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Back to the beta/upgrade page.

Previous Changes in the Beta:


    Build #611
  • If RAR extraction is enabled, the filename filter (Search Strings tab) is applied to files within the archive. Matching filenames will not be extracted.
    Build #610
  • Automatically extract files from RAR archives. Disable this on the Files tab in the Settings.
    Build #609
  • Fixed memory leak in picture viewer.
    Build #608
  • Fixed a problem where the Last and Last New values would get messed up when upgrading.
  • Aligned queue with left side of window.
  • Added info button on search tab.
  • Fixed some URLs.
    Build #607
  • Viewer handles more image formats.
  • View/Edit newsgroup descriptions online. Right-click the newsgroup name in a search session or right-click a newsgroup in the list editor. Or go directly to NewsgroupFinder.com
  • SSL certificate issuer and signer names displayed on Log tab.
  • Displays a warning on the Log tab if certificate has expired.
    Build #606
  • Fixed password error from previous build.
    Build #605
  • Authentications limited to 2 per connection instead of one.
  • No longer recognizes 450 as a valid server response.
  • Force Authentication option temporarily ignored.
    Build #604
  • Viewer log reduced to two lines.
  • Beep removed from 'Password already sent' error.
    Build #603
  • Use -vlog switch to enable logging for the picture viewer.
  • List editor: Right-click to add newsgroups from a different list file.
  • List editor: Right-click to remove duplicate newsgroups.
    Build #601
  • Fixed a crash bug in the Settings. The bug had been there a while but only crashed under Win 7.
    Build #600
  • Added logging to the Settings window to help track down a potential crash on Windows 7. If the Settings button causes a crash, run Binary Boy from the Start button like this: binboy.exe -log Then send log.txt from Documents\Binary Boy\Logs to support at binaryboy dot com so that the bug can be tracked down and fixed.
    Build #599
  • Fixed installer so that binboy.exe can be launched from the Start button command-line again.
  • Option on the Search tab in the Settings sets AND as the default logic in search strings.
  • Right-click Search button in search session to search within results.
  • Launch a web NZB search from the search button right-click menu or from the File menu.
    Build #598
  • Press Ctrl-Shift-F to find text in the results list. Press F3 to find next matching result.
    Build #597
  • Pressing a letter key in the results list jumps to that subject or filename beginning with the same letter. A more sophisticated find-within-results feature isn't quite finished yet.
  • Reverting to this version from future versions should not damage list files.
    Build #595
  • Queue recognizes message-id history when loading NZB files.
    Build #594
  • Fixed a bug in the Load from NZB File command.
  • Fixed a bug in the Load Queue command
    Build #593
  • Recent builds ignored group list port number.
    Build #592
  • NZB files failed to load properly in build 591. Fixed.
    Build #591
  • Let's try this again. "SSL buffer full" error was logged even when the buffer wasn't full.
  • Same disclaimers as build 590.
    Build #590
  • This build is not recommended unless you're having trouble with SSL connections.
  • Buffer size increased for SSL data.
  • Extra logging added to track down an SSL problem. if you see "SSL buffer full" in the log, please let me know.
  • As part of the transition to supporting 64-bit article numbers, this build will modify the settings, group lists and other files to a format that is incompatible with earlier versions. Please backup your settings files in Documents/Binary Boy if you wish to try this build. The cache files should be ok but that's not guaranteed.
    Build #588
  • Logging added to track down endless loop.
  • Uses Inno Setup instead of Wise installer.
    Build #587
  • Fixed a bug that could cause any of the following problems: crashes on exit, files remaining in decoder queue on exit, not all files being decoded. This mainly happened when using the Force Download command.
    Build #586
  • Make toolbar smaller from the View menu.
  • "Move active downloads to top of queue" command added to GUI tab in Settings.
  • Queue is a little more responsive under heavy loads.
    Build #585
  • Fixed a crash from build 584.
    Build #584
  • Attempts to handle subjects with incorrectly quoted filenames.
    Build #583
  • Fixed a potential crash bug after refreshing subjects.
  • Fixed XML startup bug in build 582.
    Build #581
  • If BB is about to authenticate twice during the same connection, it will stop and log an error.
  • Additional logging added to internet code.
  • Fixed bug related to parsing network paths.
    Build #580
  • Retry Password option removed. It may be causing problems for the server.
    Build #579
  • Fixed a crash that could happen if you closed BB while it was still decoding.
    Build #578
  • Improved affiliate tracking.
  • Improved screenreader compatibility (hopefully).
    Build #575
  • As with the previous build, if Binary Boy is flashing icons or freezing, try running with one of the following three switches: -1, -2 and -3. If any of these solve the problem, please let me know which one.
  • Displays progress in queue by default.
    Build #573
  • If Binary Boy is flashing icons or freezing while downloading, please try running with one of the following three switches: -1, -2 and -3. If any of these solve the problem, please let me know.
  • Displays header download status again.
    Build #572
  • Should no longer flash XP icons.
  • Starts downloading after a remove only when the downloader was already active.
    Build #570
  • Continues after removing items from the queue.
  • Possibly fixed flashing desktop icons on XP.
    Build #569
  • New toolbar icons.
  • Installer optionally makes Binary Boy the default NZB handler. A button on the GUI tab can also make Binary Boy the default NZB h andler.
  • Download connections increased to 32. Due to the limited space available for progress bars, the Progress tab has been removed and percentages are displayed on the queue instead. The Go button is now on the toolbar.
  • Properly decodes files posted by Unison. Unison 1.7 posted in an invalid format that required special handling that later caused problems with 1.8 files. Now files from both versions should decode.
  • Files can be deleted from the queue even during a download.
  • A mesagebox no longer pops up when the help file is opened.
    Build #568
  • Previous build ignored the port value in the server settings. Fixed.
    Build #567
  • Fixed BB stopping after server timeouts.
  • View | View incoming byte counts command shows total bandwidth.
  • Queue requests confirmation before saving empy list.
  • MSVCR71.dll is installed with BB to avoid an error message.
    Build #566
  • A checkbox on the Server tab in the settings enables SSL.
  • Clicking the Stop button or closing Binary Boy during a refresh merges the new headers instead of discarding them.
    Build #565 - (Download 1.96 build 589)
  • SSL support added. BB assumes any port other than 119 is SSL. Soon there will be a SSL check box on the server tab instead.
  • The bandwidth throttle and proxy support are temporarily disabled.
    Build #564
  • Extra logging added to help track down a bug.
  • HTML Help added for Vista compatibility.
    Build #563
  • Fixed a memory leak that was created in build 562.
    Build #562
  • Automatically searches by author in addition to subject.
    Build #561
  • Potential crash bug fixed in the cache.
    Build #560
  • Enable/disable low memory check on the Search Strings tab in the settings.
  • Log writes to Documents folder to be compatible with Vista.
    Build #557
  • Extra logging added at startup.
    Build #556
  • Selected size is calculated only when necessary instead of each time the status pane is updated.
    Build #555
  • Shows total size of selected files in status bar.
    Build #554
  • Delete methods on Privacy tab improved.
    Build #553
  • Logging bug fixed.
    Build #552
  • Logging added to record result of complete/incomplete tests. Enabled with either -log or -declog switches.
    Build #551
  • New Privacy tab in the settings allows you to overwrite files before deleting.
    Build #550
  • Group list editor is resizable.
    Build #549
  • A posting app is posting yEnc files as text. Added a work around so the files can be decoded.
    Build #548
  • Fixed a problem in the Reg Key system.
    Build #547
  • -ExitWindows switch should work for XP now.
    Build #546
  • CTL-TAB cycles through the tabs on the main window.
  • New builds of Binary Boy 2 and Usenet Radio are also available today.
    Build #545
  • Binary Boy failed to recognize when a rar set was complete when the filename was in the older .rxx format.
    Build #544
  • Binary Boy failed to recognize when a rar set was complete when the filename was in the older .rxx format.
    Build #543
  • If you associate NZB files with Binary Boy and double-click a file, Binary Boy will load the NZB even if it already has a session open.
    Build #542
  • In most situations, Binary Boy will assemble a split file (.001, .002, .003, ...) even when no .000 segment is present.
    Build #541
  • The XML parser was too strict when parsing processing instructions. Fixed.
    Build #540
  • Order ids dated after Nov 2005 weren't recognized. They've now been added.
    Build #539
  • The Binary Boy 1.9x project now uses a lot more of the 2.0 code. On the surface this won't change much, but it should be easier to add new features to both versions at the same time.
  • The upgrade files now require a reg key or an order id to activate. If you don't have your order id, retrieve it here.
  • Displays number of requested headers on Log tab when refreshing.
  • The queue total size in build 450 was wrong for large values. Fixed.
    Build #466
  • Either a news server or a firewall is adding empty lines in uudecoded posts, causing truncated files. Binary Boy will ignore these empty lines and create complete files.
    Build #463
  • You can now pass an NZB filename on the command-line and Binary Boy will open an empty search session, load the NZB file and start downloading. This also means you can now associate NZB files with Binary Boy.
  • Fixed the "posiition" typo in an XML error message.
    Build #450
  • Queue is slightly more efficient under heavy loads.
    Build #410
  • A space character between the headers and the first line of encoded data would cause Binary Boy to stop decoding a file. Fixed.
    Build #408
  • The queue's Load NZB command uses the first newsgroup from the NZB file that can be found in the master list. If none can be found, it falls back to using the first.
    Build #388
  • Right-click to rearrange launch rules.
    Build #378
  • Browse button on Launch Rule dialog works.
  • Help file updated for Launch Rule dialog.
    Build #367
  • Launch rules can ignore RAR volumes until the whole set is complete.
  • Launcher can run an app and wait until it closes.
    Build #345
  • Launch rules are saved to binboy.xml
  • Help pages added for Launcher tab and rule editor.
    Build #323
  • Binary Boy can run an application after each download based on the filename. Add launch rules on the Launcher tab in the settings.
  • Right now it will NOT save your rules when you exit, it will NOT wait for the application to close and there is no help page yet.
  • Alt-Shift-S searches without refreshing.
    Build #161
  • If the delete button in the viewer fails, it now logs an error nummber in errorlog.txt.
    Build #155
  • The low memory check might be returning inaccurate values on pre-XP OSes so it will now ignore the value on those OSes.
    Build #153
  • Oops. Problem got worse in the previous build. Really, really fixed it this time.
    Build #146
  • BB could unnecessarily reconnect before downloading an article. Fixed.
    Build #139
  • RegNow's affiliate link added to free trial.
    Build #125
  • Remembers 100 previous searches instead of 25.
    Build #105
  • Speed was not displayed in status bar during refreshes unless a download was also active. Fixed.
    Build #93
  • Build 70 removed some text from the status bar. Fixed.
    Build #82
  • Displays date/time according to regional settings.
  • No longer displays very large time estimates when the download is stopped.
  • Fixed a crash bug related to the estimated download time display.
  • Displays an error message if BB fails to upgrade.
    Build #70
  • -log switch writes additional info when flushing headers to disk and when loading the cache index.
  • Total size of files in queue is displayed on the status bar along with the estimated time to download. This works only if you have extended headers enabled.
    Build #33
  • Decode queue is dumped to log.txt when BB closes.
    Build #27
  • Smaller upgrade button allows for more text in the status area.
    Build #2
  • Same as 1.96 build 1 except marked as a beta.


    Build #952
  • The free trial has a new 30-day limit even if you've already tried a previous version.
  • In new installations, group lists, the schedule file, twits.txt, folders.txt and binboy.xml are stored under My Documents\Binary Boy and are not deleted by the uninstaller.
  • Decoder runs in normal priority unless -DecodeSlow switch is present.
  • -DecodeFast no longer has an effect.
  • Search demo updated on the web site.
    Build #917
  • Fixed the order page link from previous build.
    Build #915
  • Custom builds for affiliates. Append an underscore and your RegNow affiliate id to the installer filename and all links to BinaryBoy.com will redirect through RegNow. For example, if your affiliate id is A1234, rename bbadbeta.exe to bbadbeta_A1234.exe. The text to the left of the underscore doesn't matter. You could name it bb_A1234.exe for example. This currently only works for the free trial beta.
  • If you're not an affiliate, you can sign up for free at RegNow. Rename bbadbeta.exe, upload to your site and you're ready to go!
    Build #889
  • Cached headers can be deleted by age in addition to article number. This helps to keep the cache in synch when the server deletes headers out of order. This is a per server setting on the Server tab in the Settings.
  • "Download similar subjects" added to search results right-click menu to make .rar sets easier to download.
  • Queue's "oldest first" option works again.
  • Number of results is updated after deleting items.
  • Small tweaks to the text on the setup wizard.
  • Alt-G opens whichever folder the current group sends downloads to. (Alt-A opens only the main folder.)
    Build #829
  • Shift-tab from the results list returns to the filter field.
    Build #827
  • The tab order got messed up with the UI changes. Pressing tab from the results list again returns focus to the search field like in previous builds.
    Build #824
  • A couple more tweaks to the UI. The buttons are now lined up.
    Build #820
  • The small and medium subject lists are now the same with a wider view of headers (Alt-R to resize).
  • Next, Previous buttons have been reduced and moved to the left of the newsgroup selection box
  • The Download All button has been moved above the subjects.
  • The session close button is now an X to the right of the tabs.
    Build #799
  • Fixed a crash bug on NT4 when checking for free disk space.
    Build #789
  • GlobalMemoryStatusEx error on NT4 fixed.
  • Extra logging added to article and head retrieval to track down a potential bug.
    Build #784
  • Binary Boy recognizes [part/totals] in square brackets again. This stopped working in build 585.
  • If the server closed the connection immediately after accepting it, Binary Boy could stall instead of retrying. Fixed.
    Build #772
  • One of the file functions was still incompatible with older OSes. Let's try again.
    Build #771
  • Picture viewer history increased to 1000.
  • A search of very large cache files could fail to show new articles. Fixed.
  • The latest build should no longer produce a "SetFilePointerEx" error on startup on older operating systems. If you still get a similar error, please let me know.
  • When circumstances allowed, BB optimized updates by appending a cache file without trimming old headers. BB now forces a cleanup approximately every 5 updates to avoid growing a cache file indefinitely.
  • -log switch was logging information that only -ilog should record, causing unnecessary clutter in the log. Fixed.
    Build #744
  • If the server returned an error after receiving a header request, Binary Boy would close the connection. It now keeps the connection open.
    Build #742
  • Fixed a potential problem with -DynAdjust switch incorrectly removing items from the queue.
  • Deleting from subfolders when deleting old attachments is now optional. See the Files tab in the Settings.
    Build #728
  • Fixed possible problem with free trial expiring early.
    Build #716
  • BB stops loading subjects from cache if available memory drops below 5%.
  • Previous build disabled progress bars during load from cache. Fixed.
    Build #707
  • Displays a message on the Log tab when Binary Boy receives a notification that the connection has closed.
  • Cleaned up the connection code a little and corrected a few bugs.
    Build #671
  • After the recent cache changes, Binary Boy no longer recognized part/totals in brackets. A workaround has been added that will fix the problem for now.
    Build #648
  • Binary Boy could suddenly stop downloading when receiving a duplicate filename. Seems to be fixed. If it happens again, please send a line from errorlog.txt that contains "Setting stop error."
    Build #646
  • Better handling of cache files larger than 2GB.
    Build #630
  • If Binary Boy couldn't find the first article in the search range, it would search the whole cache. It now tries to avoid this by searching from a lower article if available.
    Build #622
  • "Delete attachments older than" option now deletes from subfolders under the main attachments folder.
    Build #620
  • NZB files load correctly.
    Build #611
  • When "Download extended headers" was disabled, BB wouldn't group parts onto a single line. Fixed.
    Build #585
  • WARNING: This build has major internal changes, including modifications to the cache system. If you decide to run this or later builds, consider backing up your cache files from C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\Local Settings\Application Data\Binary Boy\Cache Send any bug reports or feedback to support@binaryboy.com
  • A lot of v2.0 header and cache code has been adapted for 1.95. In some cases, the code couldn't be used directly because of completely different cache formats so it won't be as efficient as 2.0 but it's an improvement.
  • Search results use less than half the RAM as previous builds.
  • New headers added to the cache files will be compressed by up to 70%. Existing headers are not compressed so the disk space savings will occur gradually as new headers replace old ones.
  • Faster searches. New headers are searched fastest so it may take a while to see the full effect.
  • A domain name on the right side of the (part/total) in a subject could be parsed as a filename. Binary Boy now prefers the rightmost filename to the left of the (part/total) if available.
    Build #192
  • Bandwidth throttle seems to work now.
    Build #190
  • Bandwidth meter became inaccurate above 6Mbps. Should work now.
  • Dr. Binary sends files to recycle bin instead of deleting.
    Build #181
  • -DecodeFast switch runs the decoder in normal priority. By default it will run in low priority in order to make the GUI a little more responsive and to make sure the downloads are fast.
  • At some point the Delete key stopped working on the Search tab. It now works again.
    Build #169
  • Some combinations of settings could cause the twit filter and header filter options to be ignored.
  • A separate bug could cause the header filter to be enabled even when the settings show it to be disabled.
    Build #157
  • Binary Boy could crash when the server closed the connection while it was searching the cache. Should be fixed.
  • CTL-C copies search results to clipboard.
    Build #134
  • Cut/Copy/Paste right-click menu added to article window.
  • Speed/progress is erased from the Progress tab when a connection closes.
    Build #121
  • New bandwidth throttle should be more accurate.
    Build #47
  • In the last few builds, the Join command would zero the first segment instead of creating the destination file.
    Build #42
  • A potential deadlock has been removed from the cache. If you experienced a freeze while running multiple Binary Boy instances, reboot to clear the unreleased lock and then install this build.
    Build #40
  • XML/NZB parser now recognizes &. A previous fix disabled it.
    Build #11
  • If Binary Boy got out of synch with the server during an article download, it wouldn't recover properly. Fixed.
  • Some code cleaned up.
    Build #2
  • Same as 1.95 build 1 except marked as a beta.


