ".jpg" AND (skiing OR "speed skating") AND NOT luge finds jpg pictures of both skiing while discarding subjects containing "luge".

The comma works similar to OR.  You can use it to separate several expressions in a single search string.  For example, gif OR .jpg, .mpg, .mp3 AND "Cool Band" matches if the subject contains .gif or .jpg or if it contains .mpg or if it contains both .mp3 and Cool Band.

You can replace AND, OR and NOT with the symbols &, | and !.  So the above expression is equivalent to:

".jpg" & (skiing | "speed skating") & !luge

You can use the * and ? wildcards in both quoted and unquoted text.  * matches any string of characters and ? matches a single character.  The string *.jpg finds all jpg files.  The string *.?pg finds both jpg and mpg files.

Search and filter strings are case-insensitive.  olyMPICS matches Olympics.

You can reduce wasted download time by preceding your search string with the file extensions you're looking for: (.jpg | .gif) & baseball


Filter strings have exactly the same syntax as search strings.  However, any subject matching a filter string is discarded even if the subject matches the search string.  Use filter strings to avoid downloading spam and other unwanted articles.