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Main Attachments Folder - This is the default location for downloaded files.  If there is no folder assigned to the current group and current list, the downloaded files will be stored in this folder.  This field can accept predefined variables.

Main Parts Folder - This folder holds articles before Binary Boy assembles and decodes them into files. This field can accept predefined variables.

Use separate parts folder for each newsgroup - Creates a subfolder in the Parts folder for each newsgroup.

Delete attachments older than xx days - Deletes downloaded files in the Attachments folder if the file is older than the number of days specified.  This option should normally be unchecked if you want to keep your downloads.

Delete unassmbled parts older than xx days - Deletes any file part in the Parts folder older than the number of days specified.  Parts are also deleted automatically after the complete set has been reassembled.

If a downloaded filename already exists

Rename New File - Appends the new filename with a number to make it unique.

Replace Existing - Overwrites the existing file with the new file.

Discard New File - Keeps the original file and deletes the new file.

Save subject to description file - Saves the article's subject to an ACDSee description file.  Recent versions of ACDSee no longer use this file format.  Normally this option should be disabled.

Preserve BBT files after decode - Normally Binary Boy deletes the parts (.BBT files) after a successful decode.  This option preserves the parts.  The auto delete option still applies even when this option is enabled.  This option is mostly useful for debugging only.

Preserve split files after decode - Prevent Binary Boy from deleting split files (.000, .001, ...) after assembling the final file.  Useful for debugging.

Stop if disk space drop below nnn MB - Stops downloads when free disk space runs low.  Enter the number of megabytes that must be available.