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Newsgroup searches - Binary Boy never sends your group lists or newsgroup search strings to anyone regardless of which options are selected.  All  searches except the "wildmat" newsgroup name search (Settings | Newsgroups) take place on your own computer.  The search strings never leave your own computer.  Only you and your news server ever see which newsgroups you read.

Upgrade Notifcations - Binary Boy sends the following information to the web in order to retrieve the correct upgrade and news information.

Version - Your version number, edition (Pro, Trial) and a beta/non-beta flag are sent to retrieve the correct upgrade information and an appropriate window title.

News Item - The id of the latest news item you've read on the Binary Boy site is sent so the news page can suppress news you've already read and notify of new news.

Email - never sells or gives away your email address.  You will not receive unsolicited email from unless there is a problem with your order.