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MSN DSL and new beta

I have msn dsl, connecting to with the new beta i downloaded today. It does access the group names but does not find any files. I also can access the group names through outlook express but again can't not find any headers or files it that program either. MSN internet phone support had me contact their internet web support team, who had me e-mail the, who just never did respond to a bunch of e-mail requests over that last couple of weeks. I went through this cycle about 3 times, with the same result of having no response from the newsmaster. Any chance you know of anyone one who can access the binary files through msn dsl, do they have a pop3 account? are there any factors I should check out? thanks

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Unfortunately your experience is fairly common. MSN doesn't care at all about their news server. They don't seem to carry any binary files and the server is down often. They're pushing users to web groups so they can sell ad space.

You can read about other users' experiences with the MSN news server by searching for group:microsoft.public.msn.netnews.discussion

You might want to look into a third-party news server such as