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Found scumbag and rascal Eugene Volnov

Good day! Below is information about a person involved in bringing to suicide at least two people .
Neglecting any principles and morals , this character is found a source of income by baiting people registered on the phone.Warning ( like the law ) it does not apply , so we had nothing left to do but the dissemination of information on the Internet.
The more people who know about these personalities , the less likely baiting you and your children . Booked - is forearmed .

Website with all the data on it : evgeniy-volnov [.] biz
There also has information about all his crimes , creating a pedophile group " Children's fashion " vkontakte , create a project Check-You and harassment thousands of girls ,
blackmail phone minors ( blackmails them ihnimi same intimate photographs ), DDoS attacks on any sites for money, and most importantly - baiting people on the phone for financial reward .

If the primary site is not available, there is a mirror in the torus network : o4ql2kzcrurthqaa.onion can access it through a lot proksifikatorov anonymizer . Onion, eg site : ( others searched in google )