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There are three ways to download a new list of newsgroups from your news server.

Download All Newsgroups

This option can take several minutes.  It retrieves the complete list of newsgroups available

from your news server.

Match with Search & Filter strings

Downloads the complete list but keeps only the newsgroups matching the search string and not matching the filter.  The newsgroup list can be much smaller if your search string is specific.  See Search Strings for further information.

Wildmat search

If your server supports this feature, it will send only the groups matching the wildmat string.  This is the fastest option because the news server filters the list locally instead of sending the whole list across the connection.  A useful application of this feature is to do a quick download of just the binary groups like this: *binaries*

Cache subjects on disk - Stores subjects on disk so the next refresh needs to download less information.

Download extended headers - Download article size, date and author with subjects.

Delete cache files older than - Deletes unused cache files after the specified number of days.