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Hey. How to make a screenshot ?

Hi friends
Register here , have a question.
How to quickly make a screenshot ? I apologize for the simple question. Thanks for the answer to all.
Do not delete , please. Close the topic when the response is received .
Thank you again .

BinaryBoy's reply to DenisRileLidePieds #17121 @

Press Alt - PrintScreen. Paste into a paint program and save.

kristinamaria's reply to BinaryBoy #17196 @

it is very easy task.just click printscreen and paste it a paint program and then save it..

batool100's reply to kristinamaria #17223 @

Yeah just hit [Print Screen Sys Rq]. Its next to the scroll lock button. Sometimes, however, this does not works for things (some games), so you should buy a screenshot program, or download a free one. (Search it on Yahoo or Google)

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Hey my names mike but my friends call me jonesy and Im new to the forum, glad to be here and hopefully I make some new friends here:

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Welcome to the board.