Command-line Switches
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To use a command-line option, run Binary Boy from the Start | Run window.  You can also add command-line options to a shortcut.  Right-click the shortcut, click Properties, click the Shortcut tab and add the command-line options to the end of the Target field outside of any quotes surrounding the filename.

Example: binboy.exe -Close -Quiet

Command-Line Arguments

-Close - Close Binary Boy when the search is stopped or completed.

-DecodeSlow - Runs the decoder at lower than normal priority.  Use this if decoding causes the GUI to become unresponsive.

-DecodeFast - No longer used.  Decoder runs fast by default.

-Domain "domain" - If your dial-up ISP requires you to provide a domain in addition to username and password, enter it here.  The quotes are required.

-DynAdjust - Decrease the number of download connections after receiving a "Too many connections" error.  Increase the number after the next successful connection.

-ExitWindows - Shutdown the computer after closing.

-FF "text" - Forced filter string. The initial filter for each session is forced to "text".  It overrides the scheduler's filter as well.  The quotes are required.  See Search Strings for further information.

-FS "text" - Forced search string. The initial search string for each session is forced to "text".  It overrides the scheduler's search string as well.  The  See Search Strings for further information. quotes are required.

-IC n - Closes the download connection every n seconds.

-LTP - Runs Binary Boy as a low priority process.  It will run slower but use less CPU time.

-Multi - Run Binary Boy even if another instance is already running.

-NoFont - Binary Boy uses a larger font on large monitors.  -NoFont forces it to use the standard font instead.

-NoTray - Does not display the newspaper icon in the tray.

-Quiet - Does not play the startup and shutdown sounds.

-Sleep - Starts Binary Boy in sleep mode.

-Text - Normally text articles are discarded.  This option will dump text articles to the file text.txt in the attachments folder.  It's more convenient to enable this option for your list by right-clicking on the subject list and going to the List Options submenu.

-ThreadClose - Uses a separate thread to close connections.

filename.lst - Loads the group list file and performs a search.  Note: Because Binary Boy accepts long filenames containing spaces,

the filename must come after the switches unless it is enclosed in quotes.

Debug switches for logging to log.txt

-Log - Log debugging info to log.txt during each search.  This is the main log.

-DLog - Startup/Shutdown logging.

-DecLog - Log decoding activity.

-ILog - Enable low-level internet logging.

-RLog - Log dialer activity.

-TLog - Timer log.

To use a command-line switch every time you run the program, put the switch in the binboy.xml file like this:








binbboy.xml is usually in My documents\Binary Boy\Settings\