    Build #1285
  • Removed an extra checkbox from the free trial installer.
  • When setting up a search for the first time, Binary Boy will default to sample.lst instead of showing a blank field.
    Build #1282
  • One of the installers created the wrong menu item in the Programs menu.
  • "Watch" buttons added to group list editor and scheduler, although the flash demos for those windows aren't available yet.
    Build #1279
  • Removed BBNet references from the help file.
    Build #1278
  • Had to remove some extra debugging code. Oops.
    Build #1276
  • Should decode YencPowerPost files again.
  • Changes and fixes to the setup wizard.
    Build #1160
  • Ran Binary Boy with the latest BoundsChecker. Found and eliminated a few small memory and resource leaks.
    Build #1126
  • Removed some extra logging code that could cause problems on older systems.
    Build #1091
  • Crash bug eliminated from the decoder. Possibly fixed a resource leak too. Both problems began only a few builds ago.
    Build #978
  • Crash bug is narrowed down to about 100 lines. Logging added to hopefully catch it. If Binary Boy crashes, please send me log.txt
    Build #973
  • Duplicate part name no longer causes Binary Boy to stop. It seems Windows is returning a different error number for this than it used too. Might be a XP SP2 thing.
    Build #971
  • When downloading an article, BB ignores the Windows disk full error if it detects that data has actually been written to the file.
  • Extra logging added to help track down a crash bug when beginning a download.
  • New look for the setup wizard that pops up when no server address is present in the settings.
    Build #879
  • Binary Boy could report the wrong error number when a disk write fails. errorlog.txt will contain the correct error number now.
    Build #877
  • Dr. Binary sends MIME articles to the MIME decoder. Although the MIME decoder doesn't do anything special, it will allow you to decode a file again without having to download a part of the file a second time.
    Build #863
  • Decoding fix for previous build.
    Build #841
  • Binary Boy is now more strict when attempting to find the first encoded line in the second and later parts of UUencoded files.
    Build #840
  • Plugun function OnFileDecoded added. This could be handy for adding special handling for various file types like .zip and .rar.
    Build #825
  • The oldest picture in the picture viewer won't change as frequently. Instead of scrolling off one picture at a time, it now cuts the number of filenames in half and then rebuilds with new pictures.
    Build #816
  • In picture window, the left arrow key moves to the previous picture, right arrow moves to next, Home moves to the most recent and Delete deletes the picture.
    Build #802
  • Picture window will keep focus on the same picture unless you're viewing the first or last.
  • Upgrade button checked for a new version every 24 minutes instead of 24 hours. Fixed
    Build #768
  • You can now edit the currently running list with the Group Lists toolbar button. Previously this would have only edited the copy on disk only, leading to some confusion. :-)
  • State of "Offer to delete" option in Dr. Binary is preserved.
    Build #712
  • The delete button in the group list editor is now enabled when editing the current list. Groups that are in use will not be deleted.
    Build #677
  • A server is causing some decoding problems by appending an advert in a non-standard way. BB will workaround this.
    Build #671
  • -CloseSubjects command-line switch closes the subject connection after each refresh.
    Build #666
  • Cache searches recognize the Starting Point options.
  • Fixed some minor bugs in the cache
  • Right-click the search button to search the headers that are in memory.
  • Fixed a bug that could leave a stray file in the Parts folder after a download error.
  • Attempts to remain connected when an article is unavailable instead of reconnecting.
  • BBNet removed due to lack of interest.
    Build #614
  • For some reason, the news.binaryboy.com provider changed the response for failed logins. BB will recognize the new code.
  • Uninstaller asks for confirmation before deleting registry settings.
    Build #607
  • If Binary Boy is already running, the installer asks if you'd like to close it.
  • Uninstaller deletes the settings from the registry. This helps to get a high rating on one of the download sites. Make sure you install over the existing version so you don't lose your settings.
  • Fixed some web links.
  • The free trial now supports RegNow's affiliate tracking feature. Read the news on the RegNow site for instructions on getting the download URL. I'm still planning custom builds for affiliates but this should do for now.
    Build #573
  • New toolbar images.
    Build #540
  • Crash bug related to the cache should be fixed.
  • Extra logging removed.
    Build #529
  • Extra logging added to subject downloads. If BB detects a crash during subject downloads, a window will pop up telling you to send errorlog.txt to support@binaryboy.com.
  • "Watch" buttons added to setup, Search and Newsgroups windows to launch flash demos.
    Build #516
  • When the cache is enabled, the Search button will search the cache instead of the header list in memory. Previously, you had to right-click the Refresh button to do the same thing. Now the search button will work consistently whether you have the cache enabled or not.
  • Logging tab disappeared from the previous build. Fixed.
  • Made some Flash demos/tutorials http://www.binaryboy.com/forum/showthread.php?t=240
    Build #508
  • Fixed a part of the picture on the Tip Of The Day window that wasn't transparent.
  • Picture viewer, queue save/load and twit file added to free trial (The 30-day time limit still exists).
    Build #488
  • Splash screen replaced by Tip of the Day.
    Build #328
  • Fixed a memory leak related to the cache.
    Build #276
  • "Download To" window scrolls to allow longer paths.
    Build #275
  • -log switch records the total number of newsgroups in the group list before and after each save and load.
  • The Pro upgrade installer automatically closes Binary Boy before installing.
    Build #271
  • Decodes yEnc files even when Zone Alarm mangles the header.
    Build #270
  • Logs the =yBegin line only when the -log switch is used.
  • If you're unable to download yEnc files and you have Zone Alarm running, install a previous version of ZA until they fix the bug.
    Build #268
  • This build writes the =yBegin line of each yEnc article to log.txt. There's no way to disable it so don't download this unless you're having trouble decoding files.
    Build #264
  • A server somewhere is removing spaces from the begin line in yEnc files. This build should properly decode these files.
    Build #262
  • "Save Queue" command continued to save in an older format in some cases. If you have a queue file that won't load, change the second line of the bbq file from a 4 to a 3 and try again. bbq files are stored in C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR NAME\Application Data\Binary BoyThis new build will no longer create the invalid files.
    Build #254
  • "Download To" window has a dropdown list of previous folders.
  • All browse buttons now use a newer form of the folder browser window and also expand the directory tree to the current selection.
    Build #183
  • Using a scroll wheel on the Queue tab could scroll on the Search tab instead.
    Build #181
  • Queue could save in the wrong format. Fixed.
    Build #179
  • Another fix for "Download To..."
    Build #178
  • The "Download To..." folder was ignored in some cases.
  • The Pro Upgrade installer should no longer overwrite the shortcuts in the Programs menu.
    Build #169
  • The queue stores the "Download To" folder when saving to or loading from disk.
    Build #158
  • -qnext nnn command-line option keeps moving to the next group whenever the queue drops below nnn items. Active only in auto mode.
    Build #155
  • Just testing something.
    Build #117
  • "Download To..." command added to right-click menu on Search tab. Stores the decoded file in the specific folder. This build does not yet store the folder name in saved queues.
  • Fixed a formatting error in the help file that caused many pages to be bold.
    Build #53
  • Previous build didn't contain the fix. This one does.
    Build #51
  • In some cases Binary Boy could spend a long time closing connections when shutting down. This should fix it.
    Build #47
  • Binary Boy accepts either a full path to a group list or just the filename on the command-line. If just the filename is passed, it will be loaded from the default group list folder.
  • No longer scans the entire cache when using the Last nnn option. This doesn't yet apply when right-clicking the refresh button.
  • Fixed a small inefficiency caused by the previous build.
  • When downloading subjects from the server, BB will display "Rcving" instead of "Loading"
    Build #11
  • Window redraws and progress is displayed while scanning cache.
  • Pressing the delete button in the viewer when no picture is displayed will no longer display an error.
    Build #2
  • Same as 1.94 build 1 except marked as a beta.


    Build #2139
  • Long subjects displayed as blank lines on the subject and queue tabs. Fixed.
    Build #2131
  • Added some code on the BBNet client side that will try to find the correct address even if the search results contain the wrong IP.
  • Set the default max number of incoming BBNet connections to 5 instead of 3.
    Build #2094
  • BBNet could send the wrong IP address in search results, especially when the server returning the results was behind a LAN.
    Build #2065
  • Dr. Binary no longer adds the filename to the history. After previewing a file with Dr. Binary while downloading, the queue would detect the filename in the history and refuse to download the remaining parts.
    Build #2063
  • -time switch records the response time of HEAD, BODY and ARTICLE commands. The time is measured from immediately before the command is sent until the first line of data is received.
    Build #2056
  • The installer seems to work again.
  • An error box no longer pops up repeatedly while decoding bad files.
    Build #2028
  • Cache enabled in free trial.
    Build #1990
  • The Dr. Binary "Offer to delete" option works again.
    Build #1969
  • The "Next" pointer for each newsgroup stopped updating after some recent changes. Seems to work now.
    Build #1964
  • Decoder is always in a separate thread. -NewCode switch is no longer needed and is disabled.
  • When using the -Close switch, Binary Boy will close the session after it downloads the parts and then will wait until all files are decoded before it shuts down completely.
  • PowerPost uses lone "&" characters in .NZB files instead of using "&". Binary Boy will ignore this error for now when loading .NZB files.
    Build #1951
  • The previous build didn't update the cache with new articles. Fixed.
    Build #1931
  • Joining split files on Zip drives, both manually and with the Alt-J command, should be faster.
  • Fixed a potential crash bug in the cache code. It could only be triggered if you ran out of memory.
    Build #1928
  • Optimized some cache code. Binary Boy normally goes through a complicated process of merging the newly download headers with the cache file. In some cases, the new subjects can simply be appended to the cache file. Binary Boy will check for this possibility and take the shortcut whenever possible. This will mostly improve New refreshes, but in some cases will also speed up All, Last and Last New refreshes.
  • When making multiple requests for headers, Binary Boy waits until after the final request to delete old headers from the cache instead of cleaning up each time.
    Build #1883
  • Left some debugging code active. Fixed.
    Build #1882
  • Fixed an infinite loop in the cache code.
    Build #1871
  • New cache code didn't distinguish between different servers. Should work now.
    Build #1862
  • Much more efficient caching. Binary Boy will break the requested range of headers into multiple requests instead of re-downloading cached headers. For example, if you refresh ALL and headers 1000-2000 are cached and headers 1-5000 are available on the server, Binary Boy will request 1-999 and 2001-5000 instead of re-downloading the middle.
  • Binary Boy would also delete the cache file if the requested range would create a gap before or after the currently cached range. This is no longer necessary.
    Build #1813
  • "Send all parts to Dr. Binary" command decodes in a separate thread when the -newcode switch is used.
    Build #1813
  • Decoders write to disk faster.
    Build #1761
  • Priority files are decoded before non-priority files. Dr. Binary, "Download Now" and "Force Download" are all considered priority jobs.
  • If you close the app while decoding, BB displays a warning. The previous build would continue to close even if you clicked cancel. Fixed.
    Build #1756
  • -NewCode no longer downloads subjects in a separate thread. Only the decoders are in a separate thread. Eventually there will be 3: 1 for the GUI, 1 for subjects/downloading and 1 for decoding. Until then, this seems to make things most responsive.
    Build #1755
  • BB deletes BBT files after a successful decode.
    Build #1750
  • -newcode switch decodes downloaded files in a low priority thread. Seems to work although I'll probably have to separate the internet and decoding code in separate threads as well.
    Build #1711
  • The decoder/subject thread runs at low priority.
    Build #1695
  • When -newcode switch is used, Dr. Binary will close after launching the decode, allowing you to choose more files instead of waiting for the first to finish.
    Build #1659
  • When -newcode switch is used, Dr. Binary decodes in a separate thread so the GUI remains responsive. A messagebox will pop up when it's finished decoding. Not very useful but it's a convenient place to test the multithreaded code. The "Send all parts to Dr. Binary" command is not yet multithreaded.
    Build #1592
  • Fixed a crash bug in the BommaNews decoder.
  • yEnc decoder is more tolerant of posting errors.
    Build #1538
  • -newcode repeatedly loaded the first group instead of the current one. Fixed.
  • -newcode should now delete .tmp files from cache folder.
  • The decoder is NOT in a separate thread yet but the code has been reorganized and modified for the transition. If you notice that any settings or search/filters are being ignored, especially those related to decoding, please let me know.
    Build #1445
  • -newcode switch available again.
  • -newcode uses the correct server when the group list contains a server address. When using the server from the group list, it will also use the server's settings from the binboy.xml file (available from the Server tab in the settings). This makes the username and password fields in the group list editor obsolete.
  • -newcode recognizes the Starting Point options instead of always downloading All.
  • -newcode updates the article pointer.
  • If the version checker is enabled, BB will check every 24hrs instead of just once when the program starts up.
  • A few lines were logged to log.txt even when the log options were disabled. Fixed.
    Build #1411
  • Dr. Binary can decode complete BommaNews files. Padding and other Dr, Binary features don't work yet with this format.
    Build #1408
  • Decodes BommaNews files. BommaNews was apparently used on only one ISP in Europe and now has begun to appear on servers around the world. It's nearly as efficient as yEnc and potentially passes cleanly through more systems. Dr. Binary doesn't support BommaNews files yet.
  • -newcode temporaily disabled for this build only. It'll be back next build when I finish fixing a bug. Right now the code is half repaired and could be unpredictable.
    Build #1229
  • Fixed a similar potential freeze problem as in the previous build.
    Build #1228
  • "Remember IP address" option on the Server tab could cause a freeze. Fixed.
    Build #1225
  • Uninstaller deleted .lst files when it wasn't supposed to. Fixed.
    Build #1224
  • When downloading articles or subjects, Binary Boy uses the rejection delay on the Server tab when the server responds with a "403 remote server unavailable" error.
  • Adjusted the way -newcode closes connections.
  • Extra logging added to the group list editor.
    Build #1150
  • Stop button works with -newcode switch.
  • When -newcode is used, the Search button searches the cache instead of loading all headers into memory.
    Build #1132
  • NZB support is available in the 30-day free trial.
    Build #1131
  • If a subject in a NZB file didn't contain quotes around the filename, Binary Boy could mangle the part name. Fixed.
    Build #1122
  • BB will ignore spaces at the beginning and end of data in NZB files.
    Build #1107
  • The -ExePath switch is supposed to set most Binary Boy paths to the install folder but it messes up the cache folder location. This build should work.
    Build #1103
  • Extra logging added to the new code to track down a problem with the cache.
    Build #1087
  • Queue and Progress tabs display subjects again. Previous build erased them.
    Build #1082
  • Load .NZB files into the queue. .NZB files are lists of message-ids that can be generated by search engines. Right-click the queue window and click "Load From .NZB File" This isn't thoroughly tested. Please let me know if it works for you.
    Build #982
  • New code recognizes the -log switch.
  • New code logs the range of articles in the cache file before and after the refresh.
    Build #978
  • Some 2.0 code added for downloading subjects in a separate thread. This is purely a test and it's not fully working yet so the old code is used by default. To try the 2.0 code, run Binary Boy from the Start | Run window like this: binboy.exe -newcode
  • Known issues: The Stop button doesn't stop subject downloads, no proxy support, no dial-up support, it always downloads All instead of using the Starting Point.
    Build #818
  • "Send All Parts to Dr. Binary" no longer creates a 0 length file when a yEnc set is missing the first part.
    Build #736
  • The decoding message appears in the status bar only when the file has 20 or more parts.
    Build #730
  • Fixed a problem similar to build 729 in the newsgroup properties.
    Build #729
  • Modifying the Advanced section of the group list editor during a search could cause the server address to become empty until the end of the search session, causing repeated connection errors. Fixed.
    Build #727
  • "Decoding filename" displayed in the status bar while decoding.
    Build #723
  • "Resize Subject List" item in pop-up menu always made subject list large instead of cycling through small and medium first.
    Build #697
  • Queue sort takes into account part numbers instead of sorting purely alphabetically. This will help to separate different sets and will also sort parts within a set.
    Build #693
  • Posting software called YENC-POWER-POST-A&A-v10C creates invalid MIME articles. Since these articles contain enough data to reconstruct the origina file, Binary Boy will detect the special case, ignore the errors and decode the file.
    Build #690
  • "Apply search/filter strings during subject download" now also applies when right-clicking the Refresh button to load subjects from the cache.
  • When downloading articles or subjects, Binary Boy uses the rejection delay on the Server tab when the server responds with a "499 ;remote server unavailable" error.
    Build #667
  • Accents allowed in file names again.
    Build #660
  • Sort queue subjects by clicking the column header.
    Build #635
  • Resizing a search session while the Windows "Snap to default button" option was enabled caused the window to become too small. Seems to work now.
    Build #615
  • "Sleep when minimized" option added to GUI tab in the Settings. It allows you to enable the scheduler by minimizing the app rather than using the Sleep command under the Schedule menu.
    Build #581
  • The "Download Oldest First" option on the Queue could have no effect or could download by smallest file size instead. Fixed.
    Build #579
  • Binary Boy could freeze when parsing article headers. Fixed.
    Build #555
  • Under some circumstances BBNet could download to the wrong folder. Should be fixed.
    Build #554
  • "Send all parts to Dr. Binary" no longer displays a messagebox for each set.
    Build #553
  • "Send all parts to Dr. Binary" now works with yEnc files.
  • "Send all parts to Dr. Binary" failed when the Parts folder name contained a macro. Fixed.
    Build #510
  • If the "Start from last group searched" option is enabled and the search reaches the end of the list, BB will remember the first group instead. This avoids getting stuck at the end.
    Build #498
  • No longer tries to delete part files twice.
  • Recently I made some changes in one of the source files to clean up the code in a few spots. I've now restored that file from a backup in case the changes were causing a freeze.
    Build #461
  • Rewrote the code that deletes BBT files after a decode. Previous version could be very slow and appear to freeze.
    Build #428
  • Help file index fixed.
  • Dr. Binary is supposed to ignore the history file. Fixed.
  • Settings object made more efficient.
  • Dr. Binary's "Offer to delete" option is always off by default.
  • Dr. Binary attempts to decode yEnc files even if the first part is missing.
  • Tons of work done on getting BB ready for multithreading. Not active yet though.
    Build #287
  • Dr. Binary optionally asks to delete files after decoding. By default, it won't ask and won't delete.
  • Dr. Binary's zero pad preference is remembered between sessions.
    Build #273
  • Group list editor displays name of current list.
    Build #261
  • BBNet could attempt to use a proxy when it wasn't supposed to.
  • There's a bug in FreshDownload that prevents it from working with the ftp site. If you use this software, add ftp.orphanage.com to the list of sites it shouldn't auto download from.
    Build #237
  • Installation recreated with a script that hasn't been modified since May.
    Build #237
  • Installation recreated with a script that hasn't been modified since May.
    Build #237
  • Whoops. Left some test code in.
    Build #236
  • Some combinations of characters in a subject could cause BB to crash. Fixed.
    Build #220
  • A bug in an earlier build caused the Stop button to fail in auto mode when no results were found.
    Build #205
  • By popular demand, the newsgroup picker is now integrated into the group list editor instead of being on a separate window. If there's enough demand, the old way could return as an option.
  • "Loading" field and "Queue" field on the Search tab widened.
    Build #181
  • Installation recreated on July 20 at 10:45pm Eastern. Download again if you had trouble installing earlier.
  • If the cache is disabled, search results are available after pressing the Stop button. If the cache is enabled, right-click on the Refresh button to see previously downloaded subjects.
  • Sorting the parts of each file before adding to the queue is now optional. Right-click the subject list and go to the List Options submenu. When sorting is disabled, the parts are added in the same order they were downloaded from the server or loaded from the cache (normally oldest first). Sorting is on by default and is actually faster than adding the articles by oldest first.
  • Small changes to the text on the Sort submenu to make it more consistent and clear.
    Build #159
  • Filename and message-id history files delete outdated entries after each session.
    Build #153
  • Filename and message-id history files delete outdated entries each time they auto save instead of just when the program closes.
    Build #152
  • The previous build was slow because a log was forced to be on.
    Build #105
  • The previous build crashed when downloading an article that did not contain an '@' symbol in the From line.
    Build #42
  • Binary Boy is now compiled by Visual Studio .Net 2003, Microsoft's newest compiler. There shouldn't be any changes except for the .exe being smaller.
  • Code cleaned up a little. The new compiler displayed some extra warnings.
    Build #15
  • Free trial ended early in some cases. This one should work.
    Build #2
  • Same as 1.93 build 1 except marked as a beta.


