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Minimize to system tray - Shows only the tray icon when minimized rather than an icon on the taskbar.

Enable sound effects - Enable sound notifications.  Disable for quiet operation.

Display a single row of tabs in the settings - Uses a single line of tabs rather than showing all in multiple rows.  This is applied after you close the settings window.

Use Explorer when viewing folders - Opens Windows Explorer when opening Attachments and Binary Boy folder.

Show bandwidth speed in KB per second rather than K bits per second - Modems speed is generally given as kilobits per second such as 56.6 for example.  This option allows you to see the speed in kilobytes per second instead.

Disable splash screen - Don't display an image during startup.

Show picture after download - Displays a picture window after each jpg is downloaded.  Stretch/Shrink the image by resizing the window.

Hide picture window when sleeping - Hides the picture window while Binary Boy is in sleep mode.

Slow download if mouse moves over window - Throttles the bandwidth when mouse moves.

Confirm before closing session or exiting Binary Boy - Requires a second click before closing.

Sleep when minimized - Enables the scheduler whenever Binary Boy is minimized.  This is more convenient than using the Sleep command under the Scheduler menu.

Show tip of the day on startup - Displays tips and helpful hints each time you run Binary Boy.