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Binary Boy News - July 2, 2002

1. Increased News Server Bandwidth
2. New .000 Files
3. McAfee Virus Warning
4. BBNet and Firewalls
5. Links

1. Increased News Server Bandwidth
The Binary Boy Newsgroup service now allows up to 2GB of downloads per day, 500MB from each of the four servers. The price is still only $9.95. If you already have an account, you will be upgraded to the new limit automatically. To read more about the Binary Boy Newsgroup service, click here:

2. New .000 Files
Occasionally you may see split files with a three-digit extension such as .001. Normally Binary Boy will join them automatically. Unfortunately files encoded with a slightly different and incompatible format using the same three-digit extensions have been showing up in the newsgroups. You can identify these new files by the size of the .000 file. Usually it is only a couple hundred bytes. If it's larger than 1KB, it's the new format. A beta build is planned that will handle this new format.

3. McAfee Virus Warning
McAfee has sent out a press release claiming that a new virus spreads via .jpg files. This is extremely misleading. Although the virus can store malicious code inside a .jpg file, the code must be extracted and run by an executable file such as an .exe. In other words, your system must already be compromised before the infected .jpg can have any effect. Protect yourself from this virus the same way you protect yourself from the others - never run .exe files or other executables from an unknown source.

You can block .exe files by using the global filter on the Search Strings tab in the Binary Boy settings.

4. BBNet & Firewalls
Nearly half of all BBNet users are behind firewalls, which can make it difficult to establish connections and download. To allow others to download, make sure you can accept incoming connections on port 8080. Check your firewall settings to see if you can enable specific ports.

5. Links
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BinaryBoy's reply to BinaryBoy #66 @

To block filenames, use the Header Filter rather than the global filter.