    Build #1271
  • Progress bar caused a crash when a small number of results were found.
    Build #1264
  • BB failed to optimize the article request when the header filter was disabled, although it worked when the filter was empty. It should work in both situations now.
  • Download command was slow because of unnecessary screen updates while adding articles to the queue.
  • Progress bar is displayed while adding articles to queue.
    Build #1229
  • Filename Filter added to Search Strings tab in the settings. The Filename Filter applies to subjects as well as the final decoded filename. Using this instead of the Header Filter to block executable files allows Binary Boy to retrieve articles with a single command rather than two.
  • Header Filter string is disabled by default on new installs.
  • The checkbox to disable the Header Filter is now on the Header Filter tab.
  • Pressing F1 on the Search Strings tab goes to the help for that page instead of the Searching Overview section.
  • Plugin function OnInit is not called when BB simply runs, detects another instance and exits. This shouldn't require any changes to plugin code.
    Build #1200
  • "Download All" command was slow when the "Show only first part" option was enabled. It is now 20 - 30 times faster.
    Build #1149
  • Download Now command keeps files in the same order as in the results list.
    Build #1131
  • OnStart Plugin function receives a pointer instead of a reference.
    Build #1119
  • UUdecoder allows accents in filenames.
  • OnViewFile now passes the BBT path and filename.
  • BB_GetCurrentGroup plugin command added.
  • Changed some pointers in the BBPluginCmn.h file to const.
    Build #1062
  • Wildmat option on the Newsgroups tab in the settings couldn't be unselected.
    Build #1054
  • The pPluginsFolder value in the BBINFO structure contains the folder where BB loaded the DLL from.
  • More commands for plugins
    • BB_EnumGroupLists - Enumerate group list filenames.
    • BB_AddTwit - Add a rule to the twit file.
    • BB_GetLastError - Gets the last error for this plugin.
    • BB_SetLastError - Sets the last error for this plugin.
  • All commands must now have the wParam set to the plugin id for the Get/SetLastError commands to work. Not all commands set the last error yet.
    Build #1035
  • Items added to the queue with Download Now could be inserted in reverse order. Fixed.
  • -LLog command-line switch added to track down a crash bug related to a screenreader.
  • Changes to the search results window to prevent a potential crash.
    Build #1011
  • -LLog command-line switch added to track down a crash bug related to a screenreader.
  • Slight change to the search results list to prevent a potential crash.
    Build #990
  • More commands for plugins
    • BB_ChangeSearch - Change the search settings of an open session.
    • BB_Refresh - Same as pressing the Refresh button.
    • BB_GoSearch - Same as Go button on the Progress tab.
    • BB_CloseSearch - Close the search session.
    Build #972
  • Each user can have a different set of plugins. Plugins in $(AppData)Binary Boy\Plugins\ override the ones with the same name in $(LocalAppData)Binary Boy\Plugins\ and they override the ones under the install folder.
    Build #965
  • Plugins can send 4 more commands to BB
    • BB_StartSearch - Open a search session
    • BB_StopSearch - Stop search
    • BB_GetQueueCount - Returns number of items in queue
    • BB_IsQueueEmpty - Returns true if queue is empty, false otherwise
    Build #954
  • Changed IDs used in the Plugins menu to avoid a conflict.
    Build #942
  • Log tab displays the filename extracted from the subject rather than the temporary filename BB creates.
  • A Plugins menu is added if plugins are present. Clicking an item should open a settings window.
  • BBINFO structure contains a unique id for the plugin.
  • Sample plugin updated to demonstrate adding an entry to the menu.
    Build #882
  • BB passes status bar handle to plugins.
  • Fixed plugin path that's passed to OnStart.
    Build #878
  • BB passes install paths, main window and menu to plugins.
    Build #860
  • OnStart plugin function is called after the main window is created.
    Build #847
  • BB's viewer wouldn't let a plugin viewer override it.
  • Made some changes so a plugin that crashes is less likely to cause BB to crash.
    Build #820
  • Last build could freeze at startup.
    Build #802
  • BB can now load multiple plugins at the same time.
  • Plugins can have any name, no longer just test.dll.
    Build #752
  • bool OnInit() function added to plugin API. It's called immediately after the pludin DLL is loaded.
    Build #751
  • bool OnExit() function added to plugin API for when Binary Boy shuts down.
    Build #737
  • Picture viewer receives the correct email address. Previously it was cut off at the dot.
    Build #725
  • When checking for free disk space, BB used an outdated function that could return invalid values for large drives. Now it uses a newer function if it's available (Win98 and newer)
  • When using the ARTICLE command, BB didn't check the free disk space at all. The ARTICLE command is used to retrieve the entire article at once whenever no header filtering is needed.
    Build #704
  • OnViewFile plugin function was not called. Fixed.
    Build #700
  • Initial experimental support for plugins. Email me if you'd like the source code for a skeleton plugin.
    Build #659
  • Sometimes BB would correctly decode a jpg file but not launch the viewer. Should be fixed.
  • BB allows accented characters in filenames instead of replacing them with an underscore.
    Build #638
  • A fix in build 458 caused a new problem. BB failed to ignore any extra text above the encoded data in parts 2 and later. This could cause the decoded file to be truncated. It now works properly.
    Build #629
  • Recent builds created an extra entry in the Add/Remove Programs window. This version checks for the extra entry and deletes it.
    Build #617
  • Binary Boy will close after an authorization failure if in auto mode, the -close switch is present and the Retry Password option is unchecked.
    Build #612
  • About box displays the build number in addition to major/minor version.
  • Titlebar now displays the build number unless overwritten by the title from the web.
  • Installer no longer contains imagehlp.dll. This dll has not been needed for a while but was still included in the free trial.
  • Installer will stop rather than reboot if a file is in use.
    Build #601
  • Pro installer creates Windows Me system restore snapshot.
    Build #601
  • When launched from the Search dialog, the group list editor no longer saved when exiting. Fixed.
    Build #598
  • Context menu key now displays the "Download All Part Of" and "View Text" commands in the pop up menu just as it does when right-clicking.
  • Filenames of uuencoded files were not added to the history under some circumstances due to a change in build #458. Fixed.
    Build #580
  • "Save As" command added to group list editor right-click menu. Let me know about any weirdness or bugs.
    Build #571
  • "Sort By" correctly shows the Latest Date / Oldest Date options.
    Build #566
  • The "Sort By" menu should always show a dot beside one of the options even if it's ""No Sort".
  • Wizard character removed from the about box. It was crashing for some people.
  • Links with a newer winsock DLL. Hopefully that won't cause any problems on older systems.
    Build #555
  • The previous build might not have compiled properly. Here it is again.
    Build #551
  • When disk space is low and the log is enabled, BB will log the path it's checking, the reported free space and the size limit in the settings.
    Build #548
  • Sort by Date added to right-click sort menu. Newest First renamed to Highest Article to avoid confusion with the Date sort.
    Build #539
  • Didn't return to full size after being minimized to system tray. Seems to work now.
    Build #536
  • Binary Boy would not restore itself from the minimized state when starting up with the -sleep switch. Fixed.
  • Twit list wouldn't save when it was empty. Fixed.
  • When using extended headers and the "Minimum lines" header filter option, Binary Boy should have ignored the last part because it's generally smaller than the rest. Fixed.
    Build #503
  • A $ that appeared in a path without being part of a macro could cause BB to freeze. Fixed.
    Build #496
  • Extra logging added to track down a problem related to the parts folder.
    Build #491
  • Binary Boy previously showed a broken red disk instead of a broken green disk for all incomplete .avi files because these files usually aren't playable when any part is missing. To avoid confusion, .avi files will again be treated like all others. If a part other than the first is missing, it will show a half green disk. If part 1 is missing, it will show a broken red disk.
    Build #476
  • Focus is restored after using the subject list pop-up menu.
    Build #458
  • Forte Agent posts multiple files across several articles under a single subject. After some major brain surgery to the UUdecoder, Binary Boy will now decode this style of post.
    Build #431
  • The filename fix in build 417 caused BB to ignore filenames in quotes in some cases. Fixed.
    Build #419
  • A message Binary Boy uses internally to indicate a password failure apparently conflicts with a reserved Windows message and causes controls on the Search tab to move. This build uses different messages.
    Build #417
  • BB prefers the filename farthest to the right in subjects.
    Build #386
  • Duplicate part filenames were not detected until after the download started.
    Build #380
  • Files added to the queue with the "Force download" command will be marked as high priority.
    Build #379
  • The email address of the poster was not always passed to the image viewer.
    Build #375
  • The queue failed to load when the file contained negative numbers.
    Build #364
  • Failed to add the filename to the history after yEnc decodes when using the Force Download command.
  • Sends the MODE READER command only when not using Earthlink. Earthlink displays a harmless error message in response to this command.
    Build #361
  • Removed a command that can cause an error on Earthlink servers.
  • Logged a line when the connection closed even when the log was disabled. Fixed.
    Build #339
  • The log tab can be copied. Select individual lines or press CTL-A to select all. Copy by pressing CTL-C, CTL-X or SHIFT-Delete
    Build #315
  • The message-id history was ignored in the last build. Fixed.
  • Extra logging removed.
    Build #301
  • The "Download extended headers" option has several more advantages:
    • File size displayed in the subject list is the actual total of all available parts rather than an estimate based on the first part.
    • The twit filter and all header filter options except the filter string are applied when you click the Search button rather than after the article starts to download.
    • When the header filter string is not used, articles are downloaded with a single server request rather than downloading the header and body separately. This places less demand on the server.
  • The queue file (.bbq) format has changed. Queues saved with this version are incompatible with older Binary Boy versions. Queue files created by an older version will still work in this version.
  • Make a backup copy of your binboy.exe or have an older installer handy in case you want to return to an older 1.92 beta. Going back earlier than 1.92 could be messy.
    Build #237
  • BB should no longer take the focus when the scheduler starts a search.
    Build #234
  • BB waits for response after sending the QUIT command.
  • Scheduled searches took the focus after each newsgroup. Should be fixed, although it will still take the focus once when a scheduled event starts.
    Build #223
  • BB sends the QUIT command to the server before closing the connection. This might fix a problem with some servers not recognizing closed connections.
  • Subject list size is remembered.
  • Displays error from server when username or password is rejected.
    Build #207
  • Subject list now has a medium size in addition to small and large. Use Alt-R to cycle through all three.
  • Record and view byte counts from each server under the View menu. Enable/Disable this option on the Logging tab in the settings. It is on by default. The counts are stored in bytes.txt in the same folder as the logs.
  • Fixed a bug in the subject parser that was triggered by dots in the filename. A previous fix caused more problems than it solved.
    Build #176
  • History can import from multiple text files at once.
    Build #154
  • Group list editor "Reset Article Pointer" command fixed.
    Build #136
  • The group list editor didn't save changes to the high article pointer.
    Build #130
  • A complete file could be marked as incomplete if the subject contained multiple dots and was similar to other files in the same group.
    Build #115
  • BB attempts to extract both a short and long filename from the subject. It will now search the history for both of these to reduce the chance of downloading the same file again.
    Build #111
  • Allows a double space to mark the beginning of the filename in a subject.
    Build #103
  • Should no longer be confused by a comma at the end of a filename.
    Build #77
  • Should work with or without shfolder.dll. shfolder.dll is not included with older operatins systems and is no longer installed by Binary Boy.
    Build #74
  • shfolder.dll removed from installer. This may have been preventing Binary Boy from installing for some people.
    Build #71
  • The wrong link was at the top of this page. The beta downloads should work now.
  • Text in the "Chain To" field in the group list editor would immediately disappear after loading. The saved list would then contain a blank "Chain To" field. Fixed.
    Build #41
  • Sorting before adding to queue should work now.
    Build #36
  • "Download All Parts Of" command sorts the parts before adding to the queue so they download in order. This makes it easier to get a preview with Dr. Binary. The Download button will also do this if you're showing only the first parts of files.
    Build #9
  • Equals sign is allowed in yEnc filenames.
  • Scheduler displayed the group lists from the Binary Boy program folder instead of the per user folder, requiring you to type in the group name manually.
    Build #4
  • Wrong version was displayed in the title. Fixed.
    Build #2
  • Same as 1.92.1 but marked internally as a beta.
  • As expected, both binaryboy.com and binaryboypro.com simultaneously went down on a release day. Despite that, here's 1.92 with 6 hours to spare.


