Starting a Search
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To start a search session, click the Search toolbar button and the initial search window will open with the following fields:

Filter - Any subjects matching the Filter string are rejected.  Binary Boy also rejects subjects matching the global, list and newsgroup filter strings.  See Search Strings for further information.

Search For - Subjects matching the Search For string are added to the search results unless a Filter blocks them.  See Search Strings for further information.

Group List is the list of newsgroups to search during this run.  sample.lst is provided to get you started.

Starting Point


Search articles from where the previous session ended.

Last nnn

Searches the most recent articles.  If the highest article number is 2000 and your starting point is "Last 300", the search will begin at article 1700.

Last nnn New

The same as Last nnn except it ignores previously scanned articles.  If the available articles range from 1000 to 2000 and you've searched up to 1800, both "Last 300" and "Last 200" will start at 1800. "Last 100" will start at 1900.


Searches every available article in the newsgroup.

Check Hang Up When Finished if you're on a dial-up connection and you want to hang up when the search session is finished.

Auto automatically advances through all newsgroups in the list and downloads matching files.  Leaving this option unchecked allows you to browse files manually.

Loop starts over after it searches the last newsgroup.

Auto Next automatically advances through the newsgroup list and stops when a match is found.