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Binary Boy Usenet Service
  • 50GB - Up to 50GB per month for $9.95/month
  • 150GB - Up to 150GB per month for $17.95/month
  • Free Trial - To receive a free trial, sign up to the 50GB plan. Simply cancel within the first month and you won't be charged.

  • Servers Near You - Access fast servers located in both the US and Europe.

  • No Hassle Cancel - Cancelling is easy. Click the cancel button on the control panel or email your request to support@binaryboy.com

  • $10 Off Binary Boy - All standard newsreaders are compatible with the the Usenet service. However if you'd like to purchase the Binary Boy newsreader, you can receive a $10 coupon when you sign up.

  • Support - Send any questions to support@binaryboy.com

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Your membership will automatically renew every month until it is canceled. You may cancel at any time by clicking the cancel button on the control panel or by emailing your cancel request to support@binaryboy.com You may request a refund for unused or minimally used accounts within the first three days even after your trial has expired.

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For support or for reporting spam and abuse, contact support@binaryboy.com. For DMCA violations, fill out the DMCA form.