    Build #1860
  • Delete log files from the Master Reset window.
  • View errorlog.txt and log.txt from the File menu.
  • Tutorial link added to the Help menu.
    Build #1855
  • Sets would appear to be incomplete if the part/total was surrounded by brackets instead of parentheses.
    Build #1844
  • Queue files are stored in the AppData folder by default instead of in the Binary Boy folder. The path is stored in QueueFolder in the registry. I knew I forgot something!
  • 1.92 is now scheduled for release on Jan 1st, 2003.
    Build #1839
  • Binary Boy crashed after downloading a text article while "Store text articles in text.txt" was enabled. Fixed.
    Build #1834
  • When BB gets an authorization failure, it will close the search session unless -dynadjust or "Retry password" options are enabled. This feature didn't always work in the past so this is a second try.
    Build #1833
  • Newsgroup picker loads faster. It was taking too long to sort the master list due to a small mistake.
  • Master Reset command under the File menu can delete cache files.
  • A few internal changes to avoid a potential crash.
    Build #1796
  • BBNet understands the folder macros.
    Build #1793
  • Creates the settings folders when installing on a new computer.
  • Looks for the default splash picture in the install folder.
    Build #1758
  • Expanded paths in registry use backslashes instead of forward slashes.
    Build #1738
  • Chain To list in the group list editor is filled properly.
  • -ExePath switch sets all folders to $(ExePath) and immediately exits. It does not move files.
    Build #1730
  • Fixed a crash bug caused by build 1719.
    Build #1725
  • When macros are expanded in the registry they use forward slashes instead of backslashes.
    Build #1719
  • Build 1458 added a more accurate method of finding all parts of a file. This is now used in the "Download all parts of" command as well. This should reduce the possibility of queuing unwanted files that have a similar subject.
  • Creates text.txt in main attachments folder.
  • -nothing switch exits after initialization.
  • Major, Minor and Build numbers are stored in the registry under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Hochsw/BinaryBoy/1.00/"
    Build #1703
  • No longer creates bytes.txt
  • Paths for folders.txt and usersplash.jpg were wrong.
    Build #1695
  • Last build used the wrong cache folder.
  • Log file path was wrong.
    Build #1683
  • Dr. Mime and Dr. Binary use the correct path when displaying the error log file.
    Build #1676
  • To take advantage of the multiuser support in newer MS operating systems, BB now stores settings files in user specific folders. If everything works right, everything will happen automatically. Each file's location can also be changed in the registry. The log files will remain in the Binary Boy folder by default.
    Registry ValueFilenameMoved To
    HistoryFolderbinboy.hst$(AppData)Binary Boy
    ScheduleFolderbinboy.sch$(AppData)Binary Boy
    TwitsFoldertwits.txt$(AppData)Binary Boy
    FoldersFolderfolders.txt$(AppData)Binary Boy
    BBNetFolderbbnet.bbmap$(AppData)Binary Boy
    MessageIdFolderbinboy.mdx$(AppData)Binary Boy
    XMLFolderbinboy.xml$(AppData)Binary Boy
    SplashFolderusersplash.jpg$(AppData)Binary Boy
    GroupListFolder*.lst$(AppData)Binary Boy
    CacheFolder*.txt$(LocalAppData)Binary Boy\Cache
    MasterListFoldermasterlist.txt$(LocalAppData)Binary Boy
  • You should backup these files before you upgrade.
  • $(AppData) is a Binary Boy macro that typically expands to C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\Application Data\ and is for small files that will roam with you on a network.
  • $(AppLocalData) is a Binary Boy macro that typically expands to C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\Local Settings\Application Data\ and is for larger files that are not transferred across the network.
  • $(ExePath) is a Binary Boy macro that typically expands to C:\Program Files\Binary Boy\.
  • Help page added to explain macros.
    Build #1553
  • Enter $(MyDocuments) as a folder name and it will be expanded to the current user's My Documents folder when downloading. For example, set the Attachments folder on the Files tab in the settings to $(MyDocuments)My Attachments and it will expand to something like this: C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\My Documents\My Attachments. If nothing goes wrong, I'll start putting other files in the "per user" folders.
  • Inverted the green broken disk icon so the right side is missing. The red broken disk is missing the left side.
    Build #1473
  • Compiled on Windows XP. If everything worked properly, this shouldn't affect the program.
  • Fixed a button and added tooltips to the wizard that pops up when you don't have a server address entered. This was supposed to have tooltips from the start but they didn't work.
    Build #1458
  • Uses a slightly faster and more accurate method of marking complete/incomplete files. This should reduce the possibility of a complete file being marked as incomplete.
  • When sorting search results by file size, BB compared only individual parts rather than whole files. Fixed.
  • % character added to the complete/incomplete column header to more clearly show its purpose.
    Build #1393
  • Help pages added for new group list editor, list properties, newsgroup properties and newsgroup picker. Press F1 in any of these windows to open the appropriate help page.
    Build #1392
  • Forget the "" thing and use !@ instead to block articles that don't have an email address in the From line.
    Build #1390
  • Put an empty quoted string like "" in the twit file to match From lines that don't contain an email address.
  • KB value in the subject list is blank instead of showing "0.0" when no information is available.
  • Nearly all code related to the old group list editor has been removed.
    Build #1334
  • Browse buttons work in group list editor.
  • Add Newsgroup Manually command added to right-click menu in group list editor.
  • Click column header in group list editor to sort newsgroups.
  • Binary Boy should start up a little faster because it loads the master newsgroup list only when needed.
    Build #1305
  • Dropdown lists for search.filter strings remember last 25 entries instead of last 10.
    Build #1302
  • Backup your group lists!
  • All group list editor buttons now open the new group list editor.
  • Tooltips added to new group list editor. If the tooltips don't show up, please let me know.
  • Chain To dropdown list in the group list editor now shows the available .lst files.
    Build #1233
  • Sort search results by clicking column headers.
    Build #1212
  • Date and From fields are displayed in the subject list. The date/time is converted from the poster's time zone and displayed in your local time.
  • Rearrange columns by clicking and dragging.
  • The help page for the logging tab now makes it clear that the logging options write log.txt rather than the log window.
    Build #1166
  • Attempt to prevent early expiration of the free trial under XP.
    Build #1165
  • Alt-R resize command in the search session sets the focus to the subject list to improve compatibility with screen readers.
    Build #1164
  • Edit the current list from within a search session. Right-click the dropdown list or right-click the subject list and go to List Options.
  • Article sizes smaller than 1KB are shown as decimals instead of rounding down to 0.
    Build #1143
  • More features in new group list editor: move groups to top and bottom, edit individual group settings and resets article pointers.
    Build #1109
  • New group list editor can add, remove and rearrange groups.
  • "Download extended headers" option is on by default for new installations.
    Build #962
  • New group list editor hides password.
    Build #960
  • "Queue for later" didn't work properly when combined with "Show only first part of files". Fixed.
    Build #955
  • "Download extended headers" option on the Newsgroups tab in the settings downloads the article sizes. Subjects cached by earlier versions will not display the file size.
    Build #920
  • A new mini group list editor has been added. It only edits settings and does not yet add/remove newsgroups, doesn't browse folders and doesn't fill the dropdown Chain To list. To try it, click the Search toolbar button and then click the Edit button. To add/remove groups use the regular group list editor by clicking the Group Lists button on the toolbar. If it saves settings properly, please let me know and I'll expand on it. You should make a backup copy of your .lst files in case it goes haywire.
    Build #886
  • A couple more tweaks to the group list editor to fix the saving problem.
    Build #882
  • Temporarily removed some initilization code that enabled the group list editor to resize. Please let me know if the group list editor saves properly.
    Build #871
  • Previous build didn't delete split parts. Preserve these files by checking the option on the Files tab in the settings.
  • Pro version only: Fixed a similar problem with the picture viewer delete button.
    Build #849
  • Split file parts are deleted after they're assembled except when using Dr. Binary or manually joining with Alt-J.
  • Cache files could be stored in the wrong folder. Fixed.
    Build #835
  • Binary Boy beeps when the news server rejects the connection attempt. (Error 10061).
  • Set the log and cache folders by setting the registry value CacheFolder and LogFolder under the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Hochsw\BinaryBoy\1.00
    Build #812
  • This counts incoming bytes like the last build but tracks each server separately and stores the results in bytes.txt. Delete or edit bytes.txt to reset the count.
    Build #791
  • When you close Binary Boy, log.txt automatically records the total bytes received from the news server since you opened the program.
    Build #786
  • Because of some test code, BBNet started ignoring the httpport setting and used 8080 instead. Fixed.
    Build #782
  • -dlog switch logs a summary of the number of crossposts per article in log.txt when Binary Boy shuts down.
    Build #765
  • Pro version only: Viewer delete button sends files to recycle bin.
  • When running on Windows XP, Binary Boy should have the XP look. This is untested. Please let me know of any weirdness.
    Build #759
  • A mangled subject could cause BB to crash when trying to extract the filename.
    Build #745
  • Pro version only: The viewer's wallpaper button scales the picture to match the desktop size while maintaining the aspect ratio.
    Build #725
  • Pro version only: Set the viewer's current picture as wallpaper.
  • Auto Next is back to its original behavior. It steps through the groups until a match is found and then stops.
    Build #684
  • To automatically search each group until a match is found, right-click the Search button.
  • For a quick and dirty dump of the subjects to the printer, right-click the subject window and click Print Subjects. Not pretty but it seems to work.
    Build #675
  • Auto Next option queues results and continues as if Next Group was pressed rather than stopping when a match is found.
    Build #670
  • Checkpoints are removed from the Pro Beta installer. It may have been freezing when BB deleted the Start | Programs | Binary Boy item. Please let me know if it still freezes.
    Build #667
  • Build 652 returned BBNet results only if it was behind a proxy. That's the opposite of what it should have done. This one correctly returns results only when not behind a proxy.
  • BBNet returns up to 127 search results at a time instead of 10.
    Build #652
  • The Pro installer displays several numbered message boxes during the install. If the installer freezes, please let me know the last number that was displayed.
  • BBNet will not send out search results from behind a proxy. This is to avoid listing unreachable files in the search results.
  • The BBNet server list will not contain servers that are behind proxies since they reject connection requests anyway. Those servers will still be able to initiate connections and download from others.
  • Very slight improvement in efficency in handling BBNet packets. Probably not noticable but it's there.
    Build #649
  • Note: Build 644 was uploaded earlier by mistake. This is the real build 649.
  • Sets focus at various points to work better with screen reading software.
    Build #644
  • Increased redial delay from 5 to 10 seconds.
  • The Pro Beta upgrade installer logs some extra information in log.txt. If it freezes, please send log.txt to support@binaryboy.com
    Build #641
  • Binary Boy did not take advantage of the quoted filename in yEnc subjects when searching for duplicate files. Fixed.
  • Binary Boy attempts to find a quoted filename in the subject even if it's not a yEnc file. If this fails, it falls back to the previous method of extracting filenames.
    Build #628
  • Previous dot fix didn't work in all cases.
    Build #620
  • Ignores leading dots when extracting a filename from the subject.
    Build #616
  • When a MIME attachment doesn't have a filename, Binary Boy creates an appropriate name such as NONAME(1).html. This could allow unwanted file types to bypass the header filter. Should be fixed.
    Build #609
  • Beta upgrades are created with a new version of the Wise installer. This might solve some problems with Me and XP installs.
    Build #546
  • Handles the oddball split format with the large .000 segment. Not thoroughly tested yet but seems to work.
    Build #526
  • In a subject when the (part/total) is not separated from the filename, such as in "(1/100)filename.jpg", Binary Boy could extract an incorrect filename. This should be fixed.
    Build #502
  • The -ExitWindows switch can run a program or open a file instead of exiting windows. On the command-line, do this: -Close -ExitWindows "filename" To use the switch every time, put an ExitWindows tag under the Switches tag in the binboy.xml file: <ExitWindows>filename</ExitWindows>
    Build #487
  • "Don't Dial" option connects only if an established dial-up connection already exists.
    Build #484
  • -ExitWindows command-line switch first tries to power off the computer, then tries to exit Windows. If all else fails, it tries to log off.
  • Added a couple help file items for GUI tab.
    Build #478
  • "Confirm before closing session or exiting Binary Boy" option added to GUI tab in the settings.
  • Added a couple help file items for GUI tab.
    Build #471
  • "Don't Dial" option will wait until an incomplete dial-up connection is established.
  • Close button is separated from the other buttons.
    Build #464
  • Might be compatible with the Connect Pro dialer. If you're running this dialer, use the "Don't Dial" option on the Dialer tab in the settings.
    Build #461
  • Shortcut keys added
    • CTL-D Download selected
    • SHIFT-CTL-D Download now
    • CTL-N Next group
    • CTL-P Previous group
    • CTL-F First group
    • CTL-L Last group
    • CTL-R Refresh
    • F5 Refresh
    • CTL-S Stop
  • The -RLog switch logs the status of all active dial-up connections when "Don't Dial" is enabled.
    Build #442
  • Stop button won't erase subjects.
  • Logs an error to errorlog.txt if the group list becomes empty during a search session. Also displays a messagebox. If this happens, make a copy of your .lst file before you exit.
  • If the -RLog switch is used and the "Don't Dial" option is enabled on the Dialer tab in the settings, BB logs the state of the phone book entry in log.txt.
    Build #426
  • Logs filename search times in errorlog.txt that take longer than 1/4 second.
  • Reduced the number of filename searches in some situations.
    Build #395
  • Right-click on the subject list to add selected filenames to the history file.
    Build #385
  • MSN support. This is a little quirky. It works for a while and then it gets authorization failures. Normal server access should be unaffected. If you have an MSN account, enter the news server address (netnews.msn.com), your username and password on the Server tab in the settings. Enable the SPA checkbox. Unfortunately there don't seem to be many files on the MSN server. Please let me know if it works for you.
  • Several checkboxes on the Server tab in the settings didn't stay checked unless other options were also modified.
    Build #286
  • About box displays the default agent and speaks.
    Build #251
  • Another attempt at using speech for the About box.
    Build #243
  • If you have a SAPI voice installed, you should be able to click the About button and hear several voices say "Welcome to Binary Boy." I don't have one installed yet so I can't hear if it works.
    Build #225
  • The nofont switch in the binboy.xml file was not passed to the search session. It only worked when used on the command-line.
    Build #223
  • Server settings page has a delete button. Backup your binboy.xml file before you use it... just in case.
  • Disabled tooltips on the group list editor in case it was causing a conflict with VNC and other GUI apps. This bug can prevent some of your group list settings from being saved.
    Build #183
  • The wrong filename was extracted from the subject when a URL appeared on the right side.
  • Help menu has a link to the Binary Boy message board.
    Build #175
  • Displays a message on the Log tab each time the -ic command-line switch closes a connection.
    Build #166
  • -ic command-line switch closes the article download connections every n seconds. Usage: -ic seconds
    Build #157
  • Picture window position is restored.
    Build #153
  • yEnc filenames were not correctly extracted and converted to part names. This caused "part already exists" errors.
  • The picture window size was not saved properly.
  • The arrows beside the Last New option were out of position.
    Build #144
  • The new dropdown lists didn't scroll to allow longer text. Fixed.
    Build #141
  • Main search & filter fields use dropdown lists.
    Build #90
  • New command-line switch: -fs followed by a quoted string overrides the initial search string in all search sessions, even those created by the scheduler. Example: binboy.exe -fs ".gif or .jpg"
  • New command-line switch: -ff followed by a quoted string overrides the initial filter in all search sessions, even those created by the scheduler.
    Build #77
  • Binary Boy still made sounds when the "Enable sound effects" option was unchecked. Should be fixed.
  • Binary Boy apparently took the focus from other apps while the scheduler was running. This might be fixed. Not sure because I couldn't replicate the problem.
    Build #68
  • When decoding yEnc files, Dr. Binary would ignore the destination filename and use the one in the file instead.
  • When the "Send text articles to text.txt" option was enabled, yEnc files were treated as text rather than decoded.
    Build #40
  • If your dial-up ISP requires a domain in addition to username and password, enter it on the Start | Run command-line like this: binboy.exe -domain "your domain" The quotes are required. You can also put this in the binboy.xml file under Settings.
  • Tweaked the subject parser so it doesn't ignore .zip file extensions when creating part names.
    Build #22
  • Binary Boy scans the file rather than relying on the subject to determine whether it's a UUencoded or yEncoded file.
    Build #11
  • Dr. Binary recognizes yEnc files.
    Build #2
  • Same as 1.91.1 except this one is marked internally as a beta.
  • Improved yEnc support
  • Improved connection management.


    Build #422
  • Build 370 and higher sent the username/password immediately after connecting in order to be compatible with one server. Unfortunately this caused incompatibilities with many others. This feature is now optional and is off by default. You can enable it for each server by checking the "Force authentication" box on the server tab in the settings.
    Build #417
  • More tweaks to the way Binary Boy handles connections.
    Build #411
  • Binary Boy still wasn't re-using an existing connection when it should have. Might be fixed this time.
    Build #398
  • Binary Boy was creating new connections instead of re-using existing ones, which caused it to violate the server's simultaneous connection limit. Should be fixed.
    Build #373
  • If the server rejects the password, Binary Boy assumes there are too many connections and delays before retrying.
    Build #370
  • If a username/password is entered, it will be sent automatically rather than waiting for the server to request it.
  • If the server returns an authorization failure while requesting an article, it should close the connection and keep the article in the queue for another try.
    Build #361
  • Extra checks added so -DynAdjust doesn't exceed the maximum allowed connections in the settings.
  • Cleaned up a couple bugs with the uninstaller.
    Build #355
  • yEnc decoding should work properly. Many yEnc subjects are not in the same format as in the official examples at yEnc.org. Binary Boy now has a less strict identification of yEnc articles. There were also some problems caused by some test code left in the decoder.
    Build #351
  • When using the DynAdjust switch, Binary Boy would deletes articles from the queue after a "Too many connections" error. Fixed.
    Build #343
  • Binary Boy could potentially misidentify a yEnc article as a normal UUEncoded article. Should be fixed.
    Build #341
  • Fixed a bug with -DynAdjust. It should retry instead of abandon subject downloads when it gets an error.
    Build #337
  • -DynAdjust command adjusts faster.
  • Connections close faster when skipping/stopping etc...
    Build #327
  • -DynAdjust command-line switch decreases the number of download connections after receiving a "Too many connections" error and increases the number after the next successful connection. Put it on the command-line or in the Switches section of the binboy.xml file.
    Build #310
  • When Binary Boy receives a 502 error (service unavailable / bandwidth exceeded), it will stop downloads and keep the current article in the queue.
    Build #308
  • Timestamp added to each internet related log entry.
    Build #303
  • When joining files, Binary Boy ignores the 8.3 filename in the .000 file and uses the long filename of the source file instead.
  • Binary Boy moves the existing message-id history file to binboy.backup.mdx instead of overwriting it after each save.
    Build #290
  • "Send all parts to Dr. Binary" command on the File menu now includes subfolders of the main Parts folder.
    Build #271
  • And even more/different logging added to the group list editor.
    Build #256
  • Another fix for the BBNet logoff. Seems to work this time.
    Build #252
  • BBNet did not logoff properly in many cases. This fix should eventually cut down on number of dead IP addresses in the server list.
  • BBNet could fail to download if the downloader was using a proxy. (This is different from the error where the source of the file host is behind a firewall.)
    Build #205
  • The group list editor sometimes doesn't save properly. The -log switch will cause the group list editor to record the list settings before and after saves. It might show when items are disappearing.
    Build #133
  • Fixed a minor problem with the XML parser.
  • -dlog switch shows how many message-ids were recorded on each date. This information is recorded right before and after the message-id history is cleaned up.
    Build #35
  • Improved compatibility with Intellimouse's Snap To option.
    Build #30
  • Dr. Binary and the Alt-J Join command won't add 0's beyond the last available part.
    Build #23
  • Alt-J Join command asks whether you want to pad missing pieces with 0s.
    Build #19
  • The Binary Boy Pro upgrade could falsely detect that Binary Boy was running and cancel the installation. Should be fixed.
    Build #14
  • BBNet no longer beeps when someone connects.
  • Computers that only have a private IP address can't accept incoming connections. They will no longer be included in the BBNet server list so others won't waste time trying to connect to them. They can still connect though.
  • Alt-J join command now pads incomplete parts with 0's just like Dr. Binary does. This can help make incomplete mpg files play more with shorter gaps.
    Build #4
  • The Pro upgrades would cause an invalid binboy.exe to be installed if the file was already in use. Now it should simply display an error message and exit.
    Build #2
  • The installation should no longer overwrite existing .lst files with the samples.
  • This build is marked internally as a beta. The non-beta is build 1.


