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Welcome to the Binary Boy messageboard. Several people have asked for something like this so here it is finally.

There are a ton of features and options in this vBulletin software. Hopefully I won't mess anything up. ;)

Stoner's reply to BinaryBoy #68 @

Thank you very much for starting this message board! I was one of those who asked for it, so I'll try and participate as much as possible.

Having participated in several other newsgroups, I'd like to make a suggestion to post a "READ ME FIRST" or "START HERE" forum to explain how to use this message board effectively.

For example, explaining how to search for previously posted issues/resolutions can save a TON of time and storage space by not repeating them. I know that's not a problem now, but...

Anyway, thanks again for being so responsive to your customers!

BinaryBoy's reply to BinaryBoy #70 @

You're welcome and thanks for the suggestion! The best info is in the message board FAQ (see the f.a.q button at the top right). It was written by the people who designed the board. It has helpful information on searching and lots of other features.