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Click here for search string help.

Filter - Hide subjects matching this string.    See Search Strings for further information.

Search - Show subjects matching this string.  The search and filter strings are applied the next time the newsgroup is refreshed or when you press the Search button.    See Search Strings for further information.

Starting Point

New - Download new subjects only.

Last nnn  - Download the nnn most recent subjects.  If the highest article number is 2000 and your starting point is "Last 300" the search will begin at article 1700

Last nnn New - Same as "Last nnn" except it ignores subjects you've already scanned.  If the available articles range from 1000 to 2000 and you've searched up to 1800, both "Last 300" and "Last 200" will start at 1800. "Last 100" will start at 1900.

All - Download all available subjects.  If the lowest article number is 1000 and the highest is 2000, the search will start from 1000 and end at 2000.

Auto - Automatically downloads matching articles in all newsgroups.

Auto Next - Automatically advances through the newsgroups until a match is found and then stops.

Loop - Starts over after it searches the last newsgroup.


Search - Apply the search and filter strings to the downloaded subjects.  Right-click to search only the subjects in memory.

Refresh - Download the subjects again.  The Starting Point option determines the range of subjects to retrieve. Right-click the {\b Refresh button to load subjects from the cache without going online.

Download - Download the selected articles.

Download All - Download all articles listed even if they aren't selected.

Prev Group - Move to the previous newsgroup and refresh the subject list.

Next Group - Move to the next newsgroup and refresh the subject list.

Close - Close the search session.

Right-Click Menu

Download All Parts Of - Download all parts of the selected file.  This is much more convenient than selecting each part.

Download Similar Subjects - Download all items matching the beginning of the clicked subject, such as other segments of a .rar set.

View Text - View the article as text without decoding.

Search without refresh - Same as the search button.

Download Now - Add the article to the top of the queue and download as soon as a connection becomes available.

Download All - Download all of the subjects that matched the search.

Download To... - Store the decoded file in the specified folder.  This overrides the main, list and group folder settings.

Queue For Later - Add selected files to the queue.  Start downloading when the Go button is clicked.

Force Download - Force an article to download even if it's been downloaded already.  This can overwrite an existing file with the same name.

Add To Filename History - Manually add the selected filenames to the history file so they won't be downloaded.

Manual Download - If you know the article number, you can download it with this command.

Refresh - Download subjects using the Starting Point values.

Previous Group - Move to the previous newsgroup and refresh the subject list.

Next Group - Move to the next newsgroup and refresh the subject list.

Close - Close the search session.

Sort By - Sorts the subjects in many different ways.

Remember - Starts the next search after the highest scanned, the highest article actually downloaded or does not change the starting point.  The other commands are the same as the buttons.

List Options

Send text articles to text.txt - By default Binary Boy discards text articles.  This option stores the articles in text.txt for offline reading.  Use it to search job listings and other text.

Show only first part of files - Displays one subject per file instead of displaying all the parts.

Large/Small Subject List - Switches between a large and small subject list.  Also use Alt+R.

Disable History - A shortcut to quickly disable the history file instead of going through the Fiel menu.

What do the icons mean?

Full Green Disk - The file is completely available on the server.

Broken Green Disk - At least one part is missing, but part 1 is available so Dr. Binary might be able to assemble a playable file anyway.

Broken Red Disk - Part 1 is missing.  Dr. Binary probably won't be able to fix the file.