    Build #3904
  • Default search string is now *.* instead of (.gif | .jpg)
  • A few extra sample .lst files are included in the installation.
  • This is likely to be the final beta before 1.90
    Build #3903
  • BBNet "speed" setting should be given in KB per seond, not Kbps. A 56k modem is 5, ISDN is 12, a cable modem approximately 50.
  • BBNet "showsearches" setting enables/disables display of incoming search requests.
    Build #3899
  • Fixed a bug with the way IDs were handled by the BBNet protocol.
    Build #3893
  • The host's chat name is displayed in the results window if he also has this build.
    Build #3839
  • When viewing subjects in "Show only first part" mode and selecting a filename containing spaces, Binary Boy would grab all filenames with a similar ending. This should be fixed in cases where a dash marks the beginning of the name. This should also allow more accurate sorting.
    Build #3834
  • Click the "Say" button to chat or click "Search" to search BBNet. The "/s" text command continues to work as well.
  • Queue and Search tabs keep the focus in the list after deleting with the Del key.
  • Double-clicking a subject downloads the file instead of displaying the article as text.
    Build #3810
  • The subject cache got deleted when the starting point was All. I think I broke this a few weeks ago while fixing something else. Ugh.
  • If Binary Boy is disconnected while downloading subjects, it will update the cache with what it has and continue downloading from where it left off instead of starting over. This allows you to build up the subject list even if your connection doesn't stay up the whole time.
  • "port" BBNet setting documented in the help file. This is useful if you have multiple servers at a single IP address. Generally you shouldn't change any ports unless you have a problem with the existing ones.
    Build #3804
  • BBNet results window didn't close properly. Should be fixed.
    Build #3799
  • BBNet remembers the last folder used for downloads.
  • Start a download by double-clicking a filename in the BBNet search results.
    Build #3694
  • Files are indexed in a way that assigns the same id to the same file each time. This allows BBNet's resume feature to work even if the host reloads his files.
  • The BBNet downloader didn't properly handle filenames containing spaces. Fixed.
    Build #3619
  • When resuming a download, the wrong file size was displayed. Should be fixed.
  • BBNet "showsearches" setting can hide incoming search requests.
    Build #3610
  • Binary Boy understands a new encoding called yEncoding. yEncoded files will download quickly because they add only about 2% overhead rather than the usual 33% of MIME and UUEncode. Another encoding called QP Lite with similarly low overhead is already supported.
  • "Upgrade BBT Filenames" command on the File menu converts older BBT filenames to the new format with part numbers padded with zeros.
    Build #3528
  • Dr. Binary has an option to write 0's where missing parts would be in the final file. This seems to make the freezes more proportional to the length of the missing sections.
  • Pause/Resume buttons for BBNet downloads.
  • For quicker viewing, an "Open" button appears after a BBNet download.
    Build #3475
  • For each download, BBNet displays a window containing a progress bar, bytes/total/percent and a cancel button. Pause/Resume buttons are planned.
  • You can now press enter on the search tab instead of having to click the search button.
  • Fixed a potential problem with the way group lists and other files were saved. There was a possibility that the wrong extension could be added to the filename.
  • Set BBNet setting "bbnetdebug" to 1 to display winsock connection/close messages.
    Build #3317
  • More tweaks to BBNet's HTTP server. Seems to be compatible with GetRight now.
    Build #3295
  • Tweaks to BBNet resume support on the server side.
    Build #3288
  • Under some circumstances the Force Download command still didn't work. Should be fixed.
  • More work on BBNet resume support on the server side. Eventually this will allow third-party downloaders to work with BBNet. It crashes GetRight though. Hmmm. If you want to test your favorite downloader for compatibility, use the /DOWNLOAD command as you normally would and then copy/paste the URL from your web browser to the downloader app.
  • About box was messed up again. Fixed.
    Build #3216
  • News server's IP address is displayed on the Log tab.
  • News server address is stripped of spaces before attempting to connect. Sometimes copying/pasting the address can add a space, which then causes the lookup to fail. This should avoid that problem.
    Build #3200
  • BBT filenames are now more easily sorted because they use the same number of digits for both the part number and total. For example, file.jpg.1.323.BBT will now look like file.jpg.001.323.BBT. Make sure you don't need any of your old BBT files before you upgrade to this version.
    Build #3164
  • Alt-M command should handle BBT files correctly now.
  • Fixed a minor glitch that prevented Alt-M from overwriting an existing file.
    Build #3150
  • About box was wacky. Fixed.
  • Alt-M command accepts BBT files. Alt-M sends a file to the MIME decoder.
    Build #3138
  • Extra logging added for when the history file rejects a file.
  • "Force Download" command should ignore header filter options.
  • The Go button on the Progress tab continues to the next group if the queue is empty and auto mode is enabled.
  • Paths ending with * on the folder tab in the settings were supposed to be searched recursively but searched only one level of child folders. Should be fixed.
    Build #3136
  • The "Force Download" command now ignores the overwrite options and always replaces an existing filename.
  • Log tab remembers 1000 lines instead of 100 lines.
  • Internal changes will eventually allow BBNet to handle HTTP resume.
    Build #3101
  • When you reach the maximum number of connections, BBNet attempts to accept the incoming connection even though it says it was rejecting them. This messes up the internal connection count and can cause it to reject later connections unnecessarily. Should be fixed.
    Build #3099
  • Page added to the help file describing BBNet commands and settings. Press F1 in BBNet or access it through the Help menu.
    Build #3081
  • BBNet should do a better job of detecting duplicate connections.
    Build #3070
  • Fixed a crash caused by build 3062
    Build #3062
  • BBNet should work better with proxies.
  • BBNet now sees changes in the main settings windows without having to restart.
  • Found a 4KB limit on search strings when they're read in from the settings windows. Increased to 32KB.
    Build #2967
  • Scrolling is handled differently for Windows 98 and older.
    Build #2877
  • Another attempt at fixing the text window problem under Win98.
    Build #2873
  • SOCKS5 seems to be working but MIGHT be incompatible with some SOCKS5 servers. Still looking into this.
  • BBNet window terminates lines with carriage return/linefeed instead of linefeed alone. This might fix a Win98 incompatibility.
  • Fixed an access violation when accepting an incoming connections. This was caused by a problem in one of the last 2 or 3 builds.
    Build #2860
  • Possible SOCKS5 fix.
  • BBNet window won't scroll or delete old text on Win98.
    Build #2855
  • Another possible fix for Win98 scrolling problem.
  • More SOCKS5 logging.
    Build #2845
  • Possible fix for Win98 scrolling problem.
    Build #2837
  • Made changes to the BBNet text window to help track down a Win98 incompatibility. Wordwrap temporarily disabled.
    Build #2831
  • More logging to detect SOCKS5 problems.
    Build #2826
  • Fixed 2 problems with BBNet SOCKS5 support. Might work now.
    Build #2813
  • SOCKS5 support added to BBNet. Untested. Oher users can't download through the proxy because push isn't supported yet. If you can't connect, enable the -log switch and send me log.txt and errorlog.txt
  • Made an internal change so that the build button works the same way as the Help | Betas & Upgrades command.
    Build #2775
  • Error text is logged along with error numbers when joining files.
  • Binary Boy doesn't create threads to close sockets unless the -threadclose switch is used.
  • Reconnect and Send buttons on BBNet window repositioned.
    Build #2765
  • The BBNet protocol sends and recognizes a version number when opening a connection. It should be backwards compatible.
    Build #2752
  • BBNet is given more time to close. This might prevent a crash while closing.
    Build #2750
  • Binary Boy creates directory paths internally instead of relying on imagehlp.dll. This should eliminate some false errors while downloading.
  • Alt-J command ignores the history file.
  • Alt-J command displays an error message if it fails to join a file.
    Build #2730
  • "Send all parts to Dr. Binary" command crashed when no Parts folder name was entered on the Files tab in the settings.
    Build #2722
  • "Send all parts to Dr. Binary" command under the File menu processes the entire Parts folder.
    Build #2682
  • sharefolder setting is a comma-separated list of folders to load when BBNet starts up. Attachments and Parts folders are already loaded.
  • Fixed a bug in the log window that could cause a crash.
    Build #2659
  • When extracting the part/total from subjects, numbers surrounded with parentheses now have precedence over numbers surrounded by brackets.
    Build #2636
  • Fixed a bug related to incoming connections.
    Build #2633
  • BBNet has separate settings for the number of incoming and outgoing connections. minout defaults to 2 outgoing connections. minin defaults to 3. These default values should work well.
  • Corrected the description of the /SET command in the /HELP list.
    Build #2628
  • BBNet /RELOAD command reloads folders.
  • Set the number of minutes to auto reload with /set autoreload minutes Or set to 0 to disable.
    Build #2610
  • BBNet /SET command changes or deletes a setting such as maxhttpconnections. More info and settings later.
  • BBNet /GET command shows the vlaue of a setting.
    Build #2593
  • Your user name is logged during server refreshes. This will come in handy in a later build for seeing who's online.
  • Pro Beta upgrade is compressed more efficiently. 200KB smaller.
    Build #2581
  • Incoming IP bug is back. Maybe this will fix it.
    Build #2571
  • BBNet's auto start option won't restore the window if it's minimized.
    Build #2570
  • "Check for new build" command on Help menu
  • BBNet starts minimized when BB is run with the -sleep switch.
    Build #2560
  • BBNet should not make more than 1 outgoing connection to the same server. Fixed.
  • BBNet shows the correct incoming ip address.
  • BBNet window is restored if you click the "Connect to BBNet" menu item while it's minimized.
    Build #2540
  • BBNet could crash when closing. Seems to be fixed.
    Build #2528
  • Minor bugs in BBNet resizing and scrolling fixed.
    Build #2521
  • BBNet text window supports copy/paste and word wrap.
    Build #2450
  • BBNet refreshes your entry in the server list every hour so it doesn't get deleted.
  • Fewer connection error messages to clutter the screen.
    Build #2424
  • BBNet rejected some results it shouldn't have. Fixed.
    Build #2422
  • BBNet returned the wrong ip address in search results again. Fixed.
  • A text label on the BBNet window didn't reposition properly during resizing.
    Build #2408
  • BBNet auto connects when online. Disable this from the GUI tab in the settings.
  • BBNet auto loads your attachments and parts filenames.
  • BBNet window can minimize, maximize and resize.
    Build #2351
  • /DOWNLOAD didn't always work because Binary Boy could return the wrong IP address in search results when the host had multiple addresses. Should work now.
    Build #2333
  • Added /DOWNLOAD command to /HELP
    Build #2331
  • Pro beta only: Download files in BBNet. First search for files using /s, list /results, then use the /download command with the id number of the file you want. Right now downloads are handled through your default browser.
  • Improved support for dialing up using AOL.
    Build #2204
  • BBNet /result command shows all of the filenames received so far for the current search.
  • Binary Boy wouldn't detect a connection if an ad popped up while connecting through AOL. Might be fixed. Not sure.
    Build #2085
  • Run Binary Boy with the -UseAOL command-line switch (or put it in the binboy.xml file) to have it dial-up and disconnect using AOL rather than a phonebook entry. Important: You are responsible for any AOL connection time even if things go haywire and Binary Boy fails to disconnect. This will NOT read AOL newsgroups. You must still have access to a standard news server. This feature is tightly bound to AOL 6.0 and is not guaranteed to work with future versions.
    Build #2003
  • If the server rejects your password and the "Retry password" option on the Server tab in the settings is disabled, Binary Boy moves to the next "Chain To" list. This is helpful if your server rejects your password when you reach your bandwidth limit. This is untested because my ISP's server doesn't require a password. Let me know if it explodes.
    Build #2002
  • The "**** Authorization failure ****" message should now display.
    Build #1990
  • When the server rejects the password the log window will show "**** Authorization failure ****"
    Build #1933
  • The subject parser could get confused by text that looks like a single-digit extension. It now prefers 2 and 3 character extensions if it can find one.
    Build #1914
  • Most core BBNet functions run in a separate thread. You can see this by loading a large file list and then immediately executing a second command such as /help. Not sure if everything still works.
    Build #1872
  • Internal changes in preparation for running BBNet in a separate thread.
  • Sets the focus to the search results after a search to assist users of screen reading software.
    Build #1789
  • Fixed a couple leaks and a bug in BBNet.
    Build #1780
  • BBNet understands search strings so you can use AND, OR, NOT and wildcards.
  • BBNet /SE command searches your own file list.
  • BBNet /LOAD command loads filenames from a folder and its subfolders.
  • BBNet /ERASE command forgets the file list.
    Build #1740
  • Results of BBNet searches were not parsed correctly.
    Build #1716
  • BBNet /s command searches filenames. This is completely untested at the moment. It will not search your hard drive. It will automatically create a fake list of filenames from test1 to test9 and filename1 to filename9 for others to search. Connect to BBNet. If someone else with a new beta is on, type "/s filename" to test it. You must enter the exact filename such as "test5". Regular search strings will be added if this works so far.
  • BBNet /help command lists commands.
    Build #1694
  • Oops. The new option was on all the time even if it was unchecked in the settings.
    Build #1693
  • "Slow download if mouse moves over window" option should make Binary Boy more responsive. It will slow the download for 10 seconds after it detects mouse movement over any of the tab windows.
    Build #1678
  • Start from the last newsgroup read. Enable this option for the list by right-clicking on the subjects, going to the List Options submenu and clicking "Start from last group read". This version modifies the list format. Backup your .lst files before running.
    Build #1638
  • HTTP proxy support for BBNet might work now.
  • Eliminated some extra logging.
    Build #1629
  • The last couple builds had a small memory leak at startup. Fixed.
    Build #1623
  • Proxy settings weren't immediately applied to BBNet.
    Build #1620
  • HTTP proxy support MIGHT work for BBNet now. Still untested. It will use the settings on the Proxy page it he settings.
  • If you have "permanent connection" selected on the Dialer tab in the settings, Binary Boy will check for upgrades at startup without having to run a search.
  • Fixed a bug that may have prevented Binary Boy from hanging up under some conditions.
    Build #1603
  • Free Trial version should support BBNet now. Go to Connection menu and click Connect to BBNet.
  • No longer disconnects after a 423 Unknown article error.
    Build #1600
  • -disklog command-line switch logs the time in milliseconds for each disk write during an article download.
    Build #1597
  • -disklog command-line switch logs the time before and after disk writes during article downloads.
    Build #1592
  • Back to disconnecting after a 423 error. Trying to track down a bug.
  • If Binary Boy slows down or freezes during downloads, please let me know. Thanks.
    Build #1590
  • -LTP command-line switch runs Binary Boy as a low priority process. Previously this only affected the main thread.
    Build #1586
  • Enable/Disable History command in the pop-up menu didn't always stick.
    Build #1584
  • Converts filename characters lower than 32 and higher than 126 to underscores...again
    Build #1581
  • No longer disconnects after an "Article number not found" error.
    Build #1549
  • Converts filename characters lower than 32 and higher than 126 to underscores.
    Build #1512
  • Picture window remembers its size.
  • Articles downloaded with "View Text" are no longer marked as downloaded. This allows you to easily download it later as a file.
    Build #1506
  • Use /me action to do an action in BBNet chat like in IRC. Should work without crashing now.
    Build #1498
  • BBNet should really, really eliminate duplicate packets this time. I hope.
    Build #1495
  • BBNet should eliminate duplicate packets.
    Build #1477
  • The "Connect to BBNet" command wasn't visible in the Free Trial It should be available now under the Connection menu.
  • Chat window displays your text as others see it.
    Build #1469
  • BBNet didn't work properly when more than 2 users were connected. Works now.
  • Name appears before text in chat.
  • You can use Binary Boy while the BBNet window is open.
  • BBNet can open from the tray right-click menu.
    Build #1424
  • BBNet will be a peer-to-peer network for Binary Boy users. Eventually it will allow you to search for missing parts/files and chat. Right now it's VERY EARLY in development and does not do anything except allow you to send messages to other users. If you'd like to try it out for incompatibilities, connect to BBNet from the Connection menu. Report bugs to bugs@binaryboy.com
    Build #1250
  • When the "Remember highest downloaded" option was set, the pointer for the newsgroup would increase by one each time it looped or the search session closed. Should be fixed.
    Build #1028
  • "Queue for later" command added to subject right-click menu. It adds selected files to the queue and doesn't start to download until Go is clicked.
    Build #859
  • When the queue is set to download oldest first, it now goes by the article's position within its newsgroup rather than the article number directly. This allows for more accurate comparisons of articles from different newsgroups.
    Build #633
  • "Move similar to bottom" added to queue right-click menu.
    Build #532
  • Two "Hanging up" dialogs popped up after an auto search with "Hang up when finished" enabled. Should only be one now.
  • Binary Boy's internal IP cache is reset after a connection error to force it to lookup the domain name.
    Build #525
  • Group list editor is resizable. Group list and master list expand with the dialog.
    Build #493
  • Right-click on the Refresh button to load subjects from the cache without going online. Right now it disregards the starting point and loads all into memory.
    Build #477
  • File | History | Import feature can import filenames from text files. Put one filename on each line. It extracts the filename from each line like it extracts from subjects so it should be able to deal with a variety of file formats.
  • First column on Search tab is wider to show whole disk icon.
    Build #462
  • When parsing a subject to find the filename, Binary Boy now gives preference to popular extensions such as jpg, mpg and mp3 rather than accepting the first valid filename it finds.
    Build #449
  • Binary Boy failed to update the install path when it was reinstalled to a different directory. Fixed.
    Build #444
  • Pro beta only: Auto delete old cache files. Enable/Disable from the Newsgroups tab in the settings.
    Build #436
  • Pro beta only: Cache subjects on disk to speed up refreshes. Enable/Disable from the Newsgroups tab in the settings.
    Build #395
  • The header filter on the Header Filter tab in the settings now applies to the final filename, not just the name in the subject. This allows you to filter by extension such as .html or .exe. Example header filter: .html | .htm | .exe | .com
    Build #378
  • Logs error numbers to errolog.txt when deleting old BBT files.
    Build #362
  • The memory saving "search/filter immediately" option can now be enabled always, never or triggered only for large newsgroups. See the Search String tab in the settings.
  • The "Hang Up When Finished" option should now work even when "Don't Dial" is selected on the Dialer tab in the settings.
    Build #352
  • If large newsgroups are causing memory problems, download this build. An option on the Search String tab in the settings applies the search/filter rules during the subject download instead of keeping all subjects in memory. With this enabled, you'll have to refresh if you want to expand your search beyond the current search results.
  • Updated help file for the two latest options.
    Build #291
  • Binary Boy was using more memory than necessary. Subject list now uses approximately 20% less memory per subject.
  • Filter by number of crossposts on the header Filter tab in the Settings.
    Build #228
  • Binary Boy considered any file with a numeric extension to be a Master Splitter file. This may have caused it to misidentify other file types that contained fewer or more than 3 digits. Now it will auto join files only if they contain a 3-digit extension.
  • There will be no major features added to 1.80 for a while, although I'll continue to fix bugs. This will allow more time for work on a total rewrite.
    Build #175
  • Ignores errors when attempting to create folders.
    Build #171
  • Command under the File menu opens the attachments folder for the current newsgroup if possible. If the group doesn't have a folder, it attempts to open the list folder. If the list doesn't have a folder, it opens the main attachments folder.
    Build #169
  • Binary Boy detects and repairs articles that terminate each line with a linefeed rather than the standard carriage return / linefeed pair.
  • -raw command-line parameter dumps all received data to debug.txt. This file can grow very big very fast.
    Build #64
  • Last build displayed debugging info instead of an About box. Fixed.
    Build #46
  • Removed a bug that could possibly cause a freeze at startup due to some special characters in the binboy.xml file.
    Build #40
  • Updated pad_file.xml. Should be ready to go out the door.
    Build #36
  • Updated whatsnew.txt
    Build #33
  • Progress tab Go and Skip All buttons didn't work. Fixed.
    Build #27
  • Restored Progress tab buttons for Skip File, Stop, Go and Skip All.
  • Expanded number fields on the Server tab in the settings and on the group list editor.
  • Accidentally disabled the countdown display in the free trial. Now it gives a warning again before expiring.
    Build #12
  • Splash screen in the free trial caused a crash. Should be fixed.


