Launch Rule Editor
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Description - A description for this rule to be displayed on the Launcher tab.

Search String - The rule is triggered when this search string matches a downloaded filename.    See Search Strings for further information.

Application - The full path of the program to run when the search string matches.

Command Line - Enter any switches and filenames needed by the application.  Several predefined variables are available:


The full directory and filename of the downloaded file. 


The directory only.


The filename without the directory.


As you type, the preview window will display an example of the the fully expanded command line.

Wait for application to exit before continuing - When this option is checked, Binary Boy will wait until the application exits before doing anything else.  This may be helpful when an application is restricted to a single instance.

Trigger only when RAR set is complete - RAR files often arrive split into many volumes.  This option tells Binary Boy to launch the application only once per complete set rather than for every volume.  Other types of files are unaffected.