    Build #2316
  • Removes leading dots from the subject's filename.
  • Minor tweaks to the startup code.
  • This will become 1.80 unless something disastrous happens.
    Build #2310
  • Modified splash screen to work better under Windows 98.
  • Recent builds failed to create a temporary part name when a subject didn't contain a filename. Fixed.
    Build #2291
  • No longer checks for older style part files.
    Build #2286
  • Extracted one too many characters from the subject when creating a part name, which could cause it to include an illegal filename character.
    Build #2280
  • Brackets, parentheses and curly braces in subjects weren't recognized as legal filename characters. Fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that could potentially create a part name that was too long.
  • Binary Boy displays a "Part already exists" message on the log tab instead of displaying an error number.
    Build #2245
  • Part names are based on a section of the subject rather than trying to use the filename. This should avoid some problems with filenames containing spaces and lessen the chances of part names colliding.
  • A link at the top of the Search Tab help page points to an overview of search strings. The page has existed for a while but wasn't easy to find.
    Build #2219
  • Filled out some of the missing help file entries for the right-click menus. I may have missed some.
  • There won't be any major changes until after 1.80 is released.
    Build #2198
  • Settings no longer apply across multiple instances.
    Build #2195
  • Up to 8 download connections supported. Be careful. A lot of servers don't even support 5.
  • Buttons removed from progress tab to make room for 8 connections. Right-click for commands.
    Build #2162
  • The newsgroup search in the group list editor allows AND, OR, NOT and wildcards. If it's too slow on your computer, please let me know what the processor speed is (support@binaryboy.com) and I'll try to optimize it.
    Build #2152
  • Join command remembers the last folder used.
  • Group list editor uses the proper folder for loading/saving lists.
  • Chain To feature didn't load the newsgroup combobox after loading a new list. Fixed.
    Build #2123
  • Build 2114 didn't make it to the server. This build contains the twit filter help.
    Build #2114
  • Added twit filter help to the help file.
    Build #2113
  • Pro Beta only: Toolbar button on the picture window adds the poster to the twit file.
    Build #2063
  • Pro Beta only: An article is skipped if the poster matches any of the filters in twits.txt. Store one rule per line in twits.txt in the Binary Boy folder. Use AND, OR, and NOT and wildcards just like other filter strings. Edit the file from the Twits tab in the settings or use a text editor. Eventually a button on the picture window will add the poster of the current picture. Please report any strange behavior.
    Build #2020
  • Pro Beta only: Picture window toolbar resizes correctly.
    Build #2009
  • Extra logging added for when Binary Boy finds a filename in the history file.
  • Some non-standard posting software allows single slashes in MIME filenames, which triggered a bug that chops off the end of the filename. Binary Boy now attempts to preserve the filename even when it's in an invalid format.
    Build #2000
  • Build 1945 caused updates to stop working. Fixed.
    Build #1991
  • Pro Beta only: "Home" button jumps to the current image in the picture window.
  • Pro Beta only: Tooltips added to picture window toolbar.
    Build #1945
  • Pro Beta only: Picture window remembers the last 100 filenames. The toolbar has buttons for previous/next image.
  • Binary Boy created the message-id history file only when the default installation path was used. Should be fixed.
    Build #1926
  • Added logging to some message-id functions to see why the binboy.mdx file isn't always created.
  • Custom version only: Settings for the quality of thumbs and large files.
    Build #1893
  • Pro Beta only: Picture window clears rather than closes after a delete.
  • Pro Beta only: Picture window hid the bottom of the picture when the toolbar was displayed. Should be fixed.
  • Fixed some typos in error messages.
  • Listed some previously undocumented command-line options in the help file. These are mostly log options.
    Build #1879
  • Binary Boy waits until an article is actually downloaded before it creates the attachments folder rather than creating all the folders automatically.
  • Pro Beta only: Picture window title is changed.
  • Added more command-line options to the help file.
    Build #1872
  • Pro Beta only: Picture window has a delete button.
    Build #1851
  • Combo box didn't always show the proper newsgroup name.
    Build #1849
  • Fixed an incomplete/complete checking bug.
  • Moving a newsgroup in the grouplist editor showed proper results but didn't always move the group internally.
  • Fixed "Download Now" command.
    Build #1837
  • More tweaks to subject parsing to eliminate duplicate part name problems.
    Build #1833
  • Fix in build 1821 could cause conflicts by creating duplicate part filenames. Should be fixed.
    Build #1826
  • Ignores the part/total in a subject if the part is larger than the total.
    Build #1821
  • Rewrote some of the subject parsing routines. It should clean up the parts folder better and also decode some files even when they have an invalid subject.
  • Pro Beta only: Picture window displays filename without path.
    Build #1794
  • When Binary Boy requests an article that doesn't exist, it now logs an error to errorlog.txt.
  • Pro Beta only: Picture window displays filename in title.
    Build #1789
  • Dates in subjects could be misinterpreted as part numbers. Fixed.
    Build #1783
  • Build 1782 had some debugging code left behind that logged all data received to debug.txt. Fixed.
    Build #1782
  • Removed some false errors from the decoder. The errors may have caused Binary Boy to preserve some BBT files.
    Build #1772
  • Doesn't log errors when part 0 fails to delete. Part 0 usually doesn't exist so it only cluttered the log.
  • Removed some extra logging that was left behind after debugging.
  • If Binary Boy decides not to delete a BBT file because of a decoding error, it will log the error number.
    Build #1769
  • Pro Beta only: Small optimization to the picture window resizing code.
  • log.txt is renamed and numbered after reaching 1MB instead of being deleted.
  • Logs errors to errorlog.txt when a part can't be deleted.
    Build #1721
  • Updates article pointers and saves list after every newsgroup instead of only when the search session ends.
  • Doesn't attempt to "Download all parts of" when downloading an article for viewing as text.
    Build #1708
  • Optionally log the article number, newsgroup and server of each article downloaded. See the Logging tab in the settings.
  • Binary Boy didn't always delete part 0 after decoding. This should be fixed.
    Build #1694
  • Option under the List Options right-click submenu shows only the first available part of each file. This is similar to a collapse command for tree controls. When in this mode, Download downloads all parts of all selected files and Download All downloads all parts of all files listed.
    Build #1670
  • Combobox on the Search tab allows you to jump to any group in the list. Please report any strange behavior.
    Build #1643
  • The group list format has changed. Make backup copies.
  • Group lists have an option to download text articles to text.txt just like the -text command-line option. This is mainly to give Binary Boy the ability to search and download job listings. It might be useful for offline reading as well. To enable it, right-click on the Search tab and go to the List Options sub-menu.
  • jobs.lst included in the install file. It already has the text option enabled.
    Build #1627
  • Splash screen works on Windows 98.
    Build #1589
  • Added extra error logging to the picture window / splash screen. Errors will be logged to errorlog.txt.
    Build #1586
  • Sort group list in group list editor by right-clicking on your list and selecting "Sort".
  • The group list context menu pops up only when the left list is clicked. It may have been confusing for the menu to pop up on the right side when the commands affected only the left side.
    Build #1575
  • Progress bar is displayed while searching and sorting subjects.
  • Displays number of queued items on tray tooltip.
    Build #1568
  • Option on the Server tab in the settings repeatedly retries the password until its usccessful.
  • Displays number of queued items on the status bar.
    Build #1561
  • Speed on status bar was too high. The speed on the Progress tab was accurate.
    Build #1560
  • Select and move multiple newsgroups in the group list editor.
  • Progress bars on Progress tab handle larger file lengths.
  • History Import feature displays results when finished.
  • Option to disable splash screen on GUI tab in the settings.
    Build #1530
  • In the group list editor, right-click to move a group up, down, to top or to bottom. Make a backup copy of your .lst files before you use this in case something goes wrong. Right now it only moves a single group at a time. I'll work on getting it to move multiple groups.
    Build #1493
  • Crashed when a list file was passed on the command-line. Fixed.
    Build #1490
  • Recursively import existing filenames into history file from folders/disks. See the Import button on the History window.
    Build #1474
  • Pro Beta only: Put a file called UserSplash.jpg in the Binary Boy folder to display your own splash screen.
    Build #1411
  • A typo in a recent build caused the "Copy filename to edit box" Queue command to drop the first quote from the first filename.
    Build #1408
  • The Free Trial now has a time limit instead of displaying ads. The first time you run it, it will give you a new 30 day trial even if the current one has expired. After this new trial period, it will refuse to run a search. I might return to an ad version at some point but right now the ad revenue isn't enough to cover expenses. I'll post more info about this on the mailing list.
  • Toolbar background uses the standard system color.
    Build #1329
  • If a part already exists, Binary Boy should simply skip to the next article rather than stop the download session.
    Build #1320
  • A newsgroup name longer than 1024 bytes caused Binary Boy to crash. The limit is temporarily increased to 4096 bytes. A future version will allow unlimited lengths.
    Build #1318
  • During downloads speed and current newsgroup are displayed on the status bar.
  • All downloads should stop if Binary Boy is unable to create a file. For example, when a disk isn't in the drive.
  • Found a potential problem with disk space checking. If the downloads didn't always stop after Binary Boy detected low disk space, they should now.
  • Alt-Z toggles incomplete filtering.
    Build #1312
  • Alt-C closes the search session.
  • Alt-H opens the history window.
  • Newer ad DLLs in the ad version.
  • Last page of the installation allows you to run Binary Boy right away.
    Build #1310
  • Build 1309 never made it to the ftp site. This is the updated build with the scheduler change (hopefully).
    Build #1309
  • Schedule editor accepts 0 for 12am.
    Build #1306
  • You can store most command-line switches in the binboy.xml file so they apply automatically. Create a child tag under <Settings> called <Switches> then create child tags using the lowercase name of each switch. Give each a value of 1 to enable or 0 to disable. For example:
    Build #1295
  • Chain To feature didn't connect to a different server when necessary.
    Build #1292
  • Fixed several problems with the Force Download command.
  • HTTP proxy settings moved from the Update tab to the Proxy tab.
  • Attempts to auto detect Windows HTTP proxy settings if they haven't already been entered.
    Build #1243
  • -OldMem command-line switch reverts to older method of allocating memory for subjects.
    Build #1240
  • Now able to use a raw IP address in the HTTP proxy field. Maybe it will work now.
    Build #1231
  • Default HTTP proxy port set to 6588.
  • Improved logging for upgrade notifications.
    Build #1228
  • Optionally attempts to use an HTTP proxy to get upgrade notifications. See the Update tab in the settings.
    Build #1194
  • Created a faster way of allocating article info so large newsgroups don't slow down as much when deallocating memory.
  • Manual downloads again are affected by the history and filter options. Use the new "Force Download" command on the Subject tab's right-click menu to ignore the history and header filter.
    Build #1193
  • Added error checking to the Queue tab search string.
  • Add selected filenames to the Queue search string with the right-click menu.
  • Temporarily removed the search/collate progress bars in case they were causing a crash.
  • Adjusted the resizing code for the Queue tab in case it was causing a crash.
    Build #1188
  • Displays a progress bar while finding completes and searching.
  • Manually selected articles will no longer be stopped by the history or the header filter. The file overwrite options still apply.
    Build #1158
  • Remove subjects from the queue based on search text. Enter the search string on the Queue tab and click the Remove button. You can use the standard AND, OR, NOT and wildcard features.
  • In order to speed up logging, the -Log switch and main log option no longer record search/filter results for each subject. A new option on the Logging tab in the settings records the search/filter results.
    Build #1131
  • Removed a line from the socket close function that may have caused a freeze.
  • Added extra logging to capture a potential problem when retrieving subjects.
    Build #1124
  • Option on the Server tab remembers the IP address of the server instead of looking it up before every connection attempt.
    Build #1087
  • Winsock errors display and log descriptive text in addition to the error number.
  • Toolbar buttons have a transparent background instead of grey.
  • Fixed a potential crash that could have happened after a hang up error.
    Build #1069
  • -ThreadClose switch caused a freeze.
    Build #1052
  • Optionally displays bandwidth speed in K bytes per second instead of K bits per second. See the GUI tab in the settings.
    Build #1042
  • Binary Boy froze after closing a session whenever the -ILog switch was off. I put an "if" where it didn't belong, which caused it to wait for background threads to end properly only when the -ILog switch was enabled.
    Build #982
  • Opening a folder with Explorer is optional. See the GUI tab in the settings.
    Build #974
  • Wildcard strings were case sensitive. *.jpg should match .JPG now.
  • More logging added during shutdown.
    Build #962
  • Should not display a "hanging up" in the status area when using a direct connection.
  • Extra logging added to -log and -ILog to help track down a freeze problem..
    Build #956
  • Message-Id history auto saved too often.
    Build #954
  • History file's auto save feature also saves the Message-Id history.
  • -tlog switch logs several checkpoints in the timer routine to help find freezes.
    Build #940
  • Queue disappeared after pressing Enter. Fixed.
  • Optionally hang up after failing to connect to the server. See Dialer tab in the settings.
    Build #925
  • Binary Boy explores rather than opens folders under the File menu.
    Build #919
  • Optionally download oldest articles first. Right-click on the queue and select an option from the "Download Order" submenu to enable this.
  • The Chain To field caused crashes. Fixed.
    Build #897
  • Binary Boy failed to create folders that contained a backslash as the first character in the path, Should be fixed.
    Build #892
  • Use wildcards in searches. *.jpg finds all .jpg files. *.?pg finds both mpg and jpg files. You can also mix wildcards with AND, OR and NOT just like normal strings. The changes in this build affect the core search routines. You should make a backup copy of your current binboy.exe so you can go back to a working version if necessary.
    Build #881
  • The last build could crash when the "Create subfolders for newsgroups" option was enabled and the current newsgroup didn't have a folder.
    Build #879
  • The Group Folder field for each newsgroup overrides the "Create subfolders for newsgroups" option.
    Build #878
  • Upgrade info stopped working. It seems the server stopped accepting HTTP 0.9 requests. It now uses HTTP 1.0.
    Build #865
  • Changed the support email addresses used from the Help menu.
  • Order URL goes directly to the order page instead of relying on binaryboy.com.
    Build #858
  • Broke the bandwidth throttle recently. Should be fixed.
  • Why was binaryboy.com down? The first time it was technical. The second time... I forgot to pay the bill! What a month!
    Build #854
  • Moved the Message-Id history options from the Header Filter tab in the settings to the History dialog.
  • Marks incomplete .AVI files with a red disk to show that they are unlikely to play properly even if they have only a single missing part.
  • Slightly improved incomplete/complete checking.
  • Pro Beta only: Picture window doesn't pop up unless the downloaded file has a .jpg extension.
    Build #828
  • Folder tab in the settings can search subfolders recursively. Append an asterisk (*) to the folder name to use this feature.
  • Tweaked the -ThreadClose command-line function.
    Build #804
  • Recent builds required Winsock 2.0. This one should be 1.1 compatible.
    Build #801
  • Crashed if the Queue window auto closed while the pop-up menu was still displayed. Should be fixed.
    Build #800
  • Added a small change that MIGHT improve repainting of the various lists. (I still don't know exactly why they occasionally don't repaint properly.)
  • The free trial install/uninstall script allows the ad system to delete itself as Radiate recommends.
  • By the way, I'm back to working on stuff for version 2.0 so there might not be many 1.7.xxx updates for a while.
    Build #789
  • Attempts to correctly mark completes/incompletes even when some sets have the same filename and total number of parts.
  • Auto mode is off by default for new installations. This shouldn't affect your existing settings.
  • Free Trial displays days remaining in trial period and displays a "Register" button.
    Build #663
  • Logs error in errorlog.txt when connection is closed unexpectedly.
  • -NFR switch no longer needed. It's now the default behavior. This fix seems to eliminate stalls on Win2000.
  • Recovers more gracefully from Out of Synch errors.
    Build #655
  • Prevents a possible freeze when loading the settings file.
  • Alt-J file dialog shows both *.000 and *.001 files.
  • Pro Beta only: Binary Boy main window can be moved over the picture window.
    Build #646
  • -NFR command-line switch might solve a slowdown problem with Win2000. Please try it if Binary Boy is stalling in the middle of downloads.
  • Join Master Splitter files from the File menu. Previously this was only accessible with the Alt-J key combination.
  • Settings property sheet can display tabs as either a single line or multiple lines. Select on the GUI tab in the settings. The change takes effect after the window is closed.
  • Pro Beta only: Picture window optionally hides during sleep mode. Enable/Disable on GUI tab in the settings.
    Build #622
  • Plays the closing sound sooner.
  • Pro Beta only: Fixed a minor memory leak related to the picture window.
    Build #613
  • Moved the "Remove All" command to the bottom of the Queue menu.
  • Pro Beta only: Displays a window containing the last .jpg downloaded. Resize the window to stretch/shrink the image. Enable/Disable from the GUI tab in the settings. This requires at least 15-bit color and up to a couple extra MB of RAM. Binary Boy doesn't need the extra resources if you disable this feature.
    Build #454
  • Play sounds for various events. Set filenames from the Sound tab in the settings. Right now only start up and shut down events are available.
  • New in Pro Edition Beta: Right-click on the Queue tab to Save/Load the queue in text format. Each file has the same name as the group list except with a .BBQ extension.
  • The Pro Edition will have a script language in the future. The primary purpose will be to run a short bit of code after an event happens, such as when a file is downloaded, a session opens, the server is connected, etc... If you have any suggestions on what features it should have, write to suggestions@binaryboy.com
    Build #417
  • Enable/Disable sound from the GUI tab in the settings. You can also use the -quiet command-line switch.
  • Open/Close sounds have returned.
  • There might not be a lot of updates for a bit. I'm designing a couple new features for Pro users.
    Build #395
  • Low disk option under the Files tab in the settings wouldn't disable. Fixed.
  • Queue tab's right-click menu allows you to reverse the order of selected items.
  • Search tab's "Subject" field width is remembered from session to session.
  • The article text window should work properly on all operating systems now. Previously it had to fall back to using a regular edit control.
    Build #367
  • After you double-click on the subject list when more than 1 item is highlighted, Binary Boy verifies that you want to open multiple article windows.
  • Binary Boy failed to extract the filename from subjects ending with an ellipsis (...). Fixed.
    Build #360
  • Fixed a bug caused by updates to the tray tooltip.
    Build #355
  • Optimized the already speedy Message-Id index.
  • During searches the tray tooltip shows the current newsgroup.
  • When a search completes and Binary Boy is not the active window, the taskbar icon turns blue.
  • Added extra error logging for a slowdown problem on Win2000
    Build #298
  • Message-Id history is in. It remembers already downloaded articles even if the subject doesn't contain a filename. Enable/disable it from the Header Filter tab in the settings.
  • Master Reset command under the File menu can clear the Message-Id history.
    Build #141
  • "Minimize to tray" feature is restored and is optional. Enable it from the GUI tab in the settings.
  • "Thank you" messages once again appear in the status bar after ad clicks. Old ones removed. New added.
    Build #103
  • Temporarily disabled "minimize to tray" feature. Will be restored as an option.
  • When Binary Boy finishes a search while minimized, the taskbar icon will flash once and remain blue instead of flashing continuously.
  • Also got some work done on a Message-Id history although it's not activated yet. This will be more accurate than the filename history.
    Build #77
  • Ignores most filter options when downloading an article for viewing.
  • Minimizes to system tray.
    Build #56
  • Allows for a space immediately before the extension when searching for a filename in the subject.
    Build #44
  • Enable/Disable each type of search/filter string on the Search String tab in the settings.
  • Sorry about the lack of updates lately. I've been optimizing the XML parser and learning PHP (a server side script thing).
    Build #7
  • Initial server settings from the new user setup wizard weren't saved properly for the last few 1.60 builds.


    Build #928
  • If nothing explodes, one of the next few builds will be version 1.70. A magazine will review Binary Boy soon so I need to get a release out that has the latest features.
  • Skip Similar and Skip File buttons left empty entries on the Queue tab. Should be fixed.
  • test.xml is renamed automatically to binboy.xml.
  • Binary Boy copied the default news server information from the registry to the xml file automatically. This would overwrite any changes you made to the default server. It now only adds the server information if it doesn't already exist in the file.
    Build #916
  • Combobox on the Server tab in the settings remembers previous servers. Select a server from the list and it fills in the settings for you. You can also edit the servers directly in test.xml.
    Build #839
  • An unfinished but mostly complete XML parser is attached to this build although it isn't fully integrated yet. Eventually Binary Boy will store all settings as well as other info in XML format.. If you want to see some experimental output, modify a field on the Server tab in the Settings, then click OK or Apply. It will write the server's settings to a file named test.xml. Modify the server address and it will add a new entry to the file. You can view test.xml graphically with IE5 or as text with any text editor.
  • For technical information on the XML standard, go here.
    Build #781
  • (Still working on internal changes. Just want to get some bug fixes out.)
  • Attempts to use Winsock 2.2. If it fails, it will fall back to Winsock 1.1. Please let me know if Binary Boy fails to connect after installing this version.
  • Can extract filenames containing non-ASCII characters from subjects.
    Build #744
  • Does not require the specific phone book entry in the settings to be connected. It will attempt to connect no matter which phone book entry is in use. Please let me know if this causes any problems.
  • Eliminates "Connection closed unexpectedly" errors when hanginging up automatically.
  • Note: There won't be a lot of updates in the near future because I'm working on some internal changes.
    Build #732
  • Wakes up properly after starting with the -sleep switch.
    Build #720
  • Free Trial responds faster when it becomes the active window.
    Build #710
  • The Pro version displayed errors when waking up from sleep mode. Fixed.
    Build #707
  • Disables the ads when Binary Boy is not the active app.
    Build #689
  • Some messages describing why an article was rejected were not displayed on the Log window unless the Log option was enabled. Should be fixed.
  • When a queued file is found in the history, its state on the Queue tab is set to Rejected instead of Failed.
  • Enable or Disable the history file from the right-click menu on the Search tab.
    Build #671
  • Same build with a repackaged installation.
  • Comma operator added to search strings. This allows you to put several different search expressions in a single search string. For example, gif | .jpg, .mpg, .mp3 & "Pink FLoyd" will match if the subject contains .gif or .jpg or if it contains .mpg or if it contains both .mp3 and Pink Floyd.
  • Displays an error number number if the connection is closed unexpectedly.
    Build #671
  • Comma operator added to search strings. This allows you to put several different search expressions in a single search string. For example, gif | .jpg, .mpg, .mp3 & "Pink FLoyd" will match if the subject contains .gif or .jpg or if it contains .mpg or if it contains both .mp3 and Pink Floyd.
  • Displays an error number number if the connection is closed unexpectedly.
    Build #651
  • New ad technology displays HTML. (Not in the Pro version of course)
  • If the article window fails to create a rich edit control, it tries to create a regular edit control instead of failing.
    Build #623
  • Asks for confirmation before viewing more than 5 articles at a time.
    Build #620
  • The Chain To field in the group list editor couldn't be returned to empty after an item was selected. The field is now editable.
  • An error number is logged to errorlog.txt if the richedit32.dll fails to load. Please send me this error number if the View Text command displays an empty window.
    Build #607
  • Bug in Chain To feature. Binary Boy can crash if you move to the next list while the queue still contains subjects from the previous list. This build avoids the problem.
    Build #606
  • Forgot to remove test code from the About button again. Grrr.
    Build #603
  • Make a backup copy of your .lst files before installing this build. The list format has changed.
  • Chain To field in the group list editor allows you to search another list after the current one finishes. The specific reason for this is to make it easier to use multiple servers. Create a list for each server and then chain them together.
  • Removed the mouse scroll fix because it caused the lists to fail to repaint. It didn't work right anyway.
    Build #552
  • Move Smilar To Top added to Queue. Like the Remove Similar command, it operates on all subjects that are similar to any of the selected items.
    Build #546
  • Possible fix to prevent extra Parts/Attachments folders form being created.
  • Log and Queue should scroll properly with a mouse wheel.
    Build #520
  • Remove Similar added to the Queue tab right-click menu. This is more powerful than the Skip Similar button. You can select multiple subjects and it will remove all items that are similar to any of the selected subjects.
  • Article windows are top level instead of children.
  • Forgot to remove some test code from the previous build. The About button would open an article window. Fixed.
    Build #480
  • Fixed the article leak.
    Build #460
  • Note: I just discovered a problem. Article windows left open when Binary Boy closes cause a memory leak. Make sure to close the windows before exiting. I'm trying to find a fix.
  • View article text. Right click on a subject and select "View Text" from the menu.
  • Ctrl-A selects all subjects in the queue and subject list.
  • The task bar button flashes if an auto search ends while Binary Boy is minimized.
    Build #332
  • Closes the connection after the password fails.
  • Delete selected subjects from the Search tab using the Delete key.
    Build #311
  • Fixed a bug that could occasionally corrupt the last few bytes of a decoded file.
    Build #308
  • The delete key removes selected items from the queue.
  • The scheduler allows currently downloading parts to finish even if the time limit runs out.
  • Internal change: resets the subject list after a connection error to avoid potential conflicts when reconnecting to a different server.
    Build #264
  • Editable queue. Click on the Queue tab to see all the articles lined up for download. Select subjects then right-click for commands: move to top, up one line, down one line or to the bottom or remove. Right now active downloads can't be removed except by the Skip button on the progress tab. More commands planned.
    Build #126
  • "Download Now" added to right-click menu. This will download the selected articles at the next available opportunity even if other subjects are already in the queue.
    Build #116
  • "Manual Download" added to right-click menu. This allows you to enter an article number to download rather than selecting it from the subject list. This was added mainly to track down a potential bug.
  • Server greeting appears in the Log window.
    Build #92
  • Refreshing with "All" requests subjects starting at 1 instead of going by the range provided by the server in case the range is inaccurate.
  • Alt-I shows the total number of subjects downloaded. If everything works properly, this number should be the same as the total found when searching for *.
    Build #75
  • This should mark completes/incompletes properly. It should also be a little faster when processing the subjects after a refresh.
    Build #36
  • The last fix didn't work in all cases. Added an extra logging option to track down the problem.
    Build #17
  • Option added under the Logging tab to record subjects as they are received. This will help track down a potential bug.
    Build #15
  • Bug fix. Sometimes a reply got mixed in with a set of parts and caused Binary Boy to mark the whole set as incomplete. This resulted in some files being filtered out by the "Incomplete" filter under the Header Filter tab.
    Build #3
  • Same as previous 1.50 beta


    Build #1859
  • The freezing problem should be fixed. Articles from RemarQ triggered the problem.
    Build #1854
  • "Newest First" and "Newest Last" sorts were reversed.
  • More decoder logging and a potential fix.
    Build #1846
  • The low disk space feature created a bug that caused downloads to stop after minor errors. This should be fixed now.
    Build #1836
  • Option under the File tab in the Settings stops downloads when available disk space drops below the specified amount.
  • Extra logging added to the decoder to help track down a bug.
    Build #1479
  • -LTP command-line switch sets Binary Boy's thread priority to below normal.
    Build #1279
  • Removed some custom code from the regular builds in case it was causing BB to lock up. If Binary Boy freezes, please run it with the log options on and send log.txt to bugs@binaryboy.com if it happens again.
    Build #1163
  • Prevents a potential crash when Binary Boy tries to hang up on a system that doesn't have RASAPI32.DLL installed.
    Build #1018
  • That last build didn't decode properly at all. I left an experimental piece of code in it that screwed everything up. Sorry about that.
    Build #1006
  • Either Binary Boy or certain server software occasionally leaves out a carriage return from the top of the article body. This can cause the output file to be corrupted. Binary Boy checks for this problem and adds a carriage return if necessary. Still looking into this.
    Build #985
  • Added "Don't delete BBT files after decode" option in the Settings under the File tab. This is useful for debugging. Enable this when you want to preserve a BBT file even when Binary Boy doesn't detect any errors while decoding.
    Build #973
  • Master Reset dialog uses checkboxes.
    Build #944
  • Displays the server name in the Log window.
  • Made "Loading" window wider to show 5-digit totals.
  • Search command closes an existing search session.
  • Added a list of shortcut keys to the help file.
    Build #934
  • The last fix caused an access violation in the Download All Parts of command. Should work now.
    Build #925
  • Tries not to mix parts from an original post with parts from a repost.
    Build #910
  • Links added to the free version to allow for purchase of Binary Boy Pro through ShareIt.com
    Build #871
  • Refresh button could have missed new articles posted after you entered the newsgroup. The new subjects would have been seen the next time you entered the newsgroup. It should now add the new subjects every time you click Refresh.
    Build #834
  • Displays newsgroup name after the subject under the Progress tab.
  • Displays newsgroup name after the article number under the Log tab.
    Build #829
  • A bug could have caused the Alt-J join command to fail.
    Build #823
  • "Master Reset" command under the File menu deletes all parts, clears the history file and resets the "Next" pointers to 0 in the current list.
    Build #811
  • "Delete Unassembled Parts Older Than" option didn't delete files in subfolders if the parent folder didn't contain any .BBT files.
  • If a MIME message/partial has no filename in the subject, Binary Boy will attempt to extract the correct information from the article header during the download. Without this feature, MIME message/partials without a filename in the subject won't decode properly.
    Build #777
  • More status information is displayed while connecting to download subjects.
  • "-nbs" switch added temporarily for debugging. It disables the feature that searches for and skips filenames found in the article body. This prevents Binary Boy from skipping articles automatically.
  • When extracting the filename from a subject, it tries to ignore file sizes that look like filenames such as "123.45 KB".
    Build #760
  • Changing the settings automatically updates the settings in all other Binary Boy instances.
  • Second and later instances don't open directly on top of the first window.
    Build #703
  • Since several people have requested multiple simultaneous server support and I can't add that right away I've added a compromise feature. The -Multi command-line switch allows multiple instances. Because Binary Boy isn't designed to run this way, there are several problems: The settings, group list pointers, history file and schedule will be overwritten by the last instance to close.
    Build #698
  • -TempFix command-line switch added to help track down a potential bug. It dumps a list of connected phone book entries after a "Port already connected" error and then continues as if the dialer was successful.
    Build #680
  • The MIME decoder ignores text attachments again. This was temporarily removed to track down decoding problems.
  • Each decoder as well as Dr. Binary should now auto join Master Splitter files. This still needs more testing.
  • When -ThreadClose is used, connections are given up to 60 seconds to close. Previously it was 10 seconds.
  • The Join code replaces path information and illegal characters in the filename with '_'. The MIME and UU decoders already do this.
    Build #616
  • Binary Boy failed to properly decode multipart uuencoded files that contain empty lines. This could result in files that were shorter than they should be. After a little investigation it looks like Dr. Binary was affected as well.
    Build #610
  • "Delete List" button added to Search dialog.
  • No longer ignores text attachments in case this is preventing files from combining properly.
    Build #586
  • Bandwidth throttle is working better.
    Build #583
  • -ThreadClose waits for the previous connection to close before opening a new one. It displays "CloseWait" when it needs to delay.
  • The "close" thread was logging even when logging was off.
  • Eliminated the sound -ThreadClose makes when a connection closes in the background.
    Build #571
  • -ThreadClose command-line option is similar to -NewInet but closes sockets in a separate thread.
  • More status information for each download connection.
  • Eliminated the sound made when a connection closes in the background.
    Build #484
  • Shows seconds remaining in delay instead of dashes.
  • -NewInet uses a new close function. It might eliminate the "too many connections" error but will Binary Boy to be temporarily unresponsive while it closes.
    Build #469
  • Ignores text attachments in MIME articles.
  • Displays a row of dashes in the Kbps window when a connection is delaying.
    Build #464
  • The UU decoder failed to update the descript.ion file when the replace option was selected. The MIME decoder still needs some work in this area as well.
    Build #438
  • Alt-J again decodes incomplete files.
  • Alt-J asks for confirmation before overwriting an existing file.
    Build #434
  • Ouch. I accidentally commented out a critical section of code in that last build that prevented it from connecting to the server.
    Build #432
  • Alt-J attempts to join files even if part .000 or any other part is missing.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Alt-J from joining more than 10 parts.
  • Added a few more comments to the Search Overview and Starting point areas of the help file.
    Build #398
  • Press Alt-J to join files split by Master Splitter. These are the files that have a three-digit extensions like movie.mpg.001. After further testing, Binary Boy will assemble these files automatically when they're downloaded.
    Build #253
  • The bandwidth throttle was causing the connections stall. It should be fixed.
    Build #239
  • Changed the upgrade notification functions. When the connection closes, it will continue to read any remaining data.
    Build #231
  • Uses the appropriate folder when decoding with the Alt-M command.
  • Tries not to get confused by "---- Cut here ---" lines.
  • Eliminates an extra error message when the deocder fails to open the source file.
    Build #222
  • Provides a more specific error message when the Alt+M command fails to open a file.
    Build #215
  • Possibly fixes an "Invalid meta command" error. This may have been triggered when the server demanded a name and password when Binary Boy requested an article header.
    Build #212
  • Removed a few lines from the "close" function that may have caused a 0E exception.
    Build #208
  • Alt+M attempts to decode a single part MIME file. These can be left behind after a failed attempt to decode a message/partial.
    Build #195
  • Binary Boy sometimes tried to close a socket twice. This might not have caused any problems but I've removed it anyway. Problems with the file will be recorded in errorlog.txt.
    Build #192
  • A fix that might prevent tooltips from being obscured behind the window. I can't reproduce the problem myself so I don't know if this fix will have any effect.
    Build #188
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes happened when using the skip buttons in the last newsgroup.
  • When a part is rejected because it already exists, the Log tab will show the part number instead of just the filename.
    Build #169
  • Removed one of the "receive" changes. The last modification may have actually caused some timeouts.
    Build #165
  • Nothing new. Just marked internally as a beta.
    Build #164
  • The bandwidth throttle didn't stay on from sesison to session.
  • The bandwidth throttle could cause temporary freezes.
  • Changes to the receive function eliminate some unnecessary timeouts.
    Build #150 (Release Candidate 8)
  • This build is marked internally as a non-beta, which disables the beta update notices by default.
  • This is the final release unless it explodes and takes someones arm off.
    Build #149
  • The installer checks the version instead of the date & version of advert.dll before replacing.
  • I tested this on Windows 2000 Pro and it seems to work. If it doesn't work for you, please email me.
    Build #147
  • Ignores empty lines in single part UUE files.
  • Wakes up when you stop a search while in continuous mode.
    Build #137
  • Some controls in the new user setup wizard were disabled.
  • The username and password fields were mislabeled on the Server tab in the Settings.
  • Sometimes an extra message was displayed in the log window when the a filename was found in the history.
    Build #128
  • Found a few problems. Back to the betas.
  • Changes to the header filter in the settings did not immediately apply to the search session.
  • The article header and body are now requested separately to allow the header filter options to trigger without closing and re-opening the connection.
  • More adjustments to the close function. It's slower but should work better.
    Build #64 (Release Candidate 7)
  • Under some circumstances the UUdecoder failed to find attachments beyond the first one in a single article.
    Build #48 (Release Candidate 6)
  • More tweaks to get it just right.
    Build #43 (Release Candidate 5)
  • Increased the size of the TCP receive buffer for better efficiency.
  • The new close function didn't update the socket count after it closed.
    Build #40 (Release Candidate 4)
  • Switches to "blocking" mode when closing so it doesn't try to connect again too soon.
  • I'll get it right one of these days.
    Build #29 (Release Candidate 3)
  • Switched back to the old v1.1 non-beta method of closing the socket.
    Build #24 (Release Candidate 2)
  • There are still a few scattered problems but overwhelmingly I've received a good response.
  • Added a new ADVERT.DLL. I thought I already added this but it turns out it was still the old version.
  • Increased the size of the receive buffer to improve efficiency.
  • Added delays to give the server time to close the connection.
    Build #1 (Release Candidate 1)
  • Forgot to enable the newest dialer changes.
  • "Find News Server" link under the Help menu is now redirected through the Binary Boy site in case the Yahoo link becomes invalid.
  • Removed some extra debug logging.
  • Doesn't delete the top level Parts folder when cleaning up.
  • Removed some extra debug logging.
  • Removed color from the lists.


    Build #4566
  • If I don't find any major problems at the last minute, this is likely to be released as version 1.5. Please report problems to bugs@binaryboy.com I didn't add all the suggested features I intended to this time but I need to get this out the door.
  • Deletes empty subfolders when cleaning Parts folder.
    Build #4550
  • Loop and Hang Up options for scheduled events.
  • Group list remembers highest scanned, highest downloaded or neither. Set your preference from the subject list right-click menu.
  • "Continous" option in scheduler runs events repeatedly instead of waiting for the start time. When this is on, it won't automatically hang up after each search unless the Hang Up When Finished option is on.
  • New internet "read" and "close" functions are enabled by default. -newinet doesn't do anything anymore. Use -oldinet to switch back to the old functions. -newinet has no effect now.
    Build #4517
  • Remember to try the -newinet switch. I'm making it standard soon.
  • "Loop" option returns to the first newsgroup after passing the last. When it loops back, the "next" pointers are updated. This might be handy for continuously downloading new articles in auto mode.
  • Option under the Files tab in the Settings stores parts from each newsgroup in a separate subfolder.
  • The "Delete old parts" option under the Files tab in the Settings deletes .BBT files from Parts subfolders.
    Build #4504
  • -newinet switch enables the new, more efficient "receive" function as well as the new "close" function. If these don't cause any problems, they will become standard. Try them out from the Windows Start | Run command by typing binboy.exe -NewInet If they cause any problems when you skip articles or close the session, please let me know at bugs@binaryboy.com. Also, if you're a Win2000 user, please let me know if this works without stalling during downloads.
  • Optional time limit for scheduled searches. Set to 0 for no time limit.
  • Help pages added for the three search session tabs.
  • An empty history file didn't load or save its settings properly. Should be fixed.
    Build #4455
  • -newdial attempts to reset the phone book entry after an error.
  • More information logged by the -rlog option.
  • -shclose option waits until the quit command is sent before closing.
  • Internal changes added to allow for a time limit on search sessions. Not enabled yet.
    Build #4424
  • -newdial switch uses experimental changes to the dialer to prevent it from hanging up at the wrong time.
    Build #4421
  • -newinet switch uses alternate functions to handle incoming data. Win2000 users: Please let me know if this stops the stalling problem. I can't test on Win2000 myself yet.
  • Removes previous change to the dialer.
    Build #4401
  • Attempts to close news/upgrade web connection immediately after retrieving the info.
  • -rlog command-line switch logs debugging info while dialing.
  • More changes to the dialer to prevent it from hanging up at the wrong time.
  • -shclose command-line switch flushes the socket for as long as data is available instead of exiting after a time limit.
    Build #4356
  • -shclose command-line switch uses an alternate method to close the connections.
    Build #4332
  • A change in the number of connections (Settings | Server) takes effect after the next article completes instead of when a new search session is opened.
  • After reconnecting, one connection failed to restart. This should be fixed. It might need one more little tweak.
  • New ADVERT.DLL build. This is supposed to be more stable.
    Build #4293
  • You can use the startup/shutdown (-dlog) option to log the number of connections still open when Binary Boy exits. If everything works properly, it should always show 0.
  • Restored the function that closes unneeded connections.
    Build #4287
  • When the main log is on, it logs the total number of open connections remaining after each close. If there are no leaks, it should return to 0 when the program exits.
  • Temporarily disabled closing of unneeded connections.
  • Manually add newsgroups to the list by right-clicking in the group list editor. This isn't thoroughly tested yet.
    Build #4244
  • Kludge added to decode message/partial MIME articles even if they weren't created properly. According to my reading of the MIME standard, Binary Boy was assembling them correctly, but articles created by some newsreaders came out with extra blank lines that caused the decoder to choke. Please let me know of any articles that don't decode properly. bugs@binaryboy.com
  • Should stop hanging up when it's not supposed to.
    Build #4205
  • When the main log is on, it will log the reason why it hangs up.
  • Restored the "Logging tab" to the Settings. I accidentally removed the whole page from the previous build.
    Build #4200
  • Duplicate filenames are numbered in the form filename(2).jpg instead of filename_2.jpg
  • Added scrollbars to folder window.
  • Fixed a small memory leak caused by the new folders feature.
  • Deletes folders.txt during uninstall.
    Build #4189
  • Scans a list of folders for existing filenames. See the Folders tab in the Settings.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Binary Boy to either fail to or falsely detect existing files.
    Build #4151
  • Close search session from right-click menu.
  • Switch between small/large subject list from the right-click menu or from the View menu or by pressing Alt+R.
  • Horizontal scrollbar allows viewing of long subjects.
  • If the server is busy, Binary Boy will look for and close inactive download connections before attempting to connect again.
    Build #4089
  • Newsgroup box now shows "newsgroup.name (x of x)"
  • Extra protection from the "Out of Synch" error.
  • Adjustable "reject delay" under the Server tab for when the server refuses to connect because it already has too many connections.
  • Downloads resume sooner after redialing. Previously the first connection to dial would succeed and cause the other connections to enter an error delay.
    Build #4048
  • "Skip File" button skips all parts of the current download.
    Build #4040
  • "Skip Similar" button. To determine if a subject is similar, Binary Boy first disregards common prefixes such as "Re:" and "REPOST:" then makes two comparisons. The first comparison is true if the subjects are the same except for any digits. If that fails, the second comparison is true if the first third of the subjects are identical. If either is true, the subject is skipped.
    Build #4018
  • Longer delay after any error received from the server during the greeting.
  • Sends the QUIT command to the server even when closing during an article download.
    Build #4004
  • Attempts to flush the socket for up to 3 seconds if necessary before closing.
    Build #4000
  • A connection will delay for 2 1/2 minutes after receiving a "Too many connections" error from the server.
    Build #3997
  • If a MIME attachment doesn't have a filename, Binary Boy gives it the name "NONAME". Now it also appends a file extenstion based on the Content-Type field. For example, NONAME1.gif, NONAME2.jpeg, NONAME3.html.
  • Fixed a bug that added garbage to the end of each quoted-printable line.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes marked a set with a red disk even though it had a part 1.
  • Can decode multiple UUencoded attachments contained in a single article. The MIME decoder can already do this.
    Build #3958
  • ilog checkbox under the Logging tab in the Settings records estimated bps for each command response from the server.
  • A wizard pops up instead of the Settings property sheet when no server address is available.
  • Subscribe to and unsubscribe from the Binary Boy mailing list from the Update tab in the Settings.
    Build #3883
  • The password in the Settings should work again. Binary Boy was overriding it because it thought the group list contained a password even when it was blank. Doh!
  • Bigger News/Upgrade button.
  • Small tweak to prevent the status bar from obscuring the button.
    Build #3833
  • Heavily modified the internals of the MIME decoder and slightly modifed the UU decoder. There shouldn't be a whole lot of noticable differences.
    • Will not delete BBT file after an error.
    • Will continue to delete BBT files not containing an attachment.
    • Quoted-Printable decoding restored.
    • Improved handling of MIME message/partials
    • Uses fixed buffers when possible and allocates memory only when necessary.
  • Enable/Disable log windows from the Logging tab in the Settings.
  • Restored tooltips.
  • Fixed the password field in the group list editor.
  • Memory use looks solid. There may be a potential handle leak though. I'll continue to look into this.
    Build #3699
  • Temporarily disabled log window in case it's causing slowdowns.
  • New MIME decoder almost finished but not active yet. It shouldn't affect the program.
    Build #3617
  • Log options are available from the Settings under the Log File tab.
    Build #3524
  • -nfr command-line switch might prevent Binary Boy from becoming unresponsive on a high-speed connection.
  • Temporarily disabled tooltips.
    Build #3521
  • Restored some code to disable and flush the connection before closing.
  • Increased receive buffer slightly.
  • Added extra protection against the current connection receiving notifications from a previous connection.
    Build #3495
  • Made receive buffer smaller in case it was slowed by processing too much data at once.
  • More memory optimization.
    Build #3488
  • Kludge for working around improperly formatted Content-Type headers.
  • Small amount of memory optimization completed. A lot more coming.
    Build #3387
  • Settings uses scrollable line of tabs instead of multiple rows.
  • Option to auto save history file. See File | History File.
  • Found and removed small resource leak.
    Build #3363
  • Fixed problem with MIME subjects not being saved to the descript.ion file.
    Build #3360
  • Filter by max parts. See the Header Filter tab in the Settings.
  • Hides the proxy password.
    Build #3350
  • SOCKS 5 support. Enable it from the Proxy tab in the settings. I've never worked with this before and I'm not sure if I did it right. So far it seems to work with WinGate though. Let me know how it works for you.
  • Faster detection of an incomplete set after each download.
    Build #3306
  • Won't hang up if articles are still queued when you reach the end of the group list.
    Build #3300
  • Improved binary/text detection for -text option.
    Build #3298
  • Optionally writes subjects to ACDSee description file. See the Files tab in the Settings.
  • It was writing MIME binaries to the text.txt file again. Grrr.
    Build #3270
  • Removed a potential "Divide by Zero" error when sorting by percent complete.
    Build #3266
  • Search & Filter option for downloading newsgroups wasn't working.
    Build #3260
  • Some binaries were saved to the text.txt file. Should be fixed.
    Build #3259
  • Optionally downloads text articles and stores them in text.txt in the Binary Boy folder. Use the -text command-line switch to enable this feature, otherwise text articles are discarded.
  • Should eliminate most duplicate filename clashes when creating temporary files in the Parts folder. This was the "Could not create temp0" error.
  • Removed beep from build button.
    Build #3227
  • Logs error code to errorlog.txt for the "Binary Boy Tips" command.
    Build #3225
  • These are temporary changes.
  • Logs error code to errorlog.txt when you click on the patch button.
  • Beeps right before sending the browser to the patch page.
    Build #3220
  • log.txt starts over after 250K.
    Build #3215
  • Filenames containing slashes and other invalid characters were not properly fixed.
  • Removed a bug that turned off the inactivity timer. This could potentially cause a download to stall.
  • Made -declog logging more concise.
  • Temporarily disabled Quoted-Printable decoding.
    Build #3184
  • Fixed a potential crash in the decoding routines.
  • Dialog box optionally appears before hanging up, giving you a chance to stay online. Adjust display time from the Dialer tab in the Settings.
  • Right-click in subject list for sorting options.
  • Mouse cursor changes to a hand when over ads.
    Build #3110
  • Filenames were never numbered 2 or higher when renaming files. Should be fixed now.
    Build #3097
  • Stripped just about everything from the socket close function in case it was causing crashes.
  • Subjects with the same filename are grouped together in the subject list. I'll add more options after I fix the crashes some people have experienced.
    Build #3092
  • I've been adding extra safety checks and generally cleaning up the code in order to fix some bugs. If this build crashes, or if it stops crashing for you, please let me know: bugs@binaryboy.com
  • -tron switch pops up message boxes at several checkpoints after you click on the Progress Stop button and logs info to errorlog.txt. This is for tracking crashes.
  • -ilog switch logs low level internet activity to log.txt. Use alone or with other log switches.
  • Should stop automatically when disk is full
  • Bug Report and Suggestion commands under the help menu use email instead of the web site because the web forms fail for too many people.
  • Server Delay and Server Timeout values are adjustable from the Server tab in the settings.
  • Temporary kludge for Windows 2000 timeout problem. Attempts to kickstart the download when the server timeout reaches the halfway point and data is available.
  • Catches and logs more errors to errorlog.txt without the -log option.
  • More error checking and logging in the download queue.
  • Avoids and logs a potential array overflow in the internet code.
  • Allows Windows to catch certain errors so a dialog box will pop up for access violations and other errors.
    Build #3022
  • If Binary Boy crashes for you, please run it with the -log command and send the log.txt file (or at least the last few lines) to bugs@binaryboy.com. To enamble logging click on the Windows Start button, select Run and type binboy.exe -log
  • "Hang Up When Finished" option hangs up in manual mode when the queue becomes empty.
  • A couple people are having crashes so I did a complete rebuild of all source files in case something got out of synch.
    Build #3019
  • Removed "free resources" information from the -log option.
  • Fixed a bug that caused connection failures when using a numeric IP address.
  • Decodes "Quoted-Printable" articles. This hasn't been tested thoroughly yet because very few binaries are encoded this way. More posters might use this encoding in the future though.
  • Disabled opening and closing sounds for now.
  • Changed extra "Full Auto" header to "Auto Next" on the Search Dialog help page.
    Build #2994
  • Makes second attempt to load the RAS dll using the full path if the first try fails.
  • Timestamps added to startup and shutdown logging (-dlog option).
  • No longer logs resource percentage with -dlog but still does with -log.
    Build #2990
  • Fixed a bug that could have caused an access violation in ADVERT.DLL.
  • If the ADVERT.DLL fails to load, Binary Boy will try loading it again using the full path.
  • Logs error information to errorlog.txt if ADVERT.DLL fails to load.
    Build #2981
  • "Update" tab in the settings enables/disables news, upgrade and title updates.
    Build #2964
  • Fixes a bug that caused the 'total groups' value in group lists to become inaccurate. This build will automatically fix the inaccurate total in any group list you use.
    Build #2962
  • -declog logs decoding activity to log.txt for catching a crash.
    Build #2954
  • -log option logs percent of resources available on Windows 95. (Not sure if it works on Windows 98)
  • Uses larger buffer for receiving. This should speed things up a little.
  • Flushes socket when closing.
    Build #2943
  • Sorry for any delays in responding to email. My OS was wiped out while installing a service pack. I'm almost back up to speed now.
  • Using -oldinet code from 2941 as the default in this build. It's the most stable for the most people.
  • Changed socket close/flush function so it doesn't get caught in a long loop.
  • Also disabled the receive function during socket close.
    Build #2941
  • Modified the internet routines. Hopefully this time it will eliminate the bugs without creating new ones. If it starts crashing again, please let me know: bugs@binaryboy.com
  • Group list editor saves list when using Save As even if list is unmodified. Also fixed the tab order.
  • Go command on the tray pop-up menu restores sleep mode when necesary.
    Build #2902
  • Minor changes to the -log option. It seems it isn't logging sometimes.
  • Restored some of the internet code for closing the socket.
    Build #2897
  • Uses older internet code. Might be too slow on slower computers. Let me know at bugs@binaryboy.com. I'm trying to find something that's at least stable so I can rewrite some stuff.
  • Accidentally added a flat button in Dr. Binary. Fixed.
    Build #2892
  • Fixed typo in tray menu
  • Added code that attempts to detect a crash, logs the information, then exits cleanly.
    Build #2800
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Binary Boy to falsely recognize a connection failure as a success, which would cause a long delay until it timed out waiting to receive the server greeting. This bug could also prevent the dial-on-demand feature from working.
    Build #2799
  • Removed the newer changes in the internet code. Might run faster.
  • I somehow deleted one of the history file checks (as several people noticed). Fixed.
    Build #2792
  • -OldInet command-line option uses faster method to close sockets.
    Build #2784
  • Removed half second delay after closing socket.
    Build #2783
  • Avoids a potential crash when the DNS lookup fails.
    Build #2761
  • Added half second delay after closing a socket.
    Build #2760
  • If Binary Boy has been crashing for you, please run it with the -log command-line option from the Start | Run window to write debug info to log.txt. This will allow me to narrow down the problem area.
  • Extra safety checks to make sure notifications from a previous socket aren't processed by a new socket.
  • Extra logging when opening a socket.
  • Widened the Kbps text window.
    Build #2748
  • Added log to the newsgroup downloader (Newsgroup button) to show errors.
  • Changed the internet routines slightly in case they were causing the crashes. I don't know if this is fixed yet. If Binary Boy crashes or causes other apps to crash, please let me know at bugs@binaryboy.com. It might be helpful as well if you let me know if it does NOT crash for you.
  • Should assemble parts properly when using multiple downloads now.
  • Added tooltip to newsgroup name in case it's too long to fit on the window. Also changed it to a read-only edit control. Click on it and press the End key to see the end of the name.
  • Added tooltips to Search and Progress windows.
  • Checkbox to disable History file on the History dialog.
  • Rename / Replace / Discard options under the Files tab in the settings for duplicate filename.
  • Added pop-up menu to tray icon.
    Build #2620
  • Added "File found in history" and a couple other notifications to the Log window.
  • Extra logging added to track down Stop/hang up problem.
  • Offers to send a bug report if an ad click-through fails.
  • Fixed a potential bug that could be caused by a missing filename in a UUencoded article.
  • Restored logging to Log window.
    Build #2582
  • Attempts to fix filenames containing illegal characters instead of renaming to INVALID_NAME.___
  • Optionally downloads 4 queued files at a time. This won't work properly with all servers. For better compatibility the default option is to download only 1 at a time. You can change this under the Server tab in the settings.
  • Stop button in Progress window stops downloads without removing articles from queue.
  • Go button in Progress window restarts downloads after stopping.
  • Skip All button in Progress window cancels downloads and clears the entire queue.
  • "Queued" number on Search window is more accurate. It displays 1 while the last file is downloading instead of 0.
  • Warning added to Set All To 0 button in the group list editor.
  • Changed tray icon so it shows up better on NT.
  • Alt-A key opens Attachments folder.
  • Accepts filenames containing brackets and parentheses when searching for a filename in a subject.
  • Temporarily disabled scheduler warning about busy server times until this can be made optional.
    Build #2266
  • -nofont command-line option prevents Binary Boy from changing the default font.
  • Tooltips for NT enabled again. Previously they were disabled on NT because of a bug in Binary Boy.
  • Moved compiler to NT4. This will help me find bugs that only appear on NT.
  • Optionally fills in bug report info on the bug report page when ADVERT.DLL fails to initialize.
  • Started adding dialer status to the status bar. Not finished yet.
    Build #2224
  • Bandwidth throttle added under the Server tab in the settings. The rate might spike up but the average overall should match the bandwidth limit.
    Build #2194
  • Repackaged because of a corrupted installation file.
  • Access violation at shutdown eliminated thanks to Super Tester Mark Holden.
  • Adjusted status text in Search window slightly so 4-digit numbers aren't cutoff.
  • Restored and adjusted the font change code.
    Build #2172
  • Binary Boy attempted to delete tooltips twice. Fixed.
  • Temporarily using regular system font for dialog boxes while bug hunting. (Just in case the font change is causing the problems.)
  • Search window may not have been closed properly when closing a search session. Fixed.
    Build #2144
  • Added some shortcut keys to the menus.
  • Fixed two more potential problems that may have caused the access violation at shutdown.
    Build #2131
  • Should now delete partially downloaded files automatically.
  • -dlog command-line option logs detailed debug information at startup and shutdown.
  • Changed some password routines. This shouldn't cause any problems during logons, but if it does: bugs@binaryboy.com
    Build #2089
  • Fixed a potential bug at shutdown.
    Build #2081
  • Fixed a problem that sometimes caused the connection dialog to come up when already dialing.
  • "Auto Next" option advances through newsgroups and stops when search text is found.
  • Dr. Binary offers to display the error log when an error occurs.
  • I noticed an access violation once after closing Dr. Binary but was unable to repeat it. If you notice any access violations or page faults, please let me know at bugs@binaryboy.com
    Build #2054
  • "Dr. Binary" command under the File menu attempts to decode incomplete sets and files containing errors. This works best when at least part 1 is available. Many file types won't display at all without part 1.
    To use this feature, click "Dr. Binary" under the File menu and select a file from the set you want to decode. If everything works properly, Binary Boy will figure out all the correct folder and file information for you. Then click "Decode".
  • Bitmaps changed slightly to complement the Dr. Binary feature. A complete green disk means the set is complete. A partial green disk means the set is incomplete but at least has the first part. A partial red disk means the set is incomplete and is missing part 1 so it's unlikely to be useful even after decoding with Dr. Binary.
  • New header filter option ignores sets that are missing part 1.
  • Removed extra logging. It was logging some debug info again even when logging was off.
    Build #1904
  • No longer ignores "Re:" articles. This featured seemed to cause more trouble than it prevented.
    Build #1897
  • Scheduler won't automatically hang up unless "Use Phone Book Entry" is selected under the Dialer tab in the Settings.
  • Should hang up when "Hang up when finished" is selected even when the "Don't Dial" option is selected.
  • Eliminated a bug that could cause Binary Boy to freeze when collating subjects.
  • Corrected a bug that caused the MIME decoder to reject some files. This bug may have been created in the previous build.
    Build #1872 (Repackaged)
  • Some people had problems with build 19 of advert.dll. This installation contains build 18.
    Build #1872
  • Ignores replies ("Re:") when finding parts of a file.
  • The decoder handles UUencoded files nested inside MIME multipart articles. Previously this combination caused an "Unknown Content-Transfer-Encoding" error.
  • More tolerant of UUencoded files marked as having some other encoding such as 8-bit.
  • Changed update URL for comctl32.dll to point to the Binary Boy web site.
    Build #1855
  • Previous build didn't correctly detect the 'end' marker in the article.
    Build #1853
  • Untested fix: Detects and deccodes complete UUencoded files even when they seem to be marked as partials (1/2, 2/3, etc...)
    Build #1789
  • BUG FIX: No longer crashes when it tries to load an empty master newsgroup list.
  • Added 'Filter incompletes' option to header filter tab in the settings.
    Build #1778
  • Added command line option -oldinet to revert back to the old internet code in case the recent changes cause the buttons to become unresponsive.
  • Note: The new install script deletes the Binary Boy shortcuts from the Programs menu before installing the new ones. If you modify the shortcuts, you should work with copies instead to preserve your changes.
  • Added a Log window. This will be less detailed than the debugging log and won't be written to disk.
  • Rearranged the search window so the subject list can be a little larger.
  • Added bitmaps to the tabs
    Build #1746
  • Rewrote some log entries to be more consistent and easier to read.
  • Changed internet routines slightly to improve efficiency.
  • Added icons to the subject list. A disk represents a file that is completely available on the server. A broken disk represents a file with missing parts.
  • Forgot to add the help contents file in the Wise install. Fixed.
    Build #1726
  • Download all parts of a file with a single command. Right click on the subject of any part and select "Download All Parts Of".
  • Complete multiparts are marked with an "O". Incompletes marked ".". After testing, I'll change these to nifty looking bitmaps.
  • Server friendly feature: Scheduler displays a warning if you save an event that is scheduled for a busy/maintenance period (11pm - 3am).
    Build #1658
  • More logging.
  • Should recover more gracefully when BB falsely detects the end of an article download.
    Build #1649
  • Switched to Wise InstallBuilder. Installation files are much smaller.
  • Set BoundsChecker loose and found 2 minor memory leaks, several resource leaks and an access violation. Fixed.
  • More adjustments to the internet code for NT compatibility. (I hope I didn't make it worse!)
  • Another fix for the update/news button on NT
  • -ExitWindows command line switch will shutdown the computer when Binary Boy exits. Combine with -close to automatically shutdown the computer after a search.
    Build #1580
  • Extra messages logged to help track down a problem that appears when running on NT. If you see the progress bar stop for about 60 seconds during a download and then start over, please let me know at bugs@binaryboy.com or use the Bug Report command under the help menu. Thanks.
  • Modified internet routines that download the Patch/News information.
    Build #1554
  • Should no longer create a log.txt file on the desktop.
  • Added more progress bars to progress page in preparation for multiple downloads per search.
  • Internal changes for eventually adding multiple downloads per search.
  • Really, really eliminated all extra logging this time. (I think.)
    Build #1538
  • Binary Boy will fill in the 'version' field on the bug report page when you use the 'Report a Bug' command under the help menu.
  • Closes search window when an auto search finishes.
  • Tried to eliminate extra logging when -log was off, but I just noticed it still logs some extra info after I already uploaded it. Drat!
    Build #1525
  • Replaced the default ad that popped up May 1st because the URL isn't ready.
  • Hangs up when last group is searched even in manual mode.
  • The main screen uses different fonts based on screen size.
  • Default window size adjusted.
    Build #1445 (Again)
  • Repackaged because a file was missing from the installation.
  • 'Search without Refresh' command is available in the right-click menu. This will apply the search/filter strings without downloading all the subjects again.
  • Binary Boy was somehow getting out of synch with the server's currently selected newsgroup, which caused article downloads to fail. I think I've fixed this but I'm not sure yet.
  • Changed how BB handles the windows WM_QUIT message to hopefully prevent a crash when closing during a search.
    Build #1425
  • Skip command closes connection properly.
  • Safety checks added to possibly prevent invalid page fault when session is closed.
  • Extra logging information to help find an invalid page fault.
    Build #1415
  • Automatically refreshes first newsgroup.
  • Group and List search strings were accidentally applied instead of filters. Fixed.
  • -log records which search/filter strings matched.
  • Improved handling of subjects containing no filename.
  • Cursor positioned at error in search/filter strings.
    Build #1398
  • 'Skip' button on progress window.
  • Added right-click context menu, but it doesn't do anything yet.
  • Adjusted Last and Last New to collect 1 fewer articles.
  • Saves list when program is closed (Previously saved only when "Close" was clicked.)
  • Scheduler sets correct value in 'Search Last New' field.
  • Recognizes all 'Starting Point' options.
    Build #1353
  • Fixed "USER" authentication command.
    Build #1350
  • Made log less spammy
  • Slight adjustment to internet code
  • More changes to authentication code.
    Build #1338
  • Fixed crazy subject list scrollbar.
    Build #1333
  • Note: For now Binary Boy requires 800x600 or higher screen resolution.
  • More functions save -log information. More work needed though.
  • Old multipart filter active.
  • Min/Max Lines/Size filters active.
  • Should no longer cause an error when server requires authorization.
  • The default filter string caused an error because it contained a '!' at the end of the string.
  • Checks for existing part file before downloading
  • Could use the wrong group's download folder in manual mode. Fixed.
    Build #1318
  • This build contains major changes and is unfinished. If you use this version, keep a backup copy of your .lst files and your existing binboy.exe in case it doesn't work for you. Some features aren't available and others aren't completely tested.
  • Partial multiple server support: Every list can have a different server or use the default.
  • A "results list" of subjects is listed at the bottom of the window. You can download selected articles or download all. I'm working on further filtering options such as "download complete files only".
  • Rewritten NNTP code with re-connect/dial on demand is active.
  • Totally new interface. Multiple session support isn't available yet, but I'm working on it.
  • A search or filter string containing a single '*' matches everything.
  • Displays thank you message in status bar after an ad click.
    Build #464
  • The window title updater didn't work. Fixed it.
    Build #461
  • Window title updated with a short message.
  • Added history file option to not record numeric filenames such as "001.jpg".
  • Article will be skipped if filename in body is found in history file. This doesn't work for MIME articles yet.
  • Major rewrite of NNTP code, but not quite finished. The old code is still in use.
  • "Search Last nnn New Articles" feature adjusted to request 1 fewer article.
    Build #248
  • Search Last nnn New Articles option added.
    Build #231
  • Toolbar moved to top, ads moved down
  • Added improved but unfinished dialing code. Not actually used yet.
  • Forgot to show status text when mouse is over "Show Patch Version" menu item
  • Trailing space in search/filter strings no longer displays an error.
    Build #167
  • Patch button shows the newest build number it's aware of.
  • Applied Visual C++ 6 SP2. This can speed up memory allocations in some cases.
  • Eliminated another potential access violation. This one was in the MIME decoder initialization.
  • Converted all source files from C to C++ to make it easier to copy new features into version 2.0.
  • Grouped web pages together in the Help menu
  • Added 'Show Patch Version' to Help menu.
    Build #142
  • Added download speed (Kbps) indicator to the main screen
  • Removed a potential access violation when cleaning up files
  • Fixed page fault when web address lookup failed.
  • More work on improving button response while maintaining download speed (and trying not to introduce new bugs in the process.)
    Build #127
  • More work on button response time and freezing. Still needs a little work.
    Build #93
  • Faster (hopefully) button response during scans and downloads
    Build #92
  • Previous build didn't retrieve update information properly
    Build #83
  • News/Update button updates immediately if a dial-up connection exists at startup
    Build #79
  • News/Update button moved to status bar
  • "Skip Group" button text changed to the more precise "Catch Up"
  • Fixed a memory leak
  • Fixed a bug that prevented BB 1.1 from downloading articles that don't have a filename in the subject.

Enjoy